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I just graduated college with meh grades and after a couple weeks of denials, i got offered a tech support job at a software company and jumped at it.

I thought that it would be more like IT, and it wouldn't be more or less a call center for technical problems. I suppose I could have seen it coming, but I was too set on taking a job asap to look into it.

I really dont want to be answering phone calls all day.

I think I fucked up, but I have only been here for a week.

I want to become an analyst, but there really isnt a way to get there from where I'm at. Frankly, there is not much of any upward mobility in this job without abandoning the position for a different part of the company.

I guess I was wondering if I should just immediately look for a different job, wait 3 or 4 months then look for another job, or try to transfer myself into a different part of the company.

How bad would I look if I list that I have been working for this company for a month if I send out resumes to different places?

I just feel I am really out if place. Im the only person with a bachelor's degree out of my 12 co-workers, and I feel like I fucked up...
never give up on looking elsewhere, but do what they want and take their money

idk what else to say man, at least you have job history now. But seriously, don't give up on finding something better.
Tell your manager this isn't what you were looking for and leave. Better to leave and never list in on your resume, than list 3-4 months of work then bail. No one wants a job hopper.
We have a bit of a difference here in views. I dont know which one to go. When you mean Always look for something better, do you mean just keep applying for what I really want but with no record of this current job on my resume to not look like a job hopper?
Forget analyst at this time, you can't jump straight there without knowing people. What entry-level jobs do you wanted to focus on? Coding? Networking? If you say you don't know then you deserved being in tech support. The interviewers can actually tell, its their job.
What was your major?
What job or internship experience do you have?

I really believe honesty is the best policy, and that the more upfront you are about problems, the more people are willing to work with you.
As long as you put in honest effort and do a good job at the position you have now, it doesn't look bad that you're also working your way out or up. That's part of the reason references exist.

Next time you get a chance to talk to your supervisor, let them know that you're interested in work in a different area of the company and ask what the steps are to make it happen.
Make it clear that you had some misconceptions about this position, but that you intend to do good work in the meantime. Then prove it.

Be the kind of employee that people want to see advance, and they will help make it happen. Or on the off-chance that you're in a shit environment and they don't help you, you'll be better suited to move on.

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