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I've seen some fucked up gore images and on top of everything else going on with me now I just want to die. How do I forget about those images? They haunt me
I've suffered a lot of things way worse than browsing through gore and rekt threads, how the fuck are people so sensitive and yet not sensitive? how do people go through life, i don't understand
It's just gore, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
I have a lot of other things going on in me that I and therapists can't help. What I saw was shovel dog (dog being beaten by a shovel) and two men being chainsawed. Sure it's not too bad but it's the last straw for me.
Read other reply, above
it will fade.
it's just how humans are. now stop watching such unnecessary stuff you imbecile
The whole point of what /b/ used to be back in day day was to help people cope with building a thicker skin to gore. Maybe lurk more in s4s since /b/ is literally only porn nowadays
Anon, that's called having human empathy. Now be glad you have it unlike some of us, I've seen enough gore in my life, animal and human, since the age of about 12 to probably make a grown man cry. I find it interesting, even though the animal ones infuriate me.... But at the end of the day there's really nothing you can do about it so why be a pussy about some stupid video. Go on /gif/ and wait for rekt or gore threads to pop up, I don't know what that other anon was saying about /s4s/. Better yet go to bestgore.com, stop being a pussy.
i once had a lengthy discussion with the bf about why he thinks torturing animals is worse than torturing humans. we ended up being bitchy with each other because he thought i'm a monster and i thought he's retarded. it was lovely

anyways, what are your reasons to find it worse if animals get tortured?
Not that I find it worse, it just doesn't tickle my physical reaction to the images as much as seeing a person being maimed. Both are equally as bad, especially if it's not a war video and the person is as unarmed and harmless as that cat being decapitated. It's a childish feeling really, no explanation. I also have extensive experience working with animals, but I've felt like this before I've worked with them

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