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File: circularize.png (135 KB, 1916x1016)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
I've been using wings 3D, wanting to experiment with an easy CG modeling tool. Following a youtube tutorial, it shows the use of a "circularise" tool that is supposed to appear with this radial menu... except it doesn't. Anyone here who uses 3D wings know how to access that tool?
I started with Wings 3D too, moved to Blender. I don't remember how to do the thing you want, you probably need to be in Vertex select mode

If you decide to move to Blender (it's way more fleshed out, has lots more built in, way more documentation, etc etc than Wings3D), there's no "move along target edge" instead you use Magnet (hold Ctrl to toggle) set to Face or Vertex.

File: 3d anime girl.jpg (121 KB, 660x683)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Hi /3/ this is my first thread here,

i was wondering if you could recomend sites where i could download free 3d models of anime characters

you see, im looking forward to improving my anime drawing skills and i'd like to try drawing from 3d models, since its a complex style and they would help me understand the figure from various angles.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated
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I use Sketchfab to post models and mines are free to download (like several others users)

I'll not post my acc here because I still suck

wow thanks, id still like to see your models even if they are not perfect, but if you dont want to post them i'll understand. i wish you good luck with your work
I never knew I wanted a normal model until now.
i have more than 10 gb of games models assets collected mainly from DA. sketchfab and other tumbler artists. the main free anime stuff you'll find are rips of anime games. it's hard to find fanart models of anime chars that were not present already in some game. if you do you'll be lucky if you could get it for free.
i would really appreciate it if you could upload them to a torrent or something like that, That would be most helpful. Although i understand uploading 10g can be a pain to do.

Im kinda surprised 4chan doesnt already have an archive of their own for 3d anime models

>dat level of detail, accuracy and work put into
>ask for money to keep the development going
>get told by movie corp to stuff it

>to proud to publicize it for fans for free and become a legend
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What's so good about star trek anyway. I get that it pioneered a lot of things sci-fi related but it's 2017 and kinda obsolete and uninteresting now.
File: 1475609905628.png (223 KB, 405x797)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>owner of famous subculture sci-fy thing that nerds love and that spawned 6 blockbuster movies in the 80s
>sell rights to a Netflix dude who is completely rewriting and modernizing the lore, as it had happened before, many times
>obscure nerd programs the old version of your show intellectual property that you´re trying hard to bury, in a simulation videogame thingy without your approval
CBS didn´t burned his house. They were way too gentle.
He could loophole it by saying the funds are for the development of software...right? He doesn't have to say anything about the game?
it's still fucking rendered
looks bad for 2013-2017

File: Autodesk-Maya-logo.png (379 KB, 819x819)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
why are maya and 3ds max so different. Any tips for someone used to inventor and 3ds max trying to learn maya?
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1. Switch transformation space with a marking menu (Ctrl+shift+right click)
2. Click the numerical field in the channel box and middle click/drag in the viewport.
3. You're right it's dumb there is no default keyboard shortcut. I use the dollar sign $.
4. Press and hold j for temporary rotation snapping, turn it on permanently in the rotate tool settings, or use the ctrl+shift+rightclick marking menu. Modify -> Match Transformations -> Match Pivots.
Thanks for the support, but I'm pissed at it for the time being and will probably mess around later. I'd rather hone my expertise in a handful of programs till I'm good than waste time trying to figure out how to manipulate stuff in another environment. Some ways of doing things just come naturally to some more than others, otherwise there wouldn't be a need for all this variety of software.
>2. Click the numerical field in the channel box and middle click/drag in the viewport.
...I swear I tried every combination of clicking and dragging but it didn't seem to work. Wait, you mean click on the value but drag in the viewport and not over the box itself? Who comes up with this shit.
You can control click+drag directly on numeric fields too but I prefer the middle mouse in the viewport since it gives finer control, works for non-numeric channels and you can keep your eyes on the model as you make adjustments.
By specialty I'm an animator, even more specifically a 3D character animator.

This job would be an animator + a 3D generalist, basically porting and fixing assets from a high-end game to lower-end hardware.

So what scares me is that 95% of my expertise is outside of Unity. Tons of diagnosing and fixing shit is stuff I would do in Maya, and 10 years means using it is practically second nature to me. I know a lot of techniques and tricks for getting stuff done. Even if I don't know how to do something, I know enough to poke around (or Google) and figure it out. I do most of the heavy lifting in Maya and then reintegrate it in Unity.

Even though I really need a job and this one would pay well enough, I'm so scared that I almost hope they feel the same about the software differences and pass me over for someone else. I would be so confident if they gave the option of using Maya, but they sounded pretty strict about only licensing Max. I've heard "don't blame your tools" a lot, but it's like learning to write with your opposite hand.

I feel exactly the same looking at Max. I could go through and answer each of your points like someone else did, but I know your point is broader than just those complaints. I wish they would just release straight-up Maya/ Max interface configurations for each. It can still work the same under the hood but do everything with the methods/ icons/ placement that the artist prefers.

I know it wouldn't be perfect, but I may as well be trying to pick up Blender or C4D... I've read that Autodesk only keeps both Maya and Max around so they don't alienate that userbase by dropping their favorite 3D tool. Because they already know the loyalty is to the interface and familiarity, not to Autodesk itself. At that point former users may as well switch to another company's tool.

File: pilot.jpg (27 KB, 400x267)
27 KB
hey 4chan, i found this in my computer files this morning. for some reason, and it was a file with all the music from the kirby caffe. im so confused, and it looks CGI so i came here to ask you what it is. it wasn't in there last night.
I mean maybe the original image was CGI, but the effect is just general databending to glitch the image.

I think this effect is the result of loading a bitmap as a raw audio stream in Audacity and doing ?something? and exporting again and back to bitmap.

Maybe I can unfuck it just enough to figure out what the original image might sort of look like but not feeling too confident.

If I don't post again within 2 hours just assume nothing came of it.
Oh it's from DeviantArt, a databent selfie. https://pilotredsun.deviantart.com/art/mikesmile16-322453312

Not CGI or anything, probably came with a pack of music from some joker.
wrong board >>>/x/
then why'd you bump it 2 days later when op's gone dipshit

File: GasMask1.png (53 KB, 740x750)
53 KB
Hey people.
Have been playing around with blender for a good while, but haven't really gotten anything done because I'm lazy. Originally started to make models for games, with hopes of completing one myself. After having jumped between countless ideas and ugly models, I've finally settled down on a project I'm going to finish, no matter how horrible it turns out.

As I've said, I use blender, and for the game engine I use UE4, for the sake of simplicity. Programming is not my thing just yet, have to focus on one thing at a time, and models go first.

This isn't the first character I've made, but the first one I'm actually kinda happy about. It's really simple, but I expect it to turn into something more interesting when I get a texture for it. I draw textures myself by hand.

I've been doing some small adjustments here and there, but for some reason I feel like there is something off with it. And yes, I did choose a gas mask as a way to avoid modeling a face.

Any kind of critique or advice is welcome, but keep in mind that it's supposed to be fast and simple. As long as something doesn't look completely off, it should be fine. The model won't be visible for a huge part of the game anyways. It's mostly for practice purposes.
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Then it would be really nice if you could actually help me develop some skills instead of just jerking your ego.

Yeah, did notice something was off, but I kinda hoped it would look better once animated. I have a feeling it has something to do with the back though, like it's a bit too straight.

Amateur mistake, will try to remember that from now on. When I think of it, it does make much more sense animation wise. Thanks!

Sorry for the reference mess, don't know why I found it a good idea to reference to both the guy I'm refering too AND my own pictures, but hey.
I don't think I can provide a useful critique, but I just want to ask you this - have you ever tried to follow some long character modeling tutorial all the way to the end? If not, I really think you should do that. Find some good ones on CGPeers and you will learn a ton more than from the feedback you'll get here. Gnomon has some good sculpting tutorials with zbrush, not sure about blender though, but I know there are some artists which specialize in it as well. Also, I'm not sure if this extremely low poly thing is supposed to be the final model or not.
Only a few, but I don't usually find what I'm loooking for.

The reason for the low poly is because it's for a game with a pretty large amount assets, and I want it to run as good as possible. Plus, I have very little freetime and want to actually be able to launch the game some day, so it has to be done a bit quick. It's not meant to be perfect, just something as a starter project. I want to make some good models when I get time, but that's not happening now...
Mmmmm... It may not be exactly what you want but I have some genuine retro 3D tutorials saved from folks like Paul Steed and a Quake modder's website.


Unfortunately a lot was lost to time but if anyone could find a URL then maybe Archive.org has more.

Paul Steed also has a book on modelling

I'm not sure if it's the version I have since there have been re-releases but it ought to be geared toward lowpoly game assets.

Paul Steed is the 3D artist that worked on Quake, Quake 2, and Quake 3. He's good at what he does.
Damn, thanks a bunch!
A bit dated, but there's a bunch of stuff in here that I will put to use.

File: smutdown.png (45 KB, 973x120)
45 KB
Make +2 days waiting for moderation approval for a nice girl model, but nothing, and no new models since a good month. Whats happening ?

And why so much shit on this website ? A lot of models are buggy as fuck, rig is broken etc...
I think it's just slow, probably just one person opening and inspecting every Blender project.

And I think the latter is from lowering their standards since it was pretty barren when it first came out, seen people here complain about it not approving their models.

You could go into the Discord and ask. They might have their server set up to not require an account.

Wrap it up boys. You'll never be on this level.
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Probably "Ironic" rating from those wanting to see how low the Asylum can go.

Webm related
yeah no doubt
>Click here
you got me
I like some of Asylum's works, like the first Sharknado sort of, their Pacific Rim ripoff, and Z Nation which is a full-fledged tv show on Syfy I'm really invested in. They're so goofy and they're -capable- of not just making a lowest common denominator movie. Capable, not that it isn't their goal to make money with some ripoffs.

File: filmikwebm (1).1.webm (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
I have to make portfolio for studies but I wanted to learn it more there so now im worried because i can't make any good stuff. Will I be able to entry studies with for example this shit i made today? Also i will upload more 1 day stuff then cuz i have not to much time. (3d model is not mine)
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
man i'm learning 1 for month
What did the Poo mean by that?
fuck you guy India is great country
What programs did you use for that? Yeah, try asking on /gd/ as well, why not. I can't say if this is good enough or not though, since I don't know what is their standard.
i meant i'm learning stuff like this about 1.5 month
only after effects and plugin to load .obj file element3d

File: 1499227103321.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
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File: 546456.png (12 KB, 119x306)
12 KB
i use these settings. i made a character with not higher than 40 res.
15-35 is for blocking. 40-70 is for fine detail.
obviously you can go higher.
i made a simple character with no more than 40
care to show an example of your sculpt?
File: holdup.png (206 KB, 991x257)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
How do you get 'Res'
File: 847879789.png (168 KB, 1266x545)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
click twice and punch in a number
rendering bottle necked by VRAM

File: face.jpg (64 KB, 660x707)
64 KB
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>Your prices are way too high
>there's no way anyone will pay over $50 for a completely sculpted, retopo'd, rigged and texture character
>you're just greedy
File: goofy.png (853 KB, 863x788)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
>Where is the download link?
>Your sculpt looks scary because it doesn't have pupils(or just empty sockets)
> Can you make her less/More wide
>I don't like the type of model you're doing.
>You should use a program you can't afford for beacuse blender is shit, and its not 'Industrial standards' even though this is just a simple-one-man hobby.
>textures look like shit( I suck at textures)
File: shibetris.jpg (50 KB, 1073x706)
50 KB
never forgetti anon's sculptris faggotri
>nipples don't work that way


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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File: 1505780730822.gif (172 KB, 466x625)
172 KB
172 KB GIF
that video is postmodern as fugg
This shit is like a fever dream.

I like this primitive kind of 3D.
legendary video

test please ignore
this too

Is there anyway to rip the 3d models off of the new Google Earth?
28 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
What exactly is the point of this?
think i used that once to rip spiderman from a game ages ago,didnt know what i was doing and it ripped the entire city and crashed my pc lol
cant wait for the resolution to increase on these 3d maps and then rip them and create a game such as a kart racer in your own neighborhood lol

the ultimate future in games would be to have a game set in a familiar area to the player,games are always set in generic american cities,as a brit they are always set in london

no dev would risk making a game in IE bolton..but with this sorta tech it could be possible

cant wait!
It's my idea
This looks like shit
Better planning and executing terrorist attacks ?
Pretty fucking sure making something like this is not entirely legal , remember back in the day reading about a kid that got kicked out of school for making a cs1.6 map of the school.
Shit even hit news..

File: 3dsmax.png (134 KB, 1900x977)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Really? This crap is what I'm gonna have to learn to use in the field instead of Blender? The UI looks like it was made in the 90s. It's so pathetic looking compared to Blender but yet this is praised so much?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1485234345617.jpg (34 KB, 480x522)
34 KB
>I don't know this thing, it's different from what I'm used to
all UIs seem retarded at first
if you're not willing to learn in a field where softwares change and evolve all the time, better quit 3D right now bitch
It is honestly really bad but you will get used to it
nah, Maya's UI is seriously not intuitive at all and hard to get around at first

OP would say MAYA IS CRAP and cry, but that's just what softwares are.. gotta learn them, it takes some time to get comfortable
>UI is made for humans, not like BLENDER, DUH
>First of all, learn the fucking hotkeys, that is do exactly what Blender user should do

go freelancing. Noone's going to ask you what do you work with as long as you're competent enough to deliver the model
>The UI looks like it was made in the 90s.

It *was* made in the 90s...

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