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I killed the post limit, so lets start another one.
Previous Thread:

/d/ thread:
File: kmkl (557) kanel tg.jpg (288 KB, 725x1101)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Can we all agree?

>Shit tier
Girl x TGed MC - Lesbian pairing

>Okay Tier
Guy x TGed MC - Straight pairing

>God Tier
TGed MC x Another TGed guy - Lesbian pairing
TGed MC x TGed girl - Straight pairing
File: Sokka TG.png (3.52 MB, 3117x1185)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
Also, another topic:

>Which show/character deserves a TG sequence or comic?
File: 1481915429939 tg.jpg (3 MB, 5500x1600)
3 MB

Here goes some ideas for prompts. Do you have any? Post them:

>One comic/story with the character becoming a thick teacher

>One comic/story with the character becoming a thick brown MILF

>One comic/story with the character becoming an insecure - but smart - secretary in a corporation

>One comic/story with the character becoming a feisty tomboy

>One comic/story with the character becoming a typical "farmers daughter"

>One comic/story with the character becoming a very ambitious, dominant and proud girly girl

>One comic/story with the character becoming a goth cheerleader

>One comic/story with the character becoming a slutty cosplayer

>One comic/story with 2 characters, with one becoming a japanese idol and the other an american teenage pop star

>One comic/story with the character becoming A SHY DORKY GIRL

How would you develop these stories? Do you have other ideas for propmpts like these, that other people can work on?
What degree of mental change is your favorite?

>No mental change at all
>Slow and subtitle mental changes, that get developed over time without memmory loss
>Complete mental change with new memmories replacing old ones
File: tg mr dna (1).jpg (330 KB, 553x1443)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Can you give your:

>Top 5 artists who draw TG
>Top 5 writter that deal with TG
File: tg car chase.png (533 KB, 837x1100)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Which other fetishes mix well with TG?
Oversized Tits ruined it
Anybody has the "Step Witch" by joe six pack?
It was posted in the last thread, and down within 20 minutes. If I get it, I will toss it on emule and maybe on a torrent site.
anybody has makers game from bluefoxx
try this
>Shit tier
>Girl x TGed MC - Lesbian pairing

You tasteless piece of sh...

>God Tier
>TGed MC x Another TGed guy - Lesbian pairing

Never mind, carry on.
and the guacamole continues!
I really love you anon thank you very much
Man, I really love shit like this. I only wish it was more fleshed and drawn out. Anyone know any other stories that have a similar format to this sort of thing?
File: 2122.jpg (708 KB, 1600x1333)
708 KB
708 KB JPG
not into elves
The Might Fenek.

Someone post the one with Draco Malloy please.
File: 1489882234284.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1332)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
I got this.
File: 1483678363768.png (3.93 MB, 1985x2620)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
File: 1483834830320.jpg (177 KB, 1200x1500)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Tiamat's the best
File: 1484601850923.png (333 KB, 1673x1211)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
File: Malfegao.png (271 KB, 680x786)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
BSB is the top of both those lists, out of variety and skill.

This guy has a stack of transformed/gender-swapped stories along these lines


currently free ones:







for ordinary account holders, NOT unlimited

this may be useful


along with



cant you just zippy them up for us?
File: Golden_Brew-BSB.jpg (560 KB, 2400x1100)
560 KB
560 KB JPG

love his TG
hate his TF
File: marvin_the_martian_tg.gif (1.51 MB, 328x451)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
Quick captioned image morph transformation I got inspired to make when I found some rule 63 Marvin the Martian art.

Here's the original

One out (the witch) two more to go (Convicts and Forever femmed)

Amazon have $0.00 books every day in a range of genres

check out http://bibrary.blogspot.com/

last Friday's freebies will have expired, so here is a half-dozen

File: 1482667207869.png (1.11 MB, 2480x3508)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
If I was going to write one it'd be wish fulfillment there's very little of that blackmail/personality death gets a little tiresome, very little tg content plays off the feminine/emotional aspect.

>lonely boy wishes for a better life because nobody likes him because they think he is weird and nerdy
>fairy/genie/succubus/witch offers to take care of him because he is a good person or from hearing his wish
>he isn't really sure he should take the offer so she takes him to her mansion/cozy house to show him what kind of life she can give him.
>takes him to a room with several woman's mannequin wearing various outfits ranging from beautiful to cute to suggestive or just plain casual wear
>tells him to take a pick one he likes the most
>he picks a beautiful ball gown, thinking that she'd put it on he decided to choose it because he wouldn't want her getting mad because he chose something lewd for her to wear, plus he's a sucker for cuteness
>She uses her magic to swap his clothes with the mannequin's
>enjoyment, embarrassment, confusion and comfort all at once
>She touches a similar outfit and gets her clothes swapped and tells him he can change back or try on anything else as much as he'd like or a snack/drink/magic that would give him the full experience.
>he decides to keep enjoying the soft ruffles and other materials for awhile, feeling like something just clicked with him.
>he asks for his normal clothes back and says he has to think about it
>she understands and takes him home
>a few days later he says he will go all the way asking her to take only a few keepsakes from his place and to be gentle and patient while he adjusts and asks that she teaches him how to do girl stuff
>She agrees and magic's away his few keep sakes and goes back
>he drinks/eats/has the magic cast
>takes a few days to slowly kick in so he can adjust
>he becomes a petite girl who enjoys cosplay/dressing up.who falls in love with the person who granted that happiness.
File: 1482667261595.png (1.41 MB, 2480x3508)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
File: 1482667330624.png (1.46 MB, 3508x2480)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Any more?
there's one more page where she gets turned into a statue but that's not really my thing nor is it for this thread.

Wait, do you mean art from this person, my writing or more from that artist?
Who's the character in that?
is there any tg stuff where the guy really digs the fact that hes now a hot af girl?
I was meaning more of the comic but that's alright
File: jamesbaxter_chel.webm (1.24 MB, 1714x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB WEBM
chel from El Dorado. Good movie.
A good story needs some sort of compelling conflict. Where's the conflict in this?
Does anyone have Do Overs by joe six pack?

I sincerily haye wish fulfillment type of stories that idealize being a girl and shit all over masculinity.
Cool addition to the discussion, bro.
Well the conflict could come from guilt from enjoying it or guilt from giving up their identity or from having selfish desires letting someone else be in charge or from the magical being only offering that to the one guy instead of multiple people who know they want it

If I choose a witch to be the magical being then the guy would proberbly would want to learn magic and perhaps go a little power crazy turning everyone into their own ideal dream girl or punishing criminals and jerks with extra fetish stuff thrown into the mix thus creating conflict.
File: 20 (1).jpg (67 KB, 583x823)
67 KB
Damn, I fucked up.

I meant I HATE* stories that shit masculinity and treat being a chick like it is a paradise.

Thing is, if you are an insecure lazy fuck up on your regular life, turning into a hot girl only means that eventually this hot girl will become an insecure lazy fuck up too.

I prefer when the character have more realistic approaches to this kind of thing.

Problem is this fetish has mutible appeals that attract people from all diffrent sorts.

Like I am into mindbreak and identity death but I bet a lot of people are on here for wish fulfillment instead.
I understand the appeal of identity death, wanting a fresh start without any memories of past suffering does have it's upsides, but it does takes away from the whole "holy shit this is different from what I'm used to it's embarrassing/feels good" factor

I'm a fan of both but I'd keep some memories.
Guy x TGed MC - Straight pairing
Best tier.
Sadly I've forgotten the artist because I'm a dope
File: 1444515606850.jpg (213 KB, 1024x1117)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Why does he always seem to end with bimbos, though?
I found out who it is sulfer-kokegitsune on DA, they have few bits of tg.
File: latex-pieces-done-small.png (355 KB, 609x1500)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>TGed MC x Another TGed guy - Lesbian pairing
100% best

TF. Like 90% of not specifically TG 'male' transformations involve them being changed into a girl before changing further.

hypno/mind control obviously.

various powerplay stuff (dom/sub etc.)

not being able to be a girl is a common motivation for becoming a lazy fuckup in trans girls.

>I prefer when the character have more realistic approaches to this kind of thing.
Interested what you think of as 'realistic'. For me, the story has to be 100% realistic (it can still be fetishy) and acknowledge the IRL reality of gender/trans issues, etc.

or be completely over the top with no attempt to be realistic (Wizards casting girl spells to defeat their enemies. Witch curses you to be a girl for saying sexist things. You drink magic potion to get gf's ideal body, except she's a secret lesbian. etc.)

probably part Bimbo fetish...

...part thats what he's commisioned for (which seem to be the majority of his work)

...part bimbo's seem best for revelling in femininity which fits well with the obvious heavy wish-fulfillment element in his work.

(If he's not had gender identity issues, then for a cis-guy he draws a strangely high amount of non-commissioned sequences where an exhausted guy transforms into a girl just to relax and enjoy being a girl.)
should quote >>1267783
for the fetish stuff
This needs a couple lessons in squash and stretch. Mighty Fenek's dexter tg is a good place to go for that
Personally I'd say futa myself, but not everyone is into that.

But genearly anything that plays around with typical sexual dynamics
File: sissy-whore.jpg (182 KB, 1200x675)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
is there a full comic?
does anyone wan "Convicts to Co-eds" by joesixpack
>>1270343 *have sorry
>personality rewrite
>permanently stuck
>gender change
>"payback for being mean"

Why does this shit exist, its is the worst possible shit

"payback for being mean" is probably the closest you're going to see to a passable justification from that circle. All of their associated works trend towards the same flow from supernatural genderswap, often inflicted by a malicious third party, into a complete personality overwrite.

Their endings invariably leave a sour taste but at least the transformations are golden. And honestly, if gender change is a problem then why are you here?
I like there to be some kind of aha moment or a way to change back. Dude does a harmless joke and ends up this bitch's little sister who wants his friend he was fuckin withs D now.

I like TG, I just hate when its just, I'm going to rewrite the universe/fuck a ton of people over cause you were being a dink to a friend/person type stories.

If this story had like a the next day everything went back to normal and he learned a lesson or he ended up changing back mid kiss it woulda been fun but that story just bummed me out.
File: alc.jpg (620 KB, 2304x1075)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
you know what you never see? a guy gets tg'd for being a jerk and he enjoys his new body and it makes the person who dealt that revenge angry so they turn him back and he begs them to turn him into what he was and ends up as their maid/servant/slave just to have that form.
no pdf?
This kinda fits that

could anyone reupload?
I really shouldn't be turned on by this.
>Which other fetishes mix well with TG?

Preg. Nothing gets my dick more diamonds

Age Regression
there's a few that pair very well some of which are under utilized.

>hypnosis (mind blank/personality death)
>AP (mostly young boys into teen girls or adult women)
>role reversal
>wish fulfillment
>Lolita fashion/cutsy girly outfits (rare as fuck)
>magical girl
>bimboification (very common theme)
>magic/science fiction
>cursed object (mostly clothing or jewelry)
>eonism/princessification/reverse bimbo/purification
>possession (slime/ghost)
>biting (vampires, succubus, etc)
>abdl/age play
>cowgirl/animal girl (not furry)
>Weight gain/loss
>body swap
>age difference
>strength drain/assets swap.
>bunny girl/maid/sexy uniformed worker
>hand holding/pure love yuri (only for the most degenerate of people)
>care taker/motherly tendency's
>reality change
>forced feminization

you get the idea, there's a ton but most people just go for the airheaded bimbo route.
>you get the idea, there's a ton but most people just go for the airheaded bimbo route.
All this stuff is common though. Many way more common than tg 'bimbo' content
Yeah but how much of it is of reasonable quality?
>Why does this shit exist, its is the worst possible shit
Because there are people like me who think it's the hottest shit.
in basically every domain, yes. Bimbofication is over-represented in 'shit that gets posted in /aco/' because much of it is a single image file TF-progression.

Thus TG bimbo is more suitable for posting to imageboards than a 50000 word text epic about humans trying to stop feminizing robots from Mars kidnapping all the men, where the plot twist is turns out to be that it's only the guys with secret tg desires that get taken and given perfect female robot bodies.
>Transformed barbarian type
>Doesn't turn into a slut/bimbo
>"Wow, I'm hot.... back to murder!"

This pleases me beyond measure
care to share?
Yeah it's even worse when it's like
>Guy uses powers to make his girlfriend/wife's tits slightly bigger
>Girl gets powers and changes him into a woman,acting all smug about it.
>Character describes every little change they go though

Man I hate that. I remember there was this one DBZ comic where Android 18 turns into this Amazon goddess. Out of all the changes that were described through dialogue, one was her hair growing out. Like bitch, you just gained a bajillion pounds of muscle, worry about your hair later.
Well how should a character react to changes going on?
>not sluts by default

It just got harder time slut around for him.
>care to share?

Don't talk about every little thing. If you're suddenly turning into a chick like in>>1267768
The last thing on your mind should be "oh no, my glasses broke!"
Tks Mate! =) Do you have more like this?

Btw anyone know if already have a link for The Ballad of Harper Kelly 3?
but that sort of thing can be put in a single image/sequence, I've seen it be done with other fetish content so it's not impossible.

revenge/blackmail/personality death fantasies get boring after you see them a million times it's become a tired cliché and some people don't want to think of being a woman as well as a sex crazed air headed cock lover, some people want a little variety in personality/appearance I'm not saying it should be purely emotional or their shouldn't be anything sexual but a little bit of variety from artists wouldn't hurt anyone.

basically less "hurr me woman me dumb me want cock" and more "oh hey I'm a beautiful woman now and I don't know what the hell to do, this new body is very alien to me I need to time to adjust and learn how to feel comfortable in it and how to present myself, sex can wait"
Both your options look boring, even if it can be well executed.

Things like >>1267780 >>1268123
>>1271338 are better. Mind alteration with some traces of previous personality or memories.
It's not impossible, but it's also not even rare. There is a selection bias inherent in the threads.

If i had to hazard a guess at most common tg theme, it'd one of the spins on 'guy gets caught in/with girl clothes. Then had some forced femme/tg misadventure'
Partial mind alteration also feels like an untapped market, good for fans of tsundere personalities most scenario's would play out like "I hate that I'm enjoying this but damn does it feel good" you get embarrassment from enjoying your new assets but you also get a sex drive.
File: Lawbringer_C2_03.png (356 KB, 558x596)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>Ad whore-tem
Looking for this comic
i cant trade for most JoeSixPack content

i know they can be hit and miss often
but does anyone have links to any Reluc Pr. titles
from 850 to present?
I'd like them too!

850 The Candidate’s Son by Susan Hulbert
856 How Tom Became His Sister’s Bridesmaid by B C
858 A Self-Made Woman by Nick Lorance
859 Transformed For Life by Norman Way
864 Strange Desires by Susan Strange
867 More Strange Desires by Susan Strange
869 Finally, He Became A Sweet Farm Girl by B C
870 Strange Desires Fulfilled by Susan Strange
871 An Unforeseen Journey by Heather Berdrow
872 A Maid’s Story by Blind Ruth
873 The Game by Nick Lorance
874 Kirsten & Sarah by Delphina Longstreet

were in the mega-torrent a while back

there was an explanation offered in a recent thread why later RP titles are not more readily available. Updated security in the new version of PDF, I recall.
Great job Necro!
File: 1488861520670.png (919 KB, 1000x1200)
919 KB
919 KB PNG
Which mega-torrent?
File: hoooooo.gif (1.46 MB, 210x326)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
You know anons, I think we really aught to have a Discord for TG stuff. It'd be great to have anons to just discuss transformation stuff with all day.


long gone
>Heavy breathing and groaning 24/7 over discord

Eh I think we're good.
>basically less "hurr me woman me dumb me want cock" and more "oh hey I'm a beautiful woman now and I don't know what the hell to do, this new body is very alien to me I need to time to adjust and learn how to feel comfortable in it and how to present myself, sex can wait"
You can argue that this is pretty played out too, especially if there's some subtle mind alteration to help smooth the transition. Things like High School Girls and most things from The Professor immediately come to mind. It all depends on the execution and the reader's tastes.

I don't even necessarily get off to them, I just like them as stories.
this is still working from here: http://archive.loveisover.me/d/thread/6212692/#6226755
Not so. I have a seed ready and waiting.
>Not so.

I stand corrected. Bravo!
isnt that a "pirate" mirror with outdated material?

"official" relaunch is http://katcr.co/
Ooh. I had no idea they resurfaced. I just did a search for the name and found the mirror. Since it worked and found the already downloaded content, I figured it would work fine.

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