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How did Zbrush became the "industry standard" with its fucking alien UI?
Every 3D software has an alien interface the first time you use it
My guess is its ability to display a metric fuckton of polygons at relatively fluid framerates.
At least as far as I know no other software was able to pull this off when this program was still new.
because it's only major con is that UI (not that it isn't a freakin awful con)
ZBrush originated as a 2.5D painting program, where the concept was that you could use brushes with depth and material properties and even entire 3D meshes as brushes, and it would "encode" that information into a 2D space that retained all relevant 3D properties of the object as though it were still there in 3D.
I think it goes without saying that practically no one actually uses ZBrush for it's "intended" purpose, so when sculpting a 3D mesh, you're editing a tool within the pallet and not manipulating an object on the canvas, as objects dropped on the canvas can no longer be edited. The interface is still built around the idea of a canvas-based painting application, but the way you use it is entirely through secondary editors, which is why you have shit like 200+ mesh tools dumped into one menu.
They should really consider overhauling ZBrush for v5 and maybe flip the whole concept around and only allow "canvas mode" as a secondary option, with a 3D editing environment being the primary, it's all anyone uses it for anyway.
>Zbrush originated as a 2.5D painting program
Ye you can see it when you start using it for a bit, the thing is like you said nobody fucking gives a fuck about that and if you want to do a 2.5D painting you just use a normal 3D software and export as a in image. They should completly overhaul the interface to be more like Maya/Blender/Mudbox.
>They should completly overhaul the interface to be more like Maya/Blender/Mudbox
After 10 years of complaints they finally managed to make the transform gadget intuitive for humans even though that, kind of, pisses them off. I still believe Zbrush is made by aliens who can't cope with earthlings logic.
What kind of scrubby retard are you?
The Zbrush UI is intuitive and simple as fuck.

Have you even tried Blender?
Or fucking MeshLab??
It's not just 'plebs' and 'scrubby retards' that complain about the Zbrush interface anon.
No matter how much of a huge fanboi you are you will have to fave the fact that Zbrush is a oddball program breaking with established conventions used by image editors and 3D softwares.
It's faced sustained criticism for this from a substantial portion of it's userbase since it's inception.
>How did Zbrush became the "industry standard"

The same way Abobe and Apple did...
through marketing. They buy ads and pay people to tell the world they are the standard
Funny that you mention Blender as being complicated.
It is not more complicated than any other 3D software.
Zbrush on the other hand had lots of unusual ways of how it works but as with Blender, they watered down the autism over the years a bit.
Import mesh, new layer, subdivide, sculpt. Easy and everything is right on the main UI.

ZBrush: open tools palette, import mesh as a new tool, draw mesh on canvas, enter edit mode, subdivide, sculpt. Good luck finding out how to do any of this when you first start because everything is hidden behind several layers of nested menus.
This, so much this. I was doing a character from scratch in Zbrush and using Zmodeler + the whole edit thing putting thing into the tools or saving the piece of shit because it crashed every 2 hours was like getting cancer 5 times in the same day.
>I am le redpilled
go le fuck your le self

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