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File: 36563535635.jpg (171 KB, 656x518)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Please enlighten me on the optimal asset creation pipeline. Which apps do I need to:
Model, Sculpt, Texture, Rig
And which apps work best together (same shortcuts etc.)?
>pic somewhat unrelated, just couldn't find any fitting image
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There's only about 5000 operators/functions
Don't be silly, Blender doesn't have that many functions. There's only so many parameters that go into describing the making of a donut. Less than ten hours is all you need to learn them, as proved by BlenderGuru's advanced course on Blender modeling.
press space and type "operator cheat sheet"
There's a plugin you can use with Photoshop. I think it's called Coco or something like that, but it's pretty slow and you have to preview your maps in the engine or 3D app to know what you're doing.
If you're indiegame deving, Blender covers most of the essentials just fine, especially with addons.

The thing Blender is shit at is texturing, so you want to work with a software like Photoshop, Substance or 3DCoat for that.

File: 1397567123669.jpg (130 KB, 500x375)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How do I become an employable character 3d artist in the shortest amount of time possible? If you were to prepare a 3d noob's regime, how would you plan it?

My current plan is to learn basics in Blender and then check out ZBrush/Substance Designer once I've created some characters and props from scratch in Blender.

I've got my Artstation/Sketchfab accounts set up and ready to go.
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File: I_fucking_knew_it.gif (2.62 MB, 353x209)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB GIF
>Use Mudbox

That's how I know you're a real fucking stoner.
How can this be seemingly impossible to find online? There's plenty of requests for it on CGP since at least two years ago.

see these criteria? get those... the end.
File: 1.png (142 KB, 590x756)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
I spent most of today fighting the interface but now I'm following Grassetti's tutorial. I'll do it until the end and then I'll do more of them with my own anatomy refs. Will be fun once I can start putting clothes on them.

Might check it out. How does it compare to Zarins' book if you also have that one?

File: dog low poly.jpg (675 KB, 1920x1080)
675 KB
675 KB JPG
Low poly thread.

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>Image Limit reached
Cant post reaction face, welp.
do you like him? his name is freddy :)
best model in the thread.
Certainly better than OP's.
> Five Nights at /3/

File: depressed.jpg (26 KB, 800x800)
26 KB
Does anyone else deal with depression/mental health issues?

I have moments where I feel super goddamn productive and I get a lot done, I feel great about myself and progress. Not in a manic way either, but I just tend to get shit done. Then my depression seeps in at some point and hits me like a ton of bricks. This weekend is my birthday and I'm kinda freaking out. I've taken a big step back and have been seeing how far I have come, if this is the right path for me, realizing that the things I'm proud of noone gives a shit about. My biggest supporters is my parents and my best friend from school. I get asked a lot for free work and when I ask for compensation or just say no, they start to neg me and make me feel like I'm the bad guy.

Does anyone have any advice? Harsh words? Nice words? Words of encouragement? I'm just feeling lost and been down this weekend.
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i think i can fully understand you, anon.
i'm studying graphic design (2d and 3d) and during the semester even when i feel under the weather i can get my shit done on time.
during the summer holidays, however, even when i have a lot of free time i just can't get myself to do anything, i have lots of unfinished personal projects but none of them seem relevant to me anymore. i have support of my parents and friends as well, but i can't help but feel like human parasite all the time. no luck in finding any internship isn't really helping my mental health either.
sorry anon, it seems i can't really help you. i hope you can somehow feel better. maybe we should try that raw food diet but it sounds a bit like a meme to me.
lol what the fuck is this
>Sounds like you're bipolar.
i had this too. it's essential to observe the ego without following it anymore. you basically have to learn to do nothing and become more grounded.
manic behaviour is when you get too excited about ideas (often leads to burnout) and depression is nothing but grounding you again. what exactly happens when you are depressed? everything feels meaningless, you don't want to do anything. but that's exactly the purpose of depression, to make you stop doing more harm.

it's basically like surrendering to life as a whole.

the optimal human condition is when you can just function. no excitement, no passion, no creativity needed. just being able to function. (not in a numb way, more in a "everything is ok, i feel good" way)
the secret to be super healthy

File: photo.jpg (14 KB, 288x288)
14 KB
Personally, I think he's great. Tons of tutorials, focuses on teaching approaches instead of specific objects, and all for free on YouTube.

But what do you think about him? Especially some of the more senior 3d artists here, since they'll be able to see flaws in his approach.
I feel like he does some good stuff, but then he half asses some stuff, like he did that snake tutorial which was laughable, and also dont do a character modeling video if you DONT know what your doing
what was wrong with his character modelling video?

File: 6mGHv7n.png (1.92 MB, 1251x676)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
all i wanna do is create particle effects. is this like, a feasible career path?
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I want to make an effort to better understand industry practices and workflows. Since you worked at a larger facility: how much is Alembic used in the pipeline?
I was watching one of Jeff Wagner's recent webinars (KISS Pyro) and the first thing he did was to convert the source animated geo to an Alembic cache, even though the setup wasn't being exported outside of Houdini.
If you want to specialize in real-time VFX you should check out UE4's cascade and Niagara which should come soon(tm).
They're super fun to play with.

Everything is alembic (except one time assets made something in speedtree and didnt know how to make it alembic so they transferred it off-pipe as FBX). There's not much to learn about alembic though, and especially at larger studios all the decision-making regarding importing or publishing is pretty much covered by the pipeline tools and will be straightforward. All you really need to know is it comes in packed, and you need to unpack it if you want to modify the geo.

The reason he would have converted the geo to an alembic cache is 1, FBX heirarchies/subnets are whack to work with in Houdini, and 2, alembic means everything is baked out and you only have access to the geometry, not skeleton or other shit. It's also probably faster.
Demonstration of sending Houdini assets to UE4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsuri_prric (from 13:47)

File: 1518934721932.jpg (159 KB, 1039x1200)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
My new Gun reload animation


Tell me what you think
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File: e99.jpg (39 KB, 680x543)
39 KB
This entire thread

it looks too choppy, especially right when the clip goes in

reminds me of COD4, though, nice
Thanks, I agree, the mag-in and the bolt cocking is choppy. But thanks! I was actually going for the mw3 reload for mp5! But The quality is probably under COD 4, so I thank you!
I agree with what others said, it's a bit choppy, lacks smooth continuity in places, doesn't feel natural. I suggest you practice animating arms and hands. A good exercise is to animate handjobs from the guy's point of view. We all know how handjobs look like, what makes them feel good and what makes them hurt, and thus it's easier to tell when something is off with the animation.
lol gaaaay

File: 00-ArethaWeaponless.jpg (233 KB, 1024x768)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Hey, I'm trying to get the 3D model from a specific enemy from a game. But I don't see any valid resources on ripping it from the game itself. The game is Armored Core: 4 / For Answer, and I'm trying to get pic related's model.

The annoying thing is that the wiki page seems to have complete renders of the model, but I have no fucking clue how / where they get the model. There's a sketchup model available for free, but, whilst very close, is also missing a lot of detail.

Anyone have an idea about how to get this model? Preferably with the models as in the other pages on the wiki. New to /3/ so sorry if I fucked up and this info is on the sticky, but I took a peek and much of it is related to actual asset creation. What I'm trying to do is rip an asset from something, or actually FIND this existing asset.

(there also seems to have been a gunpla model kit but I can't find that either)

What is it you even think you're going to do with the model, given you don't know anything about 3D?
The renders in the wiki are probably from the studio, they're probably concept art or WIP or pre-lighting tests. I doubt someone has the model, created simple renders, then uploaded them to the wiki.
As regards the model itself, it's not that difficult a piece to make in terms of the skillset required (it's pretty simple box modeling with bevel modifiers and smoothing) but there's quite a lot of "detail" (although I would call it kitbashed greebling and garbage) that would take a while to model.

As for how people rip models from games: Most models are ripped via NinjaRipper software that rips from an emulator or a PC game. NinjaRipper basically rips the information directly from your graphics card, which results in a metric assload of extra shit you have to manually cleanup, so it can potentially be a bit of an undertaking which is why it's largely done by hyper autists found on VGResources, TheModelsResource, or porn artists.
There are a ton of japanese 3d model repositories akin to yobi3d, t3dm (now goes by some other URL), but you need to be able to read moonrunes. I don't know any really, I've just stumbled across text files with direct links to stuff hosted on fc2 or niconico; they're usually MMD files

If you have access to some sort of photographs or scans or whatever of the plastic kit, that would make it a lot easier to accurately model
Run emu in with DX plugin and try ninja ripper if it still works
Another Raven on /3/. Excellent. I'm more of ps1/ps2 era ac guy myself.

Anyway, if you could link the page, that would be helpful. Here is some information that's going to true for just about any game:

Chances are, you're going to need software designed to unpack the game's files. Either someone needs to write it, or you need to write the software yourself. If the model data is compressed, chances are it just uses a standard compression algorithm, so decompressing the stuff wouldn't be too hard if you can figure the compression method.

On to data about the models themselves. Almost all 3D data is stored in floating point notation (float for short). Floating point arithmetic is how most of the math on your computer is done in regards to 3D. Floating point numbers are highly precise at their origin (0) and tend to lose accuracy has their values become higher.

There are multiple types of floats, but the most common is the 32bit single-precision float. This is the data you'll want to look for, for getting the models out.

Beyond this, everything is going to require specialized knowledge of whatever model format the game uses. This, in and of itself can be hard to learn, but when you're dealing with proprietary model formats that the game likely uses, which would have very sparse public documentation, this becomes even more difficult. This is why you don't see that a lot of programs to extract models from games.

All of this data is probably located in a giant binary file on the disc (probably the largest file on it). This is really the best lead I can give you, unfortunately.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Unrelated, how do you guys bump week-old threads all the time? I can tell that it isn't a previous poster returning to elaborate on a point but rather a new poster, so it makes me honestly curious how old threads spontaneously get back to page 1. Do people actually browse the catalog or are you using a third-party client that sorts posts differently?
This board is super slow, OP might actually come back (months after his first post) with something like:

"Thanks guys, I learned how to [use ninja ripper] and I've already ripped [cantonese battle droid], here's my WIP". It's also that if the topic in general is interesting (i.e. "How are game models ripped?"), there's still value in contributing to the thread even if OP was long since kicked out of school and gave up on ever becoming a 3d artist


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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Waitaminute that music
fashwave is bad not because it "ruined vaporwave," It's bad because it's made by shit for brains who have tenuous grasp on any aesthetic principles
File: ada.jpg (180 KB, 573x729)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
...says the salty bitch who never released one single track in his miserable life
I've played 10k seat venues. You chuds can't even get 10k views on youtube.
Sure you did anon, sure you did...

File: Sans%20titre_large.png (155 KB, 480x480)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
where dem cadmans at?
no cadmans ;_;
thats a dickman faggit

Okay, who among you is responsible for this?

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If OP starts out a thread like this it was ALWAYS the OP himself who did it
>If OP starts out a thread like this
Who else would?
Crushed him with logic.
>what is reading comprehension
>what is writing proficiency

File: Miami_Wallpaper.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Miami edition!

Old thread: >>623770
333 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.

For Genesis 1 but the same principle applies no matter what figure you're making clothing for.
File: girls_top.png (1.71 MB, 1164x1042)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Seems the bump limit is higher than it used to be.
Nah, we're already at bump limit. Bumping means the thread goes back to the top of the board with every new post, and bump limit just means it doesn't cycle back to the top. It continues to go down until it gets pushed to page 10 and archived.
Oh, it was my sorting method in catalog view. Oops.
Either way, I'll get a new one going once we are at 8'ish.

File: sfmhdr.png (90 KB, 401x135)
90 KB
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*Steal your animation and make it a 10 minute loop with shitty audio and posts it in a compilation on pornhub*
*Steals your animation to make a stupid ad with obnoxious text like "click to cum on her ass! Or "you won't last 3 minutes playing this game!*
sfm could even be a semi-professional software if some, and by some i mean a lot, of work was put into it, but fuck no let's just make it a hassle to do anything complicated in it and have no compatibility with any other software whatsoever if not through the work of a few saints who gave up their life to understand the inscrutable secrets of source, valve is falling more and more into the bethesda way of taking the userbase's work for granted and thinking it's being thankful and inclusive of their hard work.

Thanks, I thought I was the only one who finds this incredibly annoying
That's why content creators should always watermark their videos. If they get stolen and used in a compilation, at least they get some exposure.
But those content creators is stole the models from the game though.

File: front.png (229 KB, 622x1097)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
So I am feeling more demotivated to shelf this project and work on another project in the mean time, as this works keeps distracting me from doing other things. I need some guidance or tips to make Zero look as good as the reference sheet.

Here's the front and side view [1/2]
22 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
The reference you posted is roughly 5 and (just over) half heads tall - yours is 5 heads tall, which makes the overall head seem bigger and the model shorter/squatter

the reference tapers more from the chest to the waist - yours doesn't, making it seem too 'blocky', the hips/pelvis area is too wide.

Also, your model looks too straight because you didn't try and include the subtle bend the legs/arms have - your model's arms are perfectly straight.

Make these adjustments using proportional editing or scaling, whatever (remember to ctrl-a apply scale)

Once you've ironed out these proportional issues you might find you're happier with your model, then you can go on to look at doing things like smoothing out his chest armour

When I work from references where characters are concerned, I always start by making some basic measurements - how many heads tall/wide, outlining the silhouette in a bright colour to see the important contours, you might find that helps you before you even dive into modelling
Although more information would be great, [is the face okay?], thank you so much.

What do you mean about the last part of the measurements? Is there best options for Blender?

Just wondering, how many years were you in the 3D enthusiast?
Can't really comment on the face, the wireframes you have posted are too cluttered/overlapped for me to see its topology, and without textures it's hard for me to judge. This early on, it at least looks like a face. You can always open it up in sculpt mode and pull/magnify/shrink certain features to make them look better - if you separate ( the face, and add the multiresolution modifier, you can increase the level of detail on the face to give yourself more vertices to work with (think of it as the subdivision modifier but more malleable)

The last part, I literally just mean getting your reference image (>>632732) and opening it up in a graphics program (gimp, paint, photoshop) and then outlining the biggest, basic shapes with a pen, cropping a copy of the head unit and setting it up from the head to the feet to see how tall your model will need to be. think of it as reducing the character to its basic blocks

If you haven't already, you should be using your reference image as a background image (only works in orthographic mode) in Blender, set to appear on your Y and X axis, and scaling it to fit your model/vice versa.

I don't think you've got off to a bad start, really. I've been into 3d for a couple of years.

In the future I would suggest you post your work in the /wip/ threads
File: 11111.png (1.48 MB, 1281x1640)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
How does multi-resolution modifier work? Is it like the combination of subdivision surface and shape key except without the Value ability? It feels the same thing to me.

Do I have to use 3D objects or primitive shapes then to work toward it? I get annoyed working with sphere, as shown in the top page, as it looks to rugged.

How can you tell I didn't got off a bad start?

Alright, I'll try next time.

Here's the face part. I'm sorry for asking too many questions, but it's one of great things for me to learn.
God anime is atrocious.

File: skuddbutt.png (56 KB, 354x320)
56 KB
>tfw more people saw Boo 2: A Madea Halloween than Bladerunner 2049 opening weekend.
>tfw you will never make skuddbutt money
>tfw John Lasseter steps down for good
>tfw Studio FOW made more money than you ever will with beastiality SFM.
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People are nosy, they like to know things even if they have no real right to know it.
And people are stupid, and want to show off when they don't really have any real reason to.
Gluttony and Pride.
shading looks terrible and jittery, camera movement needs work, the pieces are also jittery when they land
File: IMG_20180713_235022.jpg (93 KB, 511x708)
93 KB
Please bully me more, daddy
Just make sure they know it is not their business and that it is rude of them to ask such questions, also surround yourself by not shitty people.
>asking someone what they do for a living is considered rude and nosy

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