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Hey /adv/,

I'm trying to remove this tattoo through laser removal, things don't seem to be going good. I'm in the forth session and the tattoo doesn't seem to be going even a bit. I'm thinking in covering it up. Any advices of what should I do? Colors?
Leave it, and add to the bottom an actual professionally done tattoo that says "Make better decisions"
You should probably stop getting tattoos as you've already shown that you don't make wise life decisions. Stick with the laser treatments. It can take anywhere from up to 10 months to 18 months to remove. You can also use abrasives to speed the process along.
Add to list "Remove tattoo"
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>op wants advice
>decides to query a Mogudishu Wood Staining Forum
>asks what he should do about his tattoo
>gets roasted instead
As I often tell OPs on this board, you're supposed to ask for advice BEFORE you make shitty decisions.

PSA for lurkers: if your older relatives develop an ink allergy past age 50, DO NOT GET TATTOOS PERIOD. Lasers don't remove all the ink (even when they do work properly) they just burn it off the surface. You will probably end up cutting your fucking arm off.
Kek this. People will laugh.
goat milk poked right into it.

scrubbing it off by tearing the skin till it goes away (not recommended) but you can use a mixture of aloe plant gel, eggs, and milk (equal parts everything mixed) to restore the flesh after.

tattoo removal cream (can be expensive)

laser (way expensive)
if you go the dermabrasion route, you gotta keep applying the mixture and leave it there soaked in a towel, repeat again and again for a week or two till the skin is restored completely.
I had a stick and poke and did the skin tearing...I kinda went way overboard on the destructiveness. got major scarring though. its not visible anymore but mine was fairly light too...
Break out the cheese grater man

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