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Pochaco must not eat this one burger or she will die from a heart attack.
How will you persuade her not to eat this hamburger?
By giving her a healthy sausage instead.
The dead can no longer resist
Start playing with her nipples, duh.
Wave a bigger burger at her
I fart in her mouth.
cook her a smaller, healthier hamburger
This is what americans actually believe
I Tell her that I love her thicc thighs
Pull my sausage out
Well first I come up to her with two napkins and ask her which one of them smells like chloroform.
Then I lock her up naked in the bathroom and chain her to a radiator.
She has no access to the outside world and the light is always on.
She is fed laxatives for the first 7 days, otherwise she is only allowed to drink water.
If she makes noise or tries to escape, she gets a ball gag and gets reverse prayer'd for the next 24 hours.
Depending on how she behaves she can get bonuses like a book, mini tv or something to play games on, but never something with a sim or internet connection.
After the first two weeks she gets one light meal per day.
Lots of bright slapping for misbehavior, laxatives and/or bondage for bigger offenses.
She'd be allowed to leave the bathroom once I got the pig out of her, but only to find out all of her clothes had been replaced by slutty clothes.
Convince her to go vegan for moral reasons.
>convincing a fat person not to eat a fattening food

Can't be done, Porkchop is a dead woman.
Well I'm more for imprisonment, the convincing can come later.
Convince her into eating a worthwhile substitute of steak, with bread and salad on the side.

Essentially, a burger w/ its ingredients seperated
Give her a different hamburger.

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