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I used to smoke pot pretty often. I cut back now because my gums are deteriorating and I think im acting different. I feel slower in my mind and I feel like my memory is fading. I could just be delusional but I think I type differently now too. Plus the things I used to like doing dont feel the same. I used to be in the gym and was serious about exercising, now I cant stand the gym. Now I dont look anything like I used to a year ago.

Im wallowing in my own self pity and now that I cant use drugs I dont know where to go from here. Im lost, and most of all this "harmless" substance put me in a worse spot than where I left off.

What can I do to feel normal if thats possible anymore? I think this is the end, my brain doesnt even work like a normal functioning human. I feel like because of this ill never be treated as such.
Get hobby, try new things. Start over with yourself.
Pot, however much the media has lied to you, is super numbing to the mind.
That's basically it. Don't do pot. Most people who do pot aren't that intelligent
tell the world the truth about weed

Just stop smoking and you will regain your faculties.

And yes, long term pot use is pretty bad for you. Too much of anything is bad for you. Moderation is the key to happiness.

I used to smoke 3 or 4 times a day for years and got burnt out. I havent touched the stuff in 10 years and I am told by many that I am very intelligent.
I feel like if I "start over" ill be transparent to most people. they can see im faking whatever way I want to act

I cant imagine myself smoking any more of it. I might sell what I have left its just that its a few grams over the legal limit so i cant walk around with it in my state

Youre expected in todays social norms to be cool with smoking weed. I cant bring myself to be that guy who isnt okay about it

Ill just wait it out and see then.

quit smoking for some time. Like any drug, cannabis affects your brain chemistry. I was a very heavy smoker for nearly 6 years, recently quit and have gone through the exact thing you are dealing with now. It'll get better, but it will take quite some time.

Seriously, it's tough to deal with the first few weeks but very slowly it will get better. You won't even notice it at first.

Best of luck!

I might add, weed is a fucking awesome drug. I loved every minute I spent stoned out of my mind. I still believe in moderation it's perfectly fine.

Good luck bro, those first few weeks are tough. Nothing is enjoyable.
For what weed was when it wasnt hurting me at all it was great. ill try to stop smoking all together like you said for a while and see what happens.
i know a guy. from what ive seen, smoking weed too often can drain motivation in the long run. try to cut back if u can manage
I only use weed if im in a "bad spot" mentality or hung up on something within my life. Its just me and a joint and my thoughts. It can really help you figure your shit out and give you realization. I never use it for recreation or entertainment.
I never vaped weed when I wasn't in the mood or to cope with something.
Used like 3g for 6 months, maybe less,maybe more - I vaped very infrequently.

It never felt mindnumbing to me. Maybe relaxing, but always my thoughts race in all kinds of interesting directions while I experienced time in a distorted and very enjoyable way. Made music and parties very fun- like it jumpstarts my brain to think very odd and creatively. It also makes everything very funny.
Most people who smoke everyday would use 3g in one sitting
desu I'm the same, but with caffeine and Nyquil. Just as addicting, it's cause I hate my job but I need it, let's make a pact: we'll do our shit the way we want and if they don't like it: they can fuck off! and we'll get better jobs, and pay our debts, and take a damn vacation, and flip them off when we drive by... you and me buddy... and we'll never do any drugs again...

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