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A few months ago I watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to turn a picture of a dragon bas-relief like pic related into a 3d model of it.

Does anyone know how to find it?

I don't remember the software (probably Blender or Unity, as I was watching tutorials about those two in that period, but could've been something else).

Thank you very much in advance.
does he create an alpha in zbrush and just pull it out?
I don't remember how he did it.
I don't know much about 3D modelling, so I couldn't really tell what he was doing.

Something good (new or not) for under 100 bucks
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Just buy one of these, either the 2200G or 2400G. They're both great value for the money and have competent if fairly meek integrated graphics. Should be more than enough to hold any hobbyist approaches to 3D until you either decide to move on or upgrade to something more powerful.
File: 1519022966222.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
not OP but i have an RX 480. is this any good for rendering in vray? or eevee? or whatever?
Best budget GPU was 1030 until Ryzen APUs

Get Ryzen 2200G/2400G
So I have $2/2.5K and I want to build a PC for rendering in Octane any recommendations? better buy new stuff? I've seen people using up to seven Titan X's but thats at least like 10K right?, is it ok to only have one? I also heard someone said you need to hire an electrician to do a proper wire setup since it comsumes lots of energy is that right?

related video

File: kH9z0K5.jpg (912 KB, 3456x1944)
912 KB
912 KB JPG
Seriously. Every post is trying to compare it or shitting on other people's software, or shitting on people who use Blender.

Wtf guys? It's not even an "I'm poor" excuse - Autodesk's products are available for free if you say you're a student - they don't even check your email address! Modo has a free trial and a cheapo subscription version. Betchya Lightwave and Cinema 4D have the same.

If you guys spent half as much effort on improving your skills, talking to industry people, networking, making a good portfolio piece etc. as you do on complaining about software on this malignant board you'd be industry pros by now.

Seriously, just focus on the fundamentals and get over what software you use. If a studio uses a different software than you do, learn it for the art test! Just...geeze!
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Yea. Software are tools, and any 3d software can make anything - it's just about degrees of difficulty. Find what works for you and just get good at it, make good art, stop circle jerking about software choices.
True, but the only "problem" in this whole story is jobs in the industry, and that's what some people are afraid of. It's impossible to be certain really how many companies would hire you and wouldn't care if you only work in Blender, but according to job postings, Blender is pretty rare.
I'm a codemonkey not artist but heard secondhand that the artfags have issues in the industry because other artfags don't take them serious if they say they use blender.

It makes kinda sense too, it takes serious time to learn it to be good with one program and so every camp sticks to what they learned because switiching makes them a beginner again and they don't want to loose any status.
The whole "wich program is better" is essentially a war on who has's to relearn the pipeline and thus put more effort in and obviously neither side wants to loose that.
Sure, but freelancing is an option if you don't want to learn any other software for some stupid reason seen countlessly on this board. But if you master any tool any other is number of times easier, workflow is pretty much the same, only logic of program changes
The opinions

tell me why it's easier to model in Maya/Blender/4D than Max.

I'll wait.
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It's usually about blender. Let's try this for once.

Max gets off on a wrong start with the editable poly/mesh thing. Even the terminology is wrong.

The modifier list has some good stuff but it is unnecessarily long. A lot of modifiers can be omitted and implemented as settings within a more generalized modifier (FFD 2x2x2, FFD 3x3x3, FFD 4x4x4).

The interface is very clicky clacky. Feels heavy.

It doesn't seem to support unconnected vertices, which can be super handy as helpers or for filling in later.

Has way too many distracting pop-up interruptions for simple operations like cloning parts of a mesh.
It is if you learned it that way and is more used to it.

That's literally the only actual reason anyone could ever have.
Lies. Started with Max, I was instantly faster in any other software after it. Speedwise it goes like this for me atm (from the fastest to the slowest):


I'm faster in Blender than in Modo because I have more experience in it though, so that might change since Modo is godlike, but is also a lot different from other programs so it takes more time to get used to.
>Let's try this for once.
How about no?
Software threads are NOTHING but enormous baiting fests and lead to nothing, ever.
They only exist because everyone seems to be talentless and frustrated around here but wants to be one of the cool guys and say something.
Meanwhile collaboration art threads fizzle out and people who post artwork get ignored or memed at with cheap yesterday memes
Becuase I'm used to it

File: FBXERROR.gif (1.11 MB, 959x622)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
Hey /3/, hope you can help me

>Using 3dsmax
>I've CAT rigged and animated [with the skin modifier] a model I made and want to import it into UE4
>When I export the CAT rig to FBX the body parts get jerky and parts randomly sperg out in individual frames
>Sometimes it looks alright on playback but when I scrub the timeline the issues become apparent and even more so when I export to UE4
>The results appear to be completely random as I can export the same scene and the rig will twist in random ways when I've seemingly used the same process for export and after hours trying to figure out what the issue is I'm no closer to my answer
>Tried exporting with multiple options
>Exported model to OBJ then reimported
>Created brand new rig to test the model and got the same error
>Created brand new model to test the rig and got the same error
>Contemplating killing myself if I can't get this thing to work

The best I can figure is Max 2017 has some weird issues going on with the FBX exporter.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Could you download it and try to add a skin modifier to it please? I'd really appreciate it if you could see if the problem replicates itself in another version of max

Is it just me or is the OBJ importer fucked too for 2017? Every time i import a multi-material OBJ, it overwrites every polygon with the 1st texture. Older 2013 version didnt do this
god speed anon
I can't open Max 2017 files in Max 2016

You should never use any other exchange format than FBX from 3ds Max
They're all buggy or lack some kind of functionality to force you into using FBX
File: captainamericacomics76.jpg (108 KB, 457x469)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Op here, figured it out. Max 2017 pre SP3 has a bug that glitches out CAT animations. There's a script workaround but upgrading to SP3 seems like it'll work. Wish I had known it was a bug and not something I was doing wrong two days ago. Would have saved me a lot of pain.

File: 3d-printed-suzanne.png (402 KB, 674x501)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
What is the best hardware for a Blender pc build, lads?
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No it isn't you fucking idiot.
Redshift becomes super-slow when doing that you fucktard.
Whats the use of a GPU render when it slows down so much that a CPU render is as fast and looks better.
Also Redshift looks fake.
I'm pretty sure team red is a lot faster with render times
Get a top end threadripper and 4x Tesla V100s
3ds Max build might actually make money
Only because evee and the quadros are winning in this video so what's the point?
Besides linus is a fucking moron so this video is worthless anyway

Havin bool tool issues

use blender they said
its free they said

what the fuck is this shit?
blender version 2.79
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Because why would you need to cleanup if you use a rounded edge shader and the piece doesn't deform? If I had to cleanup after every single boolean operation, it would be so slow that I wouldn't even use it in the first place. Just apply bools everywhere and bake the shader down and everything just works.
Nigga, okay man, but it really depends highly on what the fuck you're trying to achieve.

Also, depending on software, if you don't at least "clean up" by using triangulation and deleting construction history, your mesh/scene will fuck up and/or you will get crashes.
I know, that's exactly what I'm saying. Depends on the software, depends on what you're doing, so don't generalize. In some cases it can be perfectly fine. Nigga.
Well in OP's case, it wasn't fine.
??? Why not? I don't see that he's trying to subdivide it and he's using booleans on a perfectly flat surface... The problem he had has nothing to do with bad boolean usage, he was just doing it the wrong way and fucked up.

File: blender.jpg (59 KB, 1200x1200)
59 KB
Why do all the autodesk fags hate Blender other than the reason of "its blender xDDDd". Like what are actual faults of it that make it inferior to Maya or 3ds or any other software?
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File: 1508277671547.jpg (43 KB, 931x524)
43 KB
from what i can gather there is a difference between beginners of different 3D packages

people that work with maya/max pay more attention to topology and structure. i don't know if its because of tutorials or because they had formal education.
blender beginners typically make models with poor topology, they tend to try things that are not intuitive in their work (eg. modeling something easy using booleans or modeling characters with awful topology).
i think this is because most of the information regards blender is all over the place, you can't really find a good tutorial by just typing "blender tutorial" in youtube. i do my best to direct people to youtube channels that make good consistent content.
>people that work with maya/max pay more attention to topology and structure.

There are plenty of bad models on deviantart made in maya or 3dsmax or modo or zbrush, there are just more bad blender models because third worlders and children can download blender
Lol, I don't defend anyone, but this is next level projecting right there.
>It's not any harder to learn than any other 3d software.

I've learned both that, Maya, and Max. It's true what you say that most of what you learn is interchangable but holy hell was Blender confusing in its way of handling many things.
I never "gave up", otherwise I wouldn't be able to talk about this at all.

File: pandea%20face.jpg (255 KB, 1510x2300)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
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Learn to use the archives.
Use different programs.
granted most of the programs demand you be able to draw and know how to draw locks of hair, but they are far better and faster then this method.
what scares him about it is how much bitch work there is in it.

look at zbrush fiber mesh, or even z brush sculpting hair, you can even make fiber meshes from sculpts.
z brush, fiber meshes, there are so many good ways to make hair, the what this person is doing it is tedious. the resulits are ok, but so many other better options.
Or you could use a particle system in combination with some hand tweaking and some hand placed strands, and get a better and faster result that (once you've completed the initial setup) you can re-use for other models

File: spencer-horseman.jpg (45 KB, 750x424)
45 KB
Beggining houdinifag reporting in. Man are these tutorials officially the worst ever created or is the program just terrible?

It's like they say "if you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it".
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File: sincos.gif (253 KB, 700x700)
253 KB
253 KB GIF
It depends on what you are doing. I have found knowledge of trig, linear algebra, geometry, and increasingly geometric algebra to be useful. Understanding Calculus is very useful in CHOPS. Don't let the math scare you, this isn't like math class where you are forced to do everything by hand . it's a lot easier when you can use a computer to solve a problem you really care about.
python might be more useful for 3d software (not just Houdini)
Just going to point this out because I fucking hate dealing with people who say shit like 'I do all my modeling in X, its not just for X' no fucking shit, but X is the reason people use it in the first place, not all the other shit.

From my understanding houdini is the current be all end all for procedural generation with a special focus on visual physics

If you do not need these, look for almost anything else, if you do, bite the fucking bullet because houdini isn't holding your hand.
Off topic coming through.

X-Particles 4 will never be cracked so should I learn houdini only for particles?
Programs can be the best at what they do, and awfully unintuitive and convoluted at the same time.

So the question of whether its "just terrible" is never easy to answer.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Can someone explain to me the best way to make grass for ue4 in blender? I know that making intersecting planes with textures are better than making individual blades but I don't know how to do it properly. I can create one with planes in blender but I have trouble applying the texture when imported into ue4. All of the videos I've found are using cinema 4d or 3d max or made by an amature. If anyone can find one for blender that is good post the link. I want to create grass like in Zelda botw if that matters. Also is buying assets or speed tree better?
Making one type of grass is the same as making any other type of grass.
Doesn't matter if it's BotW or if it's some shit straight out of the UE5 demo projects.

Scan grass. You want a variety. Try for at least 10. Filter into the appropriate texture maps. Blast it all over the terrain. Make sure to randomize orientation and size. For bonus points, blend grass with other plants such as dead grass as in the OP image.

The tradeoff you need to make is the ratio of blades of grass you have per plane.

Obviously the lower the ratio, the more detailed your shit can potentially be, but you would be killing your GPU on the number of draw calls.

In my opinion, the real art is in the grass texture.
PS. draw calls is the reason you only ever see knee-high grass in any game ever.
What if its a low quality texture on a single faced plane with alpha channel? Can it be shoulder high?
>tall grass
>single faced plane
a choice you will surely regret. You'll want to segment the grass so that it can move out of the way of objects. Most production grass is also not completely planar. By introducing slight dimensionality to your grass, the camera can point at the grass at angles closer to perpendicular without needing to be denser.

What I meant is that you will never find -short- grass.
Not really related to the OP, but I'll use this thread to post:


The part about the vegetation:
>they mostly used scans from a library

I wonder what is it that is so challenging for the vegetation artist if he doesn't sculpt his foliage from scratch? I thought (and this is also true from my experience) that the challenge lies exactly in that - carefully sculpting and painting everything by hand. After that, you just need to set up a texture on your planes. You DO have to know some thing about how to optimize it and position those planes, but compared to the rest, it is trivial. I can't help but laugh when I watch a tutorial about creating foliage, where the guy literally just adds some planes, distorts them a bit and puts a premade texture on top of them. Even a monkey could do that. The funny part is that CG Cookie has a full (paid!) course about it.

Even this guy said it >>608202, the real art and skill is in the grass texture IMO.

So I wonder why she considered her job hard.

File: anime.png (341 KB, 784x355)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
How do I achieve this look?

I know toon shading is a thing, but seeing a few examples like this take it to a whole different level
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
inverted normals
sounds completely pointless, but then I saw the mouthbag.
You could achieve this by putting the mouth on a separate render layer and compositing it on top.
which would also make even more sense because the eye shadow and tongue was added in AE anyway.
But with this technique the mouth is hidden from behind, it wouldn't be if it were on a different layer.

Is Modo any good? I never see anybody talk about it here.
62 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Only if you need rigging, animation with skeletal deformations, simulations, or anything else that got added in the last 7 major versions.

FFS, man. What are you even doing?
has blender just gotten that much better or is it you already know all of blenders bullshit so that curve is nothing to you anymore?
hollywood isnt box modeling.

there is sculpting, scaling the shit back, and that's all doable in zbrush, what little box modeling work there is to do can also be accomplished in almost any other tool they already have/use that its a why bother.
Who is talking about Hollywood?
ok, in film.

How to achieve this armor look in Zbrush?

i mean, these rectangle shapes
Insert multi mesh.

File: digitalsapienrender.png (775 KB, 1920x1080)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
What do you think /3/
It's a start
File: hmm_yes.png (396 KB, 583x644)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
You got the resolution right for the top screen, kek. If you're trying to completely copy the DS you should add in the headphone jack, and the one for the other audio jack (don't remember what it was called). Same with the speaker holes, and i'm not sure, but i swear that there was an elevated area framing the touchscreen too. Other than that, i think it looks pretty good.
I also forgot to mention the rubber pads and the sharper edges on the top of the lid (the edge closest to the front face of the DS).

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