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I ran on my treadmill on 5.6 speed for only 5 minutes, I couldnt even do a slower level after I burned out. Whats wrong with me....
Sounds like you have a lack of endurance. Start at a slower speed, then build up.
I won't lose the weight I need to lose, I gotta go hard to burn what I need to get rid of. Im trying to lose like 30 pounds or so.
well you aint gonna do it with running alone.

what else are you doing?
If it's weight loss, then time > speed

Running on 4.6 speed for 30 minutes > 5.6 speed for 5 min
You can work out all day every day but without the proper diet in place you're not going to notice much of a change.

> TDEE could be 2200 Calories
> You eat 2800 Calories
> 30 minutes cardio burns around 200-300 calories
> You end the day with 2500-2600 Calories
> Still over TDEE
> Extra calories stored as fat

You won't lose anything that way. Given the numbers I put are just random for example purposes.

it sounds like you tried running for the first time and then got depressed because you arent somehow magically fit.

consider going again tomorrow at a slower speed.

in highschool it took me 20 minutes to run a mile, and most of that was walking. then every single gym class all i did was walk around the track, and sometimes id run. by the end of the semester, 7 minute mile, not running all of it.
Right now nothing extra excersise wise, just eating a little bit better on top of it.

I don't think I have the energy for a 30 minute jog, but I see what your saying

So what are you suggesting I do?
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Google a TDEE Calculator and fill out the info. That will give you a general idea of your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure).
After that you need to work on your diet. You want to eat 400-500 calories under your TDEE. Cutting calories like this will drop fat regardless of exercise, exercise will just speed up the process but increasing the deficit.

do this>>18056368

you will fail if you dont have a PLAN. doing little shit you think is healthy is going to leave you depressed, frustrated, and with no results.

hit up /fit/ stickies for strength building too.
Ill try this but its so hard because I get hungry so easily now, Im used to eating whatever whenever
It's really tough. Everyone gets cravings.
I recommend you browse /fit/ more often, they have a lot of motivation, tips, and stories from fat people currently cutting and fat people who have already made it.

It's a long road that's easy to fall off of. You can do it though bro, just start and keep at it.

if it was easy you wouldnt be asking for advice.

invest in broths to tide you over. a good broth is low calorie and gets the meat cravings out.

also you can still eat WHENEVER just not whatever.

if you feel hungry cook up half a pound of greenbeans. thats like 30 calories.
OP here, just looked up the stats for what I need and its 2301 calories a day and it says itll take until september to lose 30. I think I can get it sooner if I workout more but that seems like the general think to follow.

>2301 calories a day

you probably way over estimated a lot of your stuff.

the standard is that we burn 2000 a day. if you're fat, you are likely eating way more or burning less.

a safe bet is 1500 a day, a pound a week. if you're losing more, well thats a bonus
I did light workout, and 30 pound loss for my weight and goal, came out that much

you diont know the definition of light work out.

1500 a day and a 20 minute jog. you'll thank me.

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