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>have acne that makes me bleed constantly
>work as an engineer
>quit my job due to stress
>gf breaks up with me because she feels I put my career ahead of her
>we call off our house search
>have nowhere to live as we were due to complete mortgage next month, and I would have been staying with her parents
>quit my job as a structural engineer
>have to move back home
>come across some shit that was accidentally put with my home mail
>divorce papers
>confront parents, who tell me they are divorcing

>now ex gf today sends me an email with my gift (2 theatre tickets) she bought 2 me months ago
>feel free to take someone else, I can't return them and I don't want to see it

Happy birthday to me.
So how can we help you? what is the issue that needs advice?
Should I take Accutane or will I end up killing myself?
well anon i did a course of accutane and it destroyed my sex drive. I literally no longer feel anything and my dick straight-up does not work. i would reccommend against it. acne might be bad but your life could always be worse
This sounds like BS but okay.
Due to high anxiety detailed in the OP, my sex drive is practically negative.

I'm more worried that I'll end up committing suicide as a result of the chemical changes brought on by the accutane

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