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I know how harmful regular porn use is on your brain, but I'm wondering if that applies to erotic writing as well. From what I understand, masturbating without the use of porn isn't nearly as bad because the problem with internet pornography is that it tricks your brain into thinking you're impregnating quality mates all the time, creating a feedback loop. However, shouldn't reading erotic fiction avoid this dopamine rush because as far as your brain is concerned, you're not having daily orgies, but are just kickstarting your imagination?
I'm a huge horndog who can't go without masturbation for a week, but I'd really like it to stop. Zero porn has never worked out for me but since I tend to read more than look at pictures or videos I could manage at least jacking off without looking at tits, so I hope there's something to this theory.
Any thoughts?
Are you happy with your sex life? Are you okay with living thru fantasy instead of reality? If yes, there's no issue. If not... get it together.
Yes it is just as bad it will trap you in a fantasy world where yo will keep trying to find the perfect story to bust to
no man, ur good. also porns harmless unless you have a gf and worse a wife
Better a hot dog then a corn dog
I haven't had a gf in 2 years, although if I get another one I'd like to wait before marriage.
I always thought the main problem with porn is how you gain pleasure from watching another man fuck a women you desire, it puts you in a beta position.
I hate porn. It robs you from full pleasure with real women.

Can you not get a girlfriend?

I'd say the erotic fiction is the best proxy.
I don't like watching a guy fuck someone either, the only times I see sex on camera is if it pops up in a thread about asses or asians. If I do watch a video, it's usually solo stuff. I didn't even see any dicks in porn until I was like 19.
It is the same if it sexually stimulates you. Some men dont give a shit about reading and it would not have any effect rather then "meh boring a book"

However if it stimulates you sexually then yes it is the same. The whole chain of problem comes from the addiction of sexual stimulance that is not sex with a partner.
If that's the case why is masturbation without visual aid okay for NoFap?
It is not ok for nofap. To cure the dopamine addiction you need to abstain from pmo. All the forums ands articles are about pmo Porn Masturbation & Orgasm.

The only good way is an orgasm while having sex with your spouse. Or naturally in a wet dream.

The guys who only abstain from porn do improve themselves but are weak.

You are asking a question like why heroine addicts dont give up on alcohol.
Ah, I see. This won't be easy then.
Goodluck buddy.

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