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How do you deal with work-related stress/ anxiety? I'm already a pretty neurotic person and I told myself I'd never try to be a manager because of it but I went ahead and accepted this promotion anyway.
Now I feel like I'm stressed every day. Some of this is out of my hands (old managers quitting) but it's still piling on this layer of stress and it's getting out of control

I'd rather not use tabacco or alcohol because that's just going to make more problems than it solves. I do already have a hobby (art), but the stress makes it so I can't really concentrate on it
Sport it out.

Have a good system in place to catch the things you should remember so it doesn't all depend on your memory. Plus knowing that there was a good system always made me relax because then if I fell sick someone else could step in and they wouldn't be lost in all of what I had planned.


Also, take a tip from the smokers: breaks. I go outside at the same time and frequency as the smokers I work with, about 5-7 minutes every hour. I just listen to music in my car and doodle in a sketchpad. Makes the day just fly by, and at any given time I'm not stressed because I don't it's only X minutes until I can take a break and finish my doodle.

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