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How do I get over my first love? It's been 2 years and it doesn't seem to get any better.
What's your age? You're probably too young to understand and feel you won't be alone.

Where are you from? Van you do shit outdoors/meet people easily in that area?

The key is just to not care and move on, stick your thoughts to more productive things than the past.
Im 21. I live in a small town where I've lived all my life so I've pretty much gone everywhere already. I'm just really introvert and don't talk much if at all.
So then; is it your first love you're having a hard time about or have you been bored to death for the past couple of years? Filling up an emotional hole with 'love' is just what you're brain does because you're only human.
I feel like its a bit of both. I still find myself thinking about her and I resent it so much. And the fact that I've lived in the same place all my life doesn't help. I've had more girlfriends since but it just never seems to work out.
Define 'first love'

From what I've read she is your ex. Maybe your first mistake is that you should call her that. Instead of some vague description that just makes it sound so much more dramatic. It would be a small step, but a first one.
I'm nearly 40, happily married with two kids. I still haven't gotten over my first and I never will. I learned her well enough to love her. That didn't stop because the relationship did. I love her. I always will. I know her.

That said, I moved on because otherwise means sabotaging my life and choosing to whine about what can't be controlled. The girl I married is amazing in her own way.

I hope you figure it out OP. It can be tough (okay, just plain shitty). I just wanted to say others have been there.
There you have it: you're young and have hardly progressed beyond that relationship. Once you grow after it you've grown apart from it and it gets easier.

And before you assume "I've done this and that!" Trust me you haven't lived yet if you haven't gotten past this. Especially if you're still in your small town.
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Met the Girl of my Life 2 years ago. I had Chances to get her as a Girlfriend but i didnt took them, >fucking beta faggot i hate myself and i know if the Universe is not going to give me another chance i will die cause of it.
There was a Time I was over her; There were like 2 months i didnt saw her. But then we randomly met on a little City "festival" the feels hit me stronger then every Drug before.
Im completly addicted to her.

Also i have Depressions since a half year or so and its getting worse despite i take vitamins and shit.

>20 years old, feeling like im 70+
Im simply tired of life. Going on psychiatric therapy next month.

I know that i will not become old without her, and even with her i cant imagine i would satisfy her.

>yes there were other girls i could have a chance and currently have, but im not getting a boner from not a single women except from her.
>i dont even see her as a sexual object, just to watch her gives me the biggest orgasm

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