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alright, /3/, it's time for the test of your knowledge about 3DCG.
1: Are quads technically just two triangles?
If you answered 1 correctly
2: Why is it displayed the way it is, in 3D software?
>1: Are quads technically just two triangles?
Not until triangulation. Before that, they are stored as ordered sets of four vertices.

>2: Why is it displayed the way it is, in 3D software?
To make life (much) easier for the operator.
Why have heard so many times that quads are basically 2 triangles then? And if you deform them in the program, they will reveal 2 triangles they are made of.
matesss you bROKE the quiz
What is the correct answer? I want to know.
Meant for >>632574
I will answer some time later mateszz... this a weekly educational challenge for /3/!
GPU draws everything as triangles.
so yeah, in the end one quad is two triangles with 2 of the shared vertices also share their normals.
3D software handles quads because it's easier to see flow of the geometry, it's possible to mirror a mesh and when you connect it to the counterpart, the sub-tris flow differently and your model is actually not symmetrical.
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guyz, I'm bak...

You're correct, thankx for participating anons...
>Why have heard so many times that quads are basically 2 triangles then? And if you deform them in the program, they will reveal 2 triangles they are made of.
You're forgetting that the GPU is already drawing the mesh in your real-time viewport.

>1: Are quads technically just two triangles?
The GPU stores and operates on mesh data as triangles.
>2: Why is it displayed the way it is, in 3D software?
Badly done triangles are bad for deformation. Not showing these makes it easy to differentiate between user-created and GPU-created triangles.
>Why all triangles?
The GPU uses triangles simply because it's more efficient than going any higher. There is no hardware limitation- again, triangles are just faster to process and operate on. It could go lower than that, but it's the simplest polygon we can draw on.
More reading:

thanks agin, will make a nu quiz next week in the same thread if it gets response! Else it's going to be a new thread! :D
>Using quadriangle because it is ``better'' than triangle

If there is a single example of the foolishness and sheer arrogance of 3d artists, it is that. Video games developers use triangle every days to produce some of the finest 3d art ever created, but no, triangle aren't good enough for true ``artists'', they need some quadriangle or even fiveangle. Because more angles mean better art am I right?

Quadrangle, ya doof.
And jeez, you're really exposing your level of brainlet here. Like an above answer said, quads increase the visual quality of the mesh, making it easier to read as there's less information. In a 3dcg application, subdivisions work best on quads and not tris. To see it in action, subdivide a quadsphere and a regular UV sphere and see how on the latter, there's weird triangulation at the poles, while on the former it's a beautiful curved surface throughout.
And do you seriously think video game artists work with tris? They don't. Game engines break them up into tris because it's easier for the engine to work with.
It's not "artist skill" working with tris over quads, it's just being stupid.
Is this bait? There are already answers/posts above! Using tris is pretty un-maintainable, messes up deformation for animation(if done badly) and has symmetry issues(again, if done badly). Literally nobody works on tris(if that's what you're trying to say) specifically. Working in "quads" is still the best way to work. I've linked the two wikipedia articles in >>633292 already.

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