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File: Savage dragon #228.jpg (599 KB, 1192x1833)
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Since Ninja Turtles.
It's always had sex but it was never really played for laughs until the crossover.
It didn't become explicit until much later but Larsen's been drawing full page spreads of naked people in Dragon since always.
Since Savage Dragon #193. Malcolm Dragon, son of original Savage Dragon becomes lead character, few issues later Malcolm has foursome with Angel,Tierra and Maxine (and inseminates them all) and since that time things are only going downhill.
File: savage-dragon-237-pg-4.jpg (299 KB, 632x950)
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File: savage-dragon-222-page 13.jpg (609 KB, 1041x1600)
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File: savage-dragon-222-page 14.jpg (529 KB, 1041x1600)
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File: savage-dragon-222-page 22.jpg (584 KB, 1041x1600)
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584 KB JPG
I for one enjoy Malcolm's nympho wife.
>I for one enjoy Malcolm's nympho wife.

>since that time things are only going downhill.
I don't want to believe it but judging by >>3324538 it's probably true.
Man I've been neglecting to read this comic for too long it seems.
Anyone remember that one disgusting webcomic with the redhead girl that had full body freckles and her maybe asian gf? This reminds me of that, I couldn't get a boner over this if I tried
File: llgjs95pttf11.jpg (602 KB, 1332x2048)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
When Image stopped having any content standards whatsoever. They've shown explicit penetration in their comics in recent years.
oh god Moon Over June

for those not in the know it's what an absolutely clueless dude thinks lesbians do with horrible sub-SLB distorted anatomy "art". it's hilaribad
>few issues later Malcolm has foursome with Angel,Tierra and Maxine (and inseminates them all)
Which issue specifically?

Moon over June always weirded me out.

I could never tell if if the guy that wrote it loved lesbians in all the worst ways and genuinely thought freckle woman was a genuine protagonist instead of a hypocritical sexual assault case or if he was a guy that hated lesbians but wrote the story to mock lesbians.
I recognize that onomatopoeia, that's Heavy Flow's power.
Yeah Summer looks like a badly drawn One Piece fan character.
File: sheaintgotnonipples.png (105 KB, 461x255)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Angel,Tierra and Maxine
Why don't you explain to all these nice anons who all these cumdumps are supposed to be?

you shut your mongrel mouth up, Moon Over June is a fucking masterpiece.
it's Bill of the Beach for "lesbians"

Actually that is very unfair to Bill of the Beach.

For all that it is the ultimate chad power fantasy as imagined by a really horny thirteen year old, Bill never coerces women into sex, he is just so naturally awesome that women all fall over themselves wanting to have sex with him. Bill is OK with his gym mate being gay and wanting to bone him. Bill loves his mom, and interestingly in a porn comic not in a incestous way. Bill is OK with the women he fucks having sex with other people. In fact in the end Bill seems worn out and jaded by the idea of sex.

If Bill was written in the same vein as Moon over June, he would be raping women left and right while bashing gays for shit and giggles while beating his mom back into the kitchen.

Bill of the Beach, perhaps the purest example of teenage power fantasy wish fulfillment, where the protagonist is the ultimate chadzilla is in the end kinder, nicer and contains more character development than Moon over June. And the art is no worse either.
Bill of the Beach is funnier too.

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