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I think that the VN is a unique masterpiece of its own. It manages to be slice of life and shounen at the same time. There's just a great balance and that's why I love it so much, it made me feel many different things. The anime on the other hand made me feel pretty disappointed, hope this story gets remade one day by a company that can treat with care the source material!
>that question
>that post
>that wording
Are you new to 4chan?
I like your passion
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The VN is good but they screwed the anime so bad
I once tried playing the vn and I think I dropped it around 15 / 20 hours or something.
When does it get good?
VN is pretty good, but the anime was one of the worst VN adaptations I've ever seen.
I like Rewrite but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.
Ignoring every other character when you enter into a certain character's route never sits well, but in Rewrite it feels really bad when the whole city and your childhood friend is nuked but it's okay because you're here with your new love. There isn't much cohesion in the character routes. Moon & Tera were well done. Common route was good slice of life.
Little Busters is the same way.
I felt like it had good ideas and general concept, but very questionable execution. Kotarou is extremely annoying during the common route, although I have to admit that his common route character ties very nicely with his character later in the Terra route. Individual routes were very uninteresting for the most part and the routes and their character feel more like worldbuilding for the Terra route because you spend a great part of the VN with characters that are barely present in the true route. I like Moon and Terra because I was invested for the most part while reading them, but I found the rest of the VN a slog to read and after finishing it the payout didn't really feel worth the effort.
The worst Key VN I've read. It has a pretty strong start with its main route and a lot of great moments throughout, but it fell apart in the attempt to tie everything together towards the end, also leaving some pretty bad plot holes. It suffers hard from the fact that it feels like it was written by at least ten different people.

Terra was the worst train wreck of a final route of any VN I've played.
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Shizuru is my waifu

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