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People say to put all the details from my high poly mesh into a normal/displacement map and then put it into the lower poly version, but will that make the details that are put into those maps deform correctly during animation? I don't think so
Why not? They both work in relation to the local normal of the surface, so if your UVs are good, they'll deform well also.
If you're talking about high-end stuff like making a brow furrow or skin folds collect, you basically sculpt & bake multiple normal maps and then blend between them - basically morph targets for normal maps. Then you just wire the blend state to the relevant animation. Various AAA games do this, notably the Uncharted series.
>local normal
stopped reading there
tangent space? normals arent always aligned to the surface afaik.
I am also curious about this. Do Normal and Displacement maps deform well during animations?
if the maps are tangent space then yes
Uncharted has animation on textures.

You could do the same thing. Adjust highpoly model with exaggerated poses then rebake.

Then all you need to know is add the animation on textures relative to the pose.

But we don't do that cause it's too time consuming and games would never be done. Nobody is that anal enough to zoom in on an elbow and see if it's stretched properly.
you're talking about wrinkle maps

everyone uses wrinkle maps

Most of it will. For specific things like face wrinkles, I believe you want to bake a normal map per extreme facial expression and blend between them. Not sure how, but that's the idea I got from watching some NaughtyDog presentations.
>Uncharted has animation on textures.
No it dosnt, are you retarded?
It has texture blending, do you have even a slight idea how much memory it would require to load up as few as 3 or 4 uncompressed animation at 8k resolution of your average character texture today?
You would eat up your entire memory budget with one character.
Animated textures in games are fucking tiny and tileable, or are just compressed to shit and back videos that are unusable as normal maps due to compression artifacts that would butcher the shading.

Also you have additional textures just for the normal map, no reason to have more than one color texture, just one or two additional maps for wrinkles, and maybe for muscle tension and relaxation and one for cloth folds. you can get some great result with blend shapes at a cheap for animation that wont fucking kill your fps.
Movies do basically the same thing, only the use displacement maps instead of normal maps.

> are you retarded?

No need to go on a psychotic tirade. Blending is what I meant, but the word escaped me.
>Ps4 handles 8k texutres per character
>No need to go on a psychotic tirade. Blending is what I meant, but the word escaped me.
If you gonna talk like some kind of authority on the subject you better know what you saying.
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Was watching Hellblade BTS videos and they mentioned that they had over 50 normal maps for the face of Senua.

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