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File: 1519402689917.png (587 KB, 666x666)
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587 KB PNG
Quakecon 2018 Gameplay and Presentation of Doom Eternal: https://youtu.be/sGSMoMtPmbI
No release date has been specified as of yet.

List of writefag stuff:

Greentext archives:

Big R34 archive:

Previous thread: >>2856370
File: 1474925404746.jpg (58 KB, 1018x785)
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File: 1468345548681.png (2.27 MB, 1200x1500)
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2.27 MB PNG
File: 1488096434236.png (241 KB, 650x930)
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File: 1487218968326.jpg (442 KB, 698x900)
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442 KB JPG
File: demon_pair.png (123 KB, 725x631)
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123 KB PNG
We live again.
Cacodemons that have bitter faction wars over wether sweet or savory foods are better
Kinda like this, but angry and covered in splattered junk food.
Galaxy Brain Doxy in the corner eating a pepperoni and twizzler sandwich.
>Doxy watches as the messy melee degenerates
>A pair of hunky cacobois have thoroughly slathered each other in chocolate sauce and mustard, their red bodies pressed together in an airborne grapple
>The two sides pelt each other with pretzels, marshmallows, and an assortment of other small caliber snacks
>A big-tittied, one-eyed girl lies beneath a pile of food, face beatific in her defeat
>Some have become disillusioned with the fight, their attention drawn elsewhere
>Namely to the pleasing shapes of their opponents' bodies and all the unique and tantalizing flavors developing upon them
>Doxy smiled to herself
>Though she had had no part in beginning the food fight, she'd like to think that everything had gone according to plan anyway
>She notices a Caco Gal to her left who's clearly a little overwhelmed. She's distinctly mousy for a caco, and sniffling as she tries to clean her hair of a glob of chili.

>She's clearly fresh from the portal, still wearing the UAC T-shirt they give newly made-over demons. Poor thing probably still afraid of actual conflict.

>Doxy closes her eyes and nods, then gets the caco's attention, speaking in Demonic.


>She raises a handful of food, a mix of sweets and deli meats and brings it to the girl's mouth.

>[Eat. Enjoy.]

>The caco tentatively munched, expression softening as she realizes how good it is.

>Doxy smiles and nods, bringing another initiate into the school of Omnivorous-hedonism.
I can't help but imagine Sadie being completely unfazed by Doxy's continuing shenanigans.
She comes hovering home covered in food and condiments with a few new cacodemon fuck-buddies? That just means she'll have to turn her music up a bit louder.
File: 1549534630954.jpg (57 KB, 1000x1100)
57 KB
File: 1549507462521.png (220 KB, 463x891)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
File: 1548318710463.png (1.04 MB, 1332x1332)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: 1549999115395.png (472 KB, 1920x1080)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Fucking kek
I sit here as always, pin this thread whenever it appears and wait for Doom Eternal, to bless us with fresh OC.
Still waiting for some new Impse content.
Sadie sounds like a soulmate.
Just a roommate.
I really wish the guy who made this would do more.
Is there anymore of him?
I wonder how it looks when it's flaccid.
File: yukinhell2.jpg (1.69 MB, 1080x1920)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Older one of my works.
This angers me
Life is fleeting, but DOOM is eternal.
where CYOA man
Me again.
My digital ears were burning.
Updates should resume tomorrow.
Thank you for your patience.
Pineapple pizza, the food of peace.
I never in a million years thought I would fap to Doom. Then a few days ago I found out about Hdoom. Now I'm running around the net looking for more Imp girl images.
File: Baroness.png (938 KB, 574x918)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
Scrub tier.
Where’s my dinner
You rack your brain for a proper response to "my date just ate a fireball," but all you can come up with is a stunned "Wow."
She giggles at your slackjawed face, steam continuing to curl from her mouth and nostrils. "Tah-Dah!" She says, making jazz hands.
About a dozen questions are running through your mind. "What did you just do?
"Kinda obvious, isn't it? Just rolled a little fire around in my mouth for a bit to get my teeth cleaned up."
"Are you okay? Does it hurt?"
"Yeah, dude, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"
"You just stuffed a ball of what I can only assume is actual plasma in your mouth."
"My body's full of the stuff. I mean, I'm not about to suck the juice outta an Argent cell or anything, but my own brand? Not a problem."
"Does it taste like anything?"
"Can "fiery" be a flavor?"
"Is that healthy?"
"Dude." She lays a hand on your shoulder, smiling patiently. "I'm glad you care, but I've doin' this shit all my life. It ain't killed me yet, and it ain't about to." She pats you on the cheek. "Thanks, though."
"No problem." You respond automatically. You scratch your head, at a loss. "Umm."
"So, what are we doing?"
She quirks an eyebrow at you. "The sleepover, dude?"
"Oh, right."

You pull the sheet off your bed, bundling it in your arms before tossing it onto the pile of laundry. From the bathroom, you can hear Roxanne happily singing the lyrics to a metal song as she showers. As you'd brushed your teeth, you'd offered Roxanne the use of your shower, which she'd gratefully accepted.
"Care to join me?" She'd asked.
You'd stopped dead, foam dripping from your mouth.
"I beg your pardon?" You'd asked around a mouthful of toothbrush.
"Shit. Was that too fast? Too soon? Sorry."
"It's just...I mean, we just met today, so..."
"No no, it's cool. I forgot you were human for a second. I'm just used to sharin' with my packmates, so it's not, like, weird for me."
"I didn't...really? You guys are that close?"
"Well, yeah. It's not even, like, a sex thing or anything. Just efficiency and all. Old cultural shit."
"Look, man, don't worry about. I know humans work different, and I'm cool with it. So, how about you go do your thing, and I'll be in here if you need me. 'Kay?"
And with that, she'd pat you on the back, and you'd left her to go deal with sleepover preparations. After shaking off the effects of that particularly uncomfortable conversation, you found yourself with a list of chores to take care of before bed. Changing the sheets was easy, but that still left nighttime entertainment to arrange, the clothing situation to square away, sleeping arrangements, planning for her return home tomorrow, and preparing for your trip to the HDRP office.
There's also the minor issue of the agonizingly persistent erection you are currently sporting.
You pray to any god that will listen that Roxanne didn't notice.

>What do you do?

wtf does this have to do with doom
I don’t get why we’re acting coy and abstinent after Amber
Pound one out real quick while Rox is showering so that stops being an issue, then finish changing the sheets. We can watch TV and play games and shoot the shit for entertainment. We can both sleep in our clothes for tonight, so relax about that. As the host, it's our responsibility to let our guest have the bed while we take the floor. Finally, we can snag her a cab in the morning, then take the tram over to the HDRP office. EZPZ.

High Noon Drifter

Amber is a much different animal from Rox. Amber wanted it something fierce and knew how to get it. Rox is much less certain about all this, and she's said outright that she wants to try and take it slow for us.
Just focus on setting things up, and look forward to some wholesome hang-out times. Pick another movie, maybe plan on ordering some 'za.

And while this may strain certain "things" but she might honestly be more comfortable having someone to share the bed with. Pack grouping baby.
File: 1549345095627.jpg (409 KB, 1889x2048)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
I haven't seen this image in awhile.
File: caco.png (483 KB, 713x1200)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
Good update.

First of all, ignore the erection. We're not going to fap with a lady friend over in the next room. That's just wrong. On all of the levels.

As for what to do next... I think we need to try to be less awkward and more friendly. I mean, she stood up to her mom to stay with us for doom's sake! We should avoid movies/TV for now and do some socializing.

We already know something of her past, and present, but how about her future? What does she hope to become in life? Is she planning a family? A career as an artist? does she just... have no plans? Did she never dare to make plans because she expected to die young and nobody would take an imp seriously anyway? We can tell her about our plans for the future. Did we ever tell her what did we hope to find on Mars?

Or you know what? That fireball. That was cool, let's ask her about that. I mean, it might be something completely mundane and ordinary to her, but for us as a human I think that's really amazing. How does she do that? Does it make her hungry? Or tired? How does she recharge her ardent energy? Can she make the fire into shapes? Can she make it appear anywhere on her body or just in her hands? Can she manipulate regular fire too? Maybe we could try making a shadow play together!

We've shown her that we are concerned but now that we know it's safe, let's show her that we think it's amazing. That she is amazing, just by being herself and being the demon she is. Because, you know.. so far the fact that she is a demon and we are not, was... just used to make everything awkward, like it's something that's weird or wrong.

But it is not! The fact that we can be so different and yet we can share the same food, the same roof, same culture, same planet and the same dimension is nothing short of amazing. And it's something that should, and needs to, be welcomed and celebrated. Not, awkwardly avoided and met with ten different variations of "Oh no, we're so different! That's so weeeeeird!!!"
lmao what
I'm watching the Doom movie with friends.

Pray for me.
Rip in peace man.

Oh hey, anyone got that art of the caco drooling of Dwayne the rock Johnson?
If you want an entertaining and truthful review of that trainwreck, then watch this.
why is civvie so fucking good
What nüDoom demon has the best ass?
File: ass.png (684 KB, 638x946)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
is this an actual question?
No fapping with company over.
Don't try to micromanage the whole night. Let her come out and talk to her. Let her be involved.
I'm a sucker for the summoner
File: summ_pinup.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x3360)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Well, looks like you're in luck.

It's 2 AM here, what am I doing with my life
My only real comment is that we shouldnt fap. If she hasnt noticed, she'll probably ignore it. I dont know how acute demon senses are but it'd be awful awkward if she came out of the shower to the smell of jizz.
I spent a hot minute trying to figure out what I was looking at and then I realized it's supposed to be his leg

what's up with his foot?
In game lore they've flown everywhere for so long their feet are basically vestigial.
so they would technically feel nothing on that whole area if you were to rub your dick on them?

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