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>be me a year ago
>be a true kissless hugless virgin sperg
>become Friend with Qt3.14 (8/10 face, 10/10 body. Imagine a brunette Kate Upton with hazeleyes and a nice butt. Let's call her Kate for this reason)
>Kate starts to sit next to me at uni
>switch seat, qt follows me.
>Kate's Boyfriend sits behind me
>Kate is a convicted thot (cheated former bf, then broke with lover for current bf)
>Go NOPE.avi instead of BEGONE THOT.jpg
>Become close friend of Kate
>At one party she greets me with a "try to break your ribcage and be lifted up by you" hug
>She must be high as fuck
>Later at party, see bf with another qt3.14
>Turns out Kate and him broke last summer
>Kate is gone with another guy

To be continued...
Just learn from your mistake OP. Next time a Kate rolls around, say something. At the very least, you could've tried to figure out whether she was single.
She probably gave u a friendly hug and went to get dicked by some chad who she actually liked.
>killing yourself over another person

People aren't worth it.
>killing yourself because you missed out on fucking some hot whore

Come on, man. I'm a KHV myself and if I considered suicide every time I saw an attractive woman with another man I'd have been 6 feet under years ago. I'd get the depression a little more if it was a girl you were in love with who cheated and left you or something, but it looks like all you missed out on was a chance to fuck some good looking chick. There's millions of women out there you'd want to fuck and if you fucked anywhere near a dozen of them you'd be lucky.
>Should I kill myself
Everyone should kill themselves, anon. Yours in not a very good reason to do it, but you know what? You're probably garbage anyways. Go ahead.

But if what you are asking for is a rope, look on cognitive therapy, recognize a thought, ask yourself why it leads to what you feel and change it.
Sex is overrated OP, and after you do eventually get laid, you'll probably cringe at how much you let things like this fuck with you. That's how it happened with me at least.
OP here, fast forward

>Become Kate's best Friend
>Also became totally in love with her
>Waifu material, same interests (interested in cars ffs)
>Discovers by looking overlapping her shoulder in class that she has a new bf
>All class go on a 2-days trip with uni
>2nd Night goes to bar with class
>Asks another guy if he's interested in Kate
>He isn't, tells me the whole story about last year
>Kate got an STD last year
>Later Kate is cold and drunk
>Also drunk
>Buys some fries and share them with her, give my gloves
>Then she says on the way back to hotel "I don't feel my feet"
>Afraid of frostbite
>Give my wool socks to her
>See in her eyes that my cover is blown but says i'm the best friend ever.

File: eatingpopcorn.jpg (4 KB, 198x119)
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Go on, try not to take 30 minutes this time to type literally 125 words.
You fall in love with whores? The fuck is wrong with you? Seriously.

Buy a fucking onahole dude. Why can't you realize doing things for people don't make them crave for your genitals?
OP here
I actually forgot that I asked her best female friend if I stood a chance at the hug party. She said Kate was not ready for a relationship at the moment.
But she is now. Let it go. Look for someone worthwhile. You seriously make your life sound like a shitty teen sex romcom.
OP here
The sequel :

>Kate starts to show up with bf
>The pain is Real, starts being obsessed with it
>Tell her the truth
>Let's stay friends
>I fuck up, stay in a white knight attitude with her and still suffers
>Then call her one night asking if
there is really no chance
>stop friendship
>Stop seeing other friends because she is always with them
>Cannot concentrate alone on work, always think of her or of my lonelyness then have suicidal thoughts
>fail to graduate this year
>I've sworn to my mother to not commit suicide
>She has a genetic disease, Horton's disease.
>suffers more and more
>But my life is shitty and there is no hope for it to improve
>I think I'll forever be alone and will die alone, maybe not virgin, but alone

Should I kill myself ? There is no hope but I swore to my mother to be there for her.

No single is worthwhile at my age. I'm 19, have Asperger tendencies (clinical terme), and do not lift.
I associate my work at uni with her. We worked together. Each time i work i think of her.
You are fucking retarded OP.
This is all your fault.
No you shouldn't kill yourself over some woman.. Like No.18719645 said just learn from your experience
File: 1504495244502.png (177 KB, 270x278)
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177 KB PNG
Sorry bro, but I have to tell you....you are a cuck. KYS right now.
called it
2 days later

also anon the fact you refer to an event as the hug party suggests maybe you are focusing on tiny little things and as a result missing out on many other things good in life?

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