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Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, <activity in your city>.
So: she calls me today, or never
>Standing at bar, drinking
>girl comes in with her friend, decides to lean back against me while talking with friend,
>She stands there like five minutes with her ass against my thigh, and her back against my arm without saying anything to me or even acknowledging my existence.
Do women have no sense of personal space? Do they think it's okay to just lean up against some random drunk guy they've never met? Or is this supposed to be a sign that I'm supposed to talk to her or something? Why not say hi or ask me to move down a little or anything? I am stupid and know nothing about women.
Nigga she was drunk and her butthole itched so she was rubbing up against you to get relief
I and my girlfriend are talking pretty openly and honestly about sexuality. She said to me that the only other penis she has seen was a bit longer (but not girthier) than mine but my "form is more aesthetical" which would be the reason why she does definitely prefer mine.
And you know how we guys are... we always think bigger is better - so I can't really get what she means that mine is better looking? What makes a dick good looking other than length?
Guys, how often have you known girls to be 'bitchy' in a relationship? I've been with my boyfriend nearly 4 1/2 years and I've been 'bitchy' twice. The first time was December 1st 2016 (yes I even remember the date). TL;DR He was really frustrating me and I said "UGH" out loud. It was childish of me and I was about to immediately apologise, but then he talked about how it reminded him of his abusive ex. It was like a gut punch to me and I cried on and off for two days.

The second time was last week. I'm extremely introverted and if I spent too long talking/listening to people, I either become faint or start heaving. He knows this and I felt until today that he was the only person who truly understood this. I worked 60 hours that week and still walked two hours with him (he talked the entire time) to buy food to spend two hours cooking him his favourite meal. I was starting to feel faint and I felt like telling him to shut up was too rude, so I let him talk and just kept my responses minimal. It may have looked rude to someone who didn't know me better, but I knew he knew me well enough not to take it personally and that I was just tired. Fast forward to today where we're going to walk somewhere, he said to me "Are you going to be a bitch this time?".

Admittedly I have a bit of a victim complex and I feel that people treat me worse than they do with others, so I really need some perspective on this. I feel that I'm sunshine and rainbows and kittens 99.999% of the time, but the very few times I slip up I'm made to feel like shit.
>Nigga she was drunk
She just got there though and had just started drinking. Unless she was drunk before arriving there.
>Unless she was drunk before arriving
Very likely not her first bar of the night if she was with friends. Do you never bar hop ?
This is the female equivalent of pressing your boner into a woman on public transport. Yeah she probably assumed that it would turn you on, or that you would at least move away from her without a scene if it didn't. I think she was less thinking about you talking to her or not and more enjoying the anticipation/tension of finding out what your reaction would be.
Dicks differ in looks as well. A good looking dick is nicely flushed, even color, straight or with a graceful curve, nice tight balls etc. Veins or lack thereof according to preference.
Some penises just have a blotched color, look crooked, have odd proportions (head that looks too big for the rest etc), you name it.

The bigger = better thing is a very masculine way of thinking even if you look at pleasure only.
Girth is 100% more important than length shorter women sometime the vaginal canal is as small as 4 inches or less!

The last actual girlfriend I had actually had a vaginal canal too short for me and it was painful for her if I went a bit too deep. You can also get in deeper during doggy style and when you push the woman's legs behind her head(does not have to be all the way dont kill her!).

It's only taller women that need a really long dick girth on the other hand effects women of all sizes because you are stretching their opening more and actually can grind against the g spot when you have a girthy dick.

Also a tip from the wise magnum condoms are for girthy dicks not just long ones. If you don't got the girth the condom will fall off. If you do have the girth normal condoms won't fit.


Toilet paper roll test
Girls, do you agree that cuckolding is a thinking man's fetish?
I am a recovering shut-in NEET. I do not bar hop.
So she is just a horny pervert then. okay.
Can you explain to me why you think re posting memes is funny?
Is it really that taller women need a longer dick? Because my girlfriend is taller than I am and she's pretty satisfied.
It's bullshit. There's no correlation between height and size (be it depth or width) of the vagina, just like there isn't between height and penis length.
myself and this girl I'm into are both shy and awkward but we get along. She messaged me recently and I'm sure she went out of her way to find me so I'm convinced she's into me and was planning on asking her out.

Being a beta of course, I question if its better to ask her in person or through text? I'm afraid she might look at the text and not read it or respond to it and I'll have to see her in college and be embarrassed by the whole thing but there again, I'm afraid she might say no if I put her on the spot if I approach her irl.

Whats the safer option?
she seems more talkative through text too, but I suppose we all do
In my anecdotal experience there is a correlation riddle me this:
You ever hit your gfs cervix? If not you're not really getting all the way in the back.
>Guys, how often have you known girls to be 'bitchy' in a relationship?

Happens. It's not like I've never been bitchy either. Would be hypocritical for me to begrudge my girl for it. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. Forgive and forget the one-offs.

>but then he talked about how it reminded him of his abusive ex.
Kind of a dick move, but he's obviously damage over that shit.. so w/e

>I'm extremely introverted and if I spent too long talking/listening to people, I either become faint or start heaving.

Eh? Hate to break it to you but getting to that point isn't JUST introversion.

I'm heavily introverted too. Know what I do when I need some space? I excuse myself, go out for a walk, get some air, come back better.

My best friend is introverted too. She's also kind of a bitch sometimes--especially when she feels overcrowded--and even she has pretty much the exact same response (though she's kind of a straight up dick sometimes---so she'll just straight up ghost without saying anything >.>.)

Know why she does it? Know why I do it? Because we know that we're introverted, and that shit gets overwhelming, and we need space, so take action to get that space.

Learn to speak up.
Learn to listen to your own basic needs.
Learn to remove yourself from the situation and not let it needlessly escalate.

What do you do if you're feeling thirsty? You drink water
What do you do if you're feeling cold? Put on a sweater
What do you do if you're feeling crowded? Get some space.

Basic needs. Take care of them.

>It may have looked rude to someone who didn't know me better, but I knew he knew me well enough not to take it personally

You're making assumptions. Don't do that.
NEVER assume someone else will read your mind.
Not even your partner--ESPECIALLY your partner.

That is EXACTLY how most people wreck their long-term relationships; they don't talk and just assume.

Open communication is by far one of the most important aspects of maintain a healthy one.
>22 male

Went to a social thing today

There was a cute girl but she was there with her parents

I talked to her parents

I commented on a picture of about 50 people in it and she liked the picture (both of us are in it but I'm standing behind her)

I was talking to her mother and her mother introduced me, told me her name and I said hi to her.

as that happened they got called for a group photo so I let her chat to her mum.

I stalked her facebook and I have a shit ton in common with her.

Should I just message her on facebook?

Pros of this are
>Just going for it and putting myself out there
>she might get a boyfriend before I see her next, I have no clue when I'll see her again

>how did you find my profile

I don't know /adv/ I'm keen on it but what's stopping me is what if I get a chance to actually talk to her again and it's more natural?
Also, while I was at the social thing I spent 30 minuites talking to another cute girl, I'm fine to chat to people but I never had an opening to talk to the girl i fancied.

She was looking at me when I was talking to this other girl.

Worst case is she ignores it and I don't end up spending my time on a girl who isn't physically attracted to me.
File: 1374074721169.jpg (150 KB, 459x564)
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150 KB JPG
I just went through a break up.

We were together a couple years, always planned things together, she believed in always talking things out so we didn't have a lot of hardcore fights.

I think she got cold feet or something. We had been talking about marriage for a few months and getting a place together. Her family loved that we were together (her mom actually had tried to set us up at first) and were getting us gifts. I was in her sister's wedding recently.

Then three weeks ago, she left me a note saying it was over and that I deserved someone better. She the ring I'd given her as well.

After a few days without talking, we started talking again. We met up a few times, and she invited me out on a double-date with another couple. I sent her flowers afterwards.

Then she went silent. Blocked me on social media, and her family contacted me asking me to stay away from her.

I'm not sure what happened exactly. At first I felt sad, but now I just feel confusion.

I'm sure I missed something. I'd guess she'd wanted out and been afraid to ask, but up until the day she left she was the one pushing me about living together, getting married, etc.
Maybe I didn't move fast enough for her?

My friends are telling me that if she comes back again wanting to see me, to stay away. That she's playing games with me.

I've just been left so confused because in all the years I've known her she's never acted like this. Never blocked an ex or utterly walked away from someone.

It's weird because I'm not super sad or depressed about it. I've been able to function at work and spend time with my friends.

Just how she ended things leaves me with questions I feel like I'll never have answered. I know she started to see a psychiatrist a few months ago over work and school anxieties. I wonder if being in a relationship was just one more stressful thing she couldn't handle?
File: 6-36_1.jpg (26 KB, 664x498)
26 KB
A girl I had a long term relationship with recently hit me up saying she missed me. She said she had a dream about me. We are talking again and sparks are flying a bit.

But last I heard she had a new boyfriend she got shortly after hear I had a new gf. We have been apart for almost 2 years and I'm not sure what to think about this.
>Whats the safer option?

That's a pretty weak question... There is never a safer option. Asking this question here, you're just stalling because you're too afraid to act.

> I'm afraid she might look at the text and not read it or respond to it

Stop over-thinking, just fucking do it. If she's interested, she'll respond. If she's not, she won't.

And if she's too afraid to say yes in person... then what the heck do ya'll expect would have happened on that date?

Take it from a former socially shy as fuck kid--the "what-if"s and self-doubt always ends up more toxic and self-destructive than embarasment.

Embarrassment might feel shitty for a few days, weeks, maybe months.
Regret can last YEARS--some times never fading--and they STACK.

>>how did you find my profile

Maybe I'm getting old but.... What the fuck is the hangup about this?

>"Ewwww... Anon?! You creep! You used the social networking program that was specifically developed to connect random college age people that met at random parties and didn't catch each other's info but want to talk more... for EXACTLY the purpose it was intended! Gosh. What a stalker...

Seriously... I don't really understand...

Like I said to guy above, stop overthinking this shit.
Sounds like she cheated and felt guilty.
>be me 29
>meet girl on the bus she's 28
>she asks for your phone
>she calls you 1 hour later, then the day after for 2 hours
>she tells you she hopes to find you again, and that you're sweet
>you wait for a week and you neither see her on the bus nor she calls you

Tell me what could I expect from this
Hey bro, wasn't over thinking shit :P I've just got autism so I like to come to /adv/ for outside approval because last time I talked to a girl I liked I spawned this thread


I remember /adv/ nearly made me kill myself out of shame.

Cheers bro
Why didn't you ask her on a date that whole period of time?
Why did you never call her back?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Call her now and invite her out or you will never see again
She's never seemed the type, but hey you might be right. Could explain why she acted so different so suddenly.
...but shit what do I say in the message?
Big city women especially American women have a trash mindset where value correlates to how attractive they are found to be. As a result they aim for multiple men and are able to take advatage of people as long as someone calls them pretty at the end of the day.

We have created a very vain and disgusting culture and for that reason I will never marry a typical American woman. If you really want to find out what happened just be direct and tell her you "Deserve" an explanation.

You don't just fucking destroy a bond like that and completely disarray someones life like that without even telling them what happened. If she continues to say nothing just assume she cheated and tell her as such.If she STILL never responds then thats the truth.
>Just how she ended things leaves me with questions I feel like I'll never have answered

Tough thing about life

99% of the time, "closure" is a lie. Closure is a myth.

You SAY you JUST want answers... because you feel like you have a hole in you that needs to be filled, and that answer will sate you.

But that's almost never the truth.

Because even if you DID get those "answer" it still wouldn't be enough.The truth is, in the back of your mind you're always looking for a way back in, a way to fix things, a way to make things "right" and get back what you had.

Move on.

Ultimately the ONLY thing you need to know is that she can't be with you. She doesn't want to be with you. She is no longer a part of your life, and is trying to move on with hers.

She has people that are there for her, and that love her, and that are watching out for her.

You are not one of those anymore, and it's time to take care of your own life instead meddling and trying to insert yourself somewhere you're no longer a part of.

Move on. Live your life.

I asked and she said that it wasn't the right moment for her. She called me with hidden number.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me, I suppose I'm just not blessed.
We don't live in an American big city.

>it's time to take care of your own life instead meddling and trying to insert yourself somewhere you're no longer a part of.
Ok m8, but she was the one who started reaching back out to me. Calling, going on a date, etc. Which is why my friends warn me I shouldn't respond to her if she does it again.

So what's your advice if she wants to meddle in my life again?
Moving on is not even the point though.
It's ridiculously fucked up to treat people like this.
Life is not some drama romance movie where you are allowed to be fucked up to people because of thematic purposes.

They were moving to get MARRIED anon that's a huge conversation and they must have been close. At least one night of talking is deserved there are plenty of people who talked before they broke up and just settled it in fact thats MORE common then a girl just leaving.
Fellow dudes, how do we perform kegel exercises?
>They were moving to get MARRIED anon that's a huge conversation and they must have been close. At least one night of talking is deserved there are plenty of people who talked before they broke up and just settled it in fact thats MORE common then a girl just leaving.

That was part of what left me so confused. She just left. We didn't have some big argument or yelling match, there wasn't a last conversation. She left the note and ring and left.

It wasn't until we talked a few days later that we had any semblance of a conversation, and even then she said she loved me, she felt like she wanted things back how they were but she wasn't sure. It didn't make sense to me.

I mean I felt like she wanted to end it but didn't have the guts to just say so, but drawing it out with heart-filled snapchats, pics in the night with her family all smiling, and asking me to see her again left just at a loss.
Def. sounds like a cheater I've both fucked with and lived with girls like this my whole life. Russian roommate was a fucking class act.
>Tons of male friends
>1 guy she wants to marry
>Calls him says she loves him
>Does everything for him
>on the flip side I literally can count on my fingers the men we both know AND she has not fucked
>I can't even count myself cause she hopped on my dick the first week in our apartment

Yet she always talk to the guy like they were in a deep relationship or something. I have no idea what the guy thought about her and never brought it up because the whole thing made me uncomfortable to an natural level.

Also I one time found sperm covered falafel in the fridge. I moved out as soon as I could afterward.
You said that "bigger=better is a very masculine way of thinking EVEN IF YOU LOOK AT PLEASURE ONLY".
What does that mean exactly? Can a 6 inch penis feel better than a 7 inch penis with the same girth?
Go to toilet and pee a bit. Then stop mid-streem. The muscles you are using to stop urinating are the muscles you use to do kegels.
But please don't try stopping your urine streem too often, because that can cause problems.
It's a shame if you're right. Infidelity was something her family went through when she was a kid (parents split up over it), and she never forgave the parent in question for it.

But it might explain her reaction.
Another one
>Dating korean girl
>Know she is probably a slut but she is legit a 10/10
>I can get other girls without her knowing and its a good way to keep her on my arm so fuck it
>Constantly have wild sex she becomes addicted to my cock
>After sex one night she texts some dude thats back in korea
>Take a look with my shitty korean
>It's her korean bf waiting for her back home.
>He is having a panic attack asking her what she is doing with a guy this late
>She is acting like he is being an ass because he is jealous
>He is obviously emotionally distraught
>She puts the phone down ignores him and starts sucking my dick

Women can be so fucking straight heartless if I was emotionally involved that probably would have destroyed me.
Depends on girls vaginal canal length
>Girl has 6.5- 7 inch vaginal canal might like 7 more
> Girl with smaller vagina canals can enjoy the 6 inch guy going in balls deep hitting the back and all the right spots
>Meanwhile the 7 inch dick while good for them won't be able to go as fast without losing control and hit the cervix at times which hurts them a lot
>On the flip side for the man it actually does not feel as good to have sex when you CAN'T go balls deep.
This might be the worst place to ask but I don't feel comfortable asking friends. There's a girl in interested in but I'm afraid of doing anything because she's too good. She's very pretty, innocent, religious, volunteers, seemingly doesn't do anything wrong and is very calm. It's so weird because I'm usually the uptight one who doesn't drink or like the idea of premarital sex. This girl makes me feel like the inappropriate one. On one hand she feels too perfect, but on the other I sincerely doubt she can find a guy better than me in that regard.

I can't get over it.
Thank you for your many answers!
Does the appearance of the penis also affect her pleasure? Which means: Would most girls prefer a beautiful well-endowed penis or a not-so-great-looking one but which might be one inch longer?
Trust me if your dick is giving her orgasms she will come to love it. The more orgasms your dick gives her will make her nice and wet once she sees it.
Odds are if something seems too perfect...

But hey, go for it.
File: 414px-Su_Yuanchun.jpg (63 KB, 414x599)
63 KB
Take her and defile her but honestly you got no chance if you see her like that. Just pretend to be hardworking and get a date with her.
Girls (or boys, opinions are welcome), i asked this girl out yesterday, she said that she had some stuff to do (related to school) but that we can go this next week, she seemed nervous and following that the conversation felt a little awkward but we continue to talk some more.

I messed up?? or i am ok??
>...but shit what do I say in the message?

Which one are you? I'm assuming facebook guy?

>Oh Hey! It's <anon> from the party! Was nice meeting you the other day, shame we never got to talk. How's it going?

or some other basic shit. Simple, straight forward. Not that hard.

if she interested in having a conversation, she'll respond.

If she's not, then she won't.

No big either way.

>So what's your advice if she wants to meddle in my life again?

Don't get sucked back in.

You ALREADY know she SHOULDN'T be talking to you. Her parents went out of their way to tell you exactly that, and you even have a general suspicion of WHY she shouldn't (because even her doctors are telling her it's a bad idea).

It's obviously doing neither of you good.

So take care of your own shit.
Don't enable.
Don't get sucked in to troubles that only make both of your lives harder.

This seriously reminds me of when a friend (who I think of as a little sister) broke up with my best friend (who basically grew up in my house)

I have never been more frustrated, annoyed, and hurt in my life. BOTH of them made me so fucking angry and stressed out because they were doing exactly what you guys are doing...

And I swear... I value loyalty above almost everything in my life because for a long time, I felt like the only thing keeping me alive were my friends. And because I feel loyalty is a key part of what makes me who I am and what I'm proud of myself for) but I seriously considered cutting both of them the fuck out of my life...

So much needless fucking drama because they'd play the same fucking drama game you're playing--and EVERYONE lost for it.

Three years later, this shit is finally done. But I STILL get fucking mad thinking of it.

>It's ridiculously fucked up to treat people like this.

Yes. It is. So what.

Bitching about and dwelling on it does jack shit all good for either of them, or (anyone else in their lives).

The only move is forward.
File: 313323.jpg (16 KB, 478x274)
16 KB
You fucked up when you lacked confidence and made her uncomfortable. Now she is gonna feel that every time you see he and attempt to run away from that feeling. You got to make her feel more comfortable and only way to do that is by not being awkward. The feeling of awkwardness destroys women and they run from it.
Do I have to do it while urinating? Can't I just flex those muscles while lying in bed or something?
I mean, I am pretty hard working. I don't think she would be okay with sex before marriage either. I probably shouldn't overthink it but I almost wish there was something wrong with her so I'd feel more comfortable.
Always ask in person. Especially with introverts.
It doesn't let them decline out of fear over text, so they will most likely say yes unless you're absolutely unacceptable to them. Just don't make the approach public, as she'll hate that.
> She's very pretty, innocent, religious, volunteers, seemingly doesn't do anything wrong and is very calm. It's so weird because I'm usually the uptight one who doesn't drink or like the idea of premarital sex.
I think you and I both know what is the moral course of action. You are one of the few men still out there who won't push for sex, so locking her down now is doing her a favor, even if the relationship doesn't work out, because 99% of guys won't have the same level of morality as you.

Go for it, not for yourself, but for her.
Well she is somewhat shy so i tought i could be that, but what i need to do now??
Hitler can you help me with this please:

>Take her and defile her
You fuckers aren't even trying to hide it at this point.
I'm not sure what post out of that you're pointing to. Do you mean the greentexted part?
Be friends first!
Be friends that do things like dates.
Everybody else thinks we're dating.
She starts hanging with her friend and friends new coworkers more often
Get the feeling she's just using me as a time filler and attention, Ask her out so so it's "official"
Doesn't want a relationship right now, as in, with me
Whatever, sulk for a day and get on with it
Start seeing pictures of her and this new group doing shit I'd ask her to do but was too busy for or didn't want to
Read the comments "thanks for planning this!" All inside jokes and laughter
If the rejection didn't hurt, seeing and reading this stuff wasn't much better either
Start thinking maybe I wasn't good enough or fun enough?
Group dissolves prob because she got fucked and chucked by one of the guys
Now back to wanting to see me and hang out

How do I not have or show feelings toward this? It's not like I can't see her due to the mutual friends
>Bitching about and dwelling on it does jack shit all good for either of them, or (anyone else in their lives).

>The only move is forward.

I fucking hate people like you this "Man up don't complain" advice is literally the worst. The man needs confirmation like every single other relationship that ends be it friends or pets it weird if they just don't show up 1 day and you need a reason. How the fuck is he "bitching"? when all he did was ask friends and family for advice?

There comes a time were you need to stand up for yourself and not take things lying down. A fiance dumping you is the time for you stand up and ask why?

Ignoring the issue and just moving on is not moving forward it's advising someone to kill themselves emotionally in favor what is convenient for other people.
She's a whore, plain and simple. Don't be the beta provider backup. Be polite if you need to interact with her, but know that she is dead as a partner.
That's the way it should be actually done! I just gave you the urinating example because that's how you can spot where that muscle is. DO NOT -- I repeat, DO NOT, do kegels while urinating as a regular exercice.
I will post the whole story, sorry for the length of it:

I asked this girl out, she answered a little nervous and told me that sorry she had to do some school work but that if i liked the we can go this next friday. Like i said before i feel she was nervous and started to play with her hair a little.

She is shy sometimes so maybe i didnt messed this, also i tried to save the occasion saying that yesterday i noticed she was a little sad so i felt it would be nice to have some distraction.

So i dont know if i made her feel awkward, im insecure because im very inexperienced and i dont want her to feel uncomfortable

So i want to know if i messed up? Or i'm fine? or what in need to do??

I really appreciate your advices
Repostan from the last thread

If you met somebody who seemed like a good catch, but told you they had been single for almost a decade, what sort of assumptions come to mind for you?

And because of the last thread I should clarify, I'm not skirting around asking someone specific out, I'm just curious what sort of general impression that would leave.
You are making assumptions you don't even like this girl yet only a reflection of her you made in your head. She could be craving cock like crazy right now and you would never know. She could be a creep that bates to anime all day. You literally have no idea what she could be until you are actually in a relationship.

So yea you are overthinking it way too much


Women can read you emotions SUPER easily when you feel nervous and uncomfortable they feel it. You make the mood comfy they feel it you make the aura sexual they feel it. Even small split second reactions or something you mumble to yourself another male would not notice or care for they notice right away. Just talk with confidence and like asking someone out is just a casual normal thing for you. You might need some social proof after this even though to prove you are not awkward,
pretending what? I'm always like this.
Damn that hurt me from just reading it.
Idk man, she even gets annoyed if people talk about sexual stuff. I really doubt she's masturbating much. Maybe I'm projecting a bit but I doubt she's a deviant.
File: 31686.jpg (67 KB, 1024x768)
67 KB
Must be bad at talking to people might be fine with just having casual sex either way may lack depth of personality
Most likely went full slut and has embraced to road of casual sex with friends and one night stands my never find a long term boy friend and won't look until cougar age.
She offered to reschedule, my dude. Go for it, she's willing to give you a chance.
Don't push it until the date, though. She won't like being reminded of it, and she's likely just as nervous as you. All you need to do until friday is act like normal, and not bring up anything related to the date.

And no fornication.
Depends how they were single. If it was marked by hookups and degenerate partying, I'd view them as below an insect, but if they were waiting for something, it shows either very high standards or very strong morals.
So it's a high-risk, high-reward scenario--I would go for it, as you will find out quite quickly if they were single because something is wrong with them.
Mind you, this is for women. Men are more likely to be single for a long time, and it doesn't mean quite as much. And remember, if she is a moral person, she's probably going to leave (which is good) if you demand premarital sex.
>>>18798215 (You)

So you recommned me to act normal the next time i see her, and forget that moment, and just flow naturally with confidence??
She sounds very good and kind, a rarity in both genders these days. Don't listen to the other guy.
Just go into this with your own sense of morality regarding sex and whatnot, and see where it takes you. You may need to be clear that you aren't looking for anything short-term, although I will defer to other anons for the best way and time to do that.
A first date, I'd imagine, is a terrible time to start jumping the gun and laying down ground rules for a relationship that might not even exist. But conversely, she has probably weathered a lot of attention from thirsty guys who just want sex, so you need to be able to set yourself aside from it.
File: 1416843258004.jpg (97 KB, 640x800)
97 KB
The most intense sexual deviant I have ever fucked
1. Did not curse in public
2. Worked for a volunteer organization
3. Would not even kiss and barely would hold hand in public
4. gave me 0 signals that she even liked me our that we were on a date
5. A rich honor student with scholarships

She straight up sucked my dick and swallowed the cum on our first dick while literally gurgling "I love cock"

You are assuming way too much before you even brought her home.
Which is more likely, though? She's religious.

This guy has nothing to lose by assuming she is a decent person, and not some total degenerate. If she is a degenerate, he'll find out very quickly.
>She offered to reschedule, my dude. Go for it, she's willing to give you a chance.
>Don't push it until the date, though. She won't like being reminded of it, and she's likely just as nervous as you. All you need to do until friday is act like normal, and not bring up anything related to the date.

Thanks, i feel insecure because i dont know if i asked her in the right way or right moment it was like "i dont know if you would like to go to eat something" and then she had that rection so tought i did something bad.
File: 300px-Launch_4.png (272 KB, 300x595)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Is you mission to stop people from having sex?
Stroke the young mans ego a bit and show him of the possibility of a fun life for someone that takes risks.

Young men need to learn to expect success and take risks this diet coke beta response is a nice way to stay in your safe zone forever. There is nothing unethical about loving sex and women won't view you badly for it because women love sex too!
Sure. Remember, play it cool until the date. It's already been set up, so don't worry about it.
I'm male, and I have no trouble with girls. In fact, I'm very popular with them.

Which is why I'm hesitant to tell anyone I've been single for so long. A lot of girls are surprised about this, and I would like some insight into what might come to mind.
>waiting for girl to take active lore and innitiate anything...
Ask her on date or die virgin.

>not chatting her up starting with flirting about her ass
Do you have autism? Or are that alcoholic who goes to bars to destroy his liver and not to meet sluts to fuck?

>thinks that sexual pleasure for his girl is tied directly to his penis size and not foreplay
I bet you are terrible lover.

I have yet to meet woman or girl which isnt bitchy from time to time. The sole fact you are able to admit your own fault puts you ahead off like 60% of crazy girls. Also periods. When she is on period you need to run away.

Text. No contest here. JUST ASK HER ON DATE ALREADY! NOW!

Ask her on date dingus. Doesnt matter how as long as she knows it is you.

>talking or listening to ex


Ask her on date!

>the levels of autism
Wait a few days and do it again. Push for yes or no answer. Maybe is no.

You didnt asker her on date fast enough. Plain and simple. Grow balls or die virgin.
File: 1DS_3592.jpg (203 KB, 800x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
I have no idea which one is more likely because I don't make assumptions on peoples personal lives based on things they do to look good in the eyes of society, How can you even tell what level her personal connection is to god without going out with her and getting to know her?
I know for a fact she's never even kissed a guy. I really doubt she's like that.
I know if I brought this up, it would make me sound like a bitch and "but we weren't in a relationship!". Ok, so that's how you treat friends then too?

I had too much expectation which resulted in disappointment
>Text. No contest here.

>Always ask in person. Especially with introverts.

thanks /adv/
File: 24fes00071.jpg (20 KB, 640x450)
20 KB
They will probably assume you lack game a working dick or simply sleep around. I met a guy who was exactly the same but it was even more strange.
>Hanging out with pal at work
>"You know I have never seen Oli fuck a girl in the whole time I've known him"
>Now don't get me wrong he brings them home
>But then he does some dumb shit like talks to them until morning

Thats basically what we all assumed.
>I fucking hate people like you this "Man up don't complain" advice is literally the worst.

Read again:

This isn't "man up. Don't complain"

This is:

You ALREADY know a basic idea of what's going on:

Someone--either the people who have raised and have her health as one of the BIGGEST focuses in their lives and/or the professional whose JOB it is to assess and repair her mental condition--is telling her that it is a BAD idea for them to keep being with one another because it is destructive towards her well being.

That is a concrete, and EXCEPTIONALLY valid answer.

Digging for more at this point will only lead to trouble--and people who know FAAAR more about this situation than we do have gone out of their way to tell him exactly that, and asked him not to.

I will admit though, I got triggered by this and probably displaced a bit of my anger towards my two friends on to this situation. (Seriously... Probably the most mad, most disappointed, and most betrayed feeling I've ever felt in my life. Fucking two decades of going out of my way to be there for him... just fucking feels like a gigantic fucking betrayal and like I deserve better than that. Still never a sorry, never a thank you. Nothing. Fuck that. Not worth.)
File: 1402427879916.jpg (48 KB, 605x806)
48 KB
You can't make assumptions anon I did the same thing with several virgins while I was traveling. Women like excitement they like sex there is no reason to put them on a pedestal other than to make life harder for yourself.
File: promiscuity is not ok.jpg (197 KB, 666x692)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>Is you mission to stop people from having sex?
Before marriage, absolutely.
>There is nothing unethical about loving sex and women won't view you badly for it because women love sex too!
Thus spoke Lucifer. The sexual revolution destroyed women and turned men into hypersexualized beasts. This isn't "fun," it is immoral and vile.
Or do you say I should use women purely for their bodies?

>I don't make assumptions
You're a fucking retard, then, if you can't understand probability. If you see a guy with a shaved head and swastika tattoos mumbling to himself, he may very well be a well-adjusted person doing something for laughs. But he's probably a lunatic, and you would do well to avoid him rather than walk up to "get to know him." Go fuck yourself.
Are you going to listen to the guy that mass spams replies of "ask her on a date" (without even reading most of the posts), or one who gives reasons for his posts?
Anon I think you got your role mixed up here. You are not doing good here. If you really want to help other you need to show them of possbilites they never thought of show them the benefits of taking risks and believing in themselves.

Sex craved or not the most important thing is making meaningful bonds with others and helping each other to move forward you can't do that assuming things or putting women on a pedestal.
>Are you going to listen to the guy that mass spams replies of "ask her on a date" (without even reading most of the posts), or one who gives reasons for his posts?
his response was in context tho, text vs irl, he said text, it wasn't a simple "ask her out" answer so what am I suppose to think?

I'd do it irl tho, she doesn't seem to be on facebook often and I prefer to get used to do it in real life, done it over text once out of necessity and now I have this problem, wouldn't be the case if I haven't
Ok, lets see:
We live in 21st century.
It is faster.
You dont shutter or back out from it when you see her.
You can phrase it as you like.
She can read it 10 times to be sure she got the message.
She has all time to reply. No pressure on any ends.
She can accept, call you, reject you brutally or simply choose to let you down gently by not replying.

Asking people in person on date is 19th century. Same as keeping sex before marriage as taboo. We evolved past that bullshit. And go kys hitler. Oh wait, you already did that.
Again it's not really that much of an assumption she's very attractive, she could have sex. She doesn't for some reason and it's probably religious or moral. The way she talks about sex is almost shameful, I don't doubt that some girls are like that but I really don't think it's the case here.
What's a good penis girth? For example my penis is 2 fingers wide, that's pretty bad right?
Because you are assuming my man I promise you that this mindset helps no one in the world. It's only very rarely do I meet women like that and usually their attitude scares away all men. There is no situation where assuming she hates sex will benefit you. Unless you are just prepping yourself to fail again.
> the most important thing is making meaningful bonds with others and helping each other to move forward you can't do that assuming things or putting women on a pedestal.
And it just so happens that having multiple sex partners reduces the chances of forming meaningful bonds, and that's leaving aside moral considerations of what constitutes a "meaningful bond."
Further, how is it putting women on a pedestal for me to recognize morality? I'll tell whores to kill themselves without batting an eye; but where morality exists, it deserves praise.
He gave no reasoning behind his post. Is she the avoidant type? If so, asking out directly is likely to give better results. If she's just shy, it is a tossup, and up to you. From what I heard, you have nothing to lose by asking her out directly.
Case in point. This whole thing reads like a /leftypol/ shitpost. He's admitting straight up that it is easier for her to reject you via text.
Dummy you don't do it like that.
How do I know you don't go fucking ogre fingers?
Take a toilet paper roll and see if it fits inside. If it does you are below 6 inch girth which is prime if it does not fit you are above 6 inch girth, Probably the easiest thing for you to do right now as im sure if you had a measuring tape you would not use fingers..
Hey Hitler guy no offense but I think your advice, as well meaning as it is, doesn't apply in today's society where everyone is immoral and a degenerate. Otherwise I wonder, where do you find women or people in general that share YOUR moral views?
>It's only very rarely do I meet women like that and usually their attitude scares away all men.
And he is one to not be scared away, meaning they can be perfect for each other. What are you doing here? Hoping he gets discouraged so she is led down the path of degeneracy?
>There is no situation where assuming she hates sex will benefit you.
She hates promiscuity, from the sounds of it, as does the guy you're talking to.
Assumptions guide you, not define you, and he is making a logical assumption here. Why he bothers replying to such a corrupted serpent like you is beyond me.
>thinking penis size will make her enjoy sex instead of good foreplay or licking skills
Ever seen magic wand? Girls insert exactly 0 inches inside and they still go crazy from orgasms. At this point you are shitposting...

>easier for her to reject you
It is better to be rejected at start than to waste time, money, patience and nerves on dates which will lead to nowhere. In most cases if your presence makes them accept date, they will simply agree and then never arrive on the place.

And i find it funny how you bring politics into dating games.

He already admited to be 20something perma virgin who has given up on finding wife...
>And it just so happens that having multiple sex partners reduces the chances of forming meaningful bonds
Based on what? some half baked poll on American marriage your boys on/rk9/ gave you?

I did not even tell him to have multiple sex partners you fucking autistic so why even bring it up?

You have a warped and distorted idea of morality at best and you are suited to give anyone advice my man.
>Is she the avoidant type?
I never saw her talking and being comfortable around anyone other than me and this one girl friend she has in our class. The two girls always hang out together and when both of them are around she seems fairly talkative and all but on her own she's really shy, even with me around she seems to be, I wouldn't say intimidated because she did go out of her way to find me and message me on facebook, but she seems fairly reserved in what she says, like she would mostly answer questions but I seem to get through to her, just the fact she is that shy and awkward makes me nervous about irl approach, but there again, texting can mean anything, she could say "yes" but I don't know what emotion would go with it, as in, "yes might as well" or "yes of course!" sort of deal
How will him thinking in his head he can possibly get sex be a have a negative effect for him. I'm telling him not to put her on a pedestal because it will 9/10 effect him negatively while moving forward

You are not even giving advice at this point just basing anyone who has sex because you obviously get none.
Okay, maybe she doesn't hate sex. But from what she said herself and I know is that she thinks casual sex is completely wrong. Maybe she won't wait for marriage but I'd bet my life on it that she won't have sex on a first date, she seems extremely averse to it.

But all that aside I'll still ask her out and find out who she is better if she says yes.
>0 inches
Clit orgasms are not as good as vaginal orgasms anon. G spot is at least 2 inches in.
To be honest can you even really tell until you kiss her?
Sparks fly I am only pushing so hard because I know a different mindset produces results I've seen it time and time again. If you go into a relationship with the mind set she does not want to have sex you may end up missing steps to the mating ritual we call dating.
Yeah I was mostly asking just out of curiosity, even if people say vaginal orgasms are better I definitely can't rely on those.
Lol yeah I don't have a measuring tape. Gonna try this, but I'm not sure if I get what you mean by "below 6 inch is prime", I mean there's a lot of room under 6 inch.
I mean to say "6 inches is the prime "
what about finger on the gspot and mouth on the clit for the foreplay orgasm followed by penis in vagina
Well to be fair I don't want to have sex that quickly even if she did. I still think you're overexaggerating but I get the point that I should stop thinking and instead find out myself. I'll try to go in without assumptions.
File: 1501919203239.png (229 KB, 507x330)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>I think your advice, as well meaning as it is, doesn't apply in today's society where everyone is immoral and a degenerate.
It's an uphill battle, certainly. My job is to spread the message as much as I possibly can, to help guide the small fraction of moral men and women towards each other. As you have said, it is immensely difficult for either gender to find a moral counterpart--women have a hard time dating guys who won't demand sex, men have a hard time finding chaste women.
>Otherwise I wonder, where do you find women or people in general that share YOUR moral views?
I wish I knew myself. But then again, I'm hardly on the high end of desirability. Just a run of the mill uni student. I'm sure the few moral women out there have much better options than me, but that won't stop me from encouraging them and aiding healthy relationships from forming. It may sound "beta," but I'd be content just making sure pure relationships (not involving me) work out.
If she's on the fence about him, she will be more likely to accept than take the easy way out. Your argument is "he is going to get rejected anyway, so he might as well do it quickly." That's simply incorrect.
Also, I'm 19, and I don't think I will find wife material in a liberal university.
Pair bonding is very real, and if you're going to question my argument, don't pretend your words hold any more weight than mine. At best, there is an equivalency, and I'm actually providing sources here, so that isn't the case.
If he goes into a date with a chaste woman, and he expects sex, he is not only a degenerate, but he will also get rejected. Pic is for you.

Dating isn't a "mating ritual," especially not to the religious. It is evaluating a potential life partner. Him being sexually aggressive will be the exact opposite of what she's looking for.
>I'll try to go in without assumptions.
How are you listening to him? Don't put her in a box, but don't discount all the information you have. If you treat her like a potential fuck, she will in all likelihood leave.
That works too could drive em crazy for a bit the best method I have ever tried went like this
>Sex aiming at grinding the g spot and rubbing clit until she cums
>When I feel I may finish I pull it out and finger her g spot and clit until she cums again
>By this time I have "Chilled" a bit and can start fucking her anew without finishing
>Do this as many times a possible

I tried this after watching some sexual instruction videos and it works great by best result was making this college girl squirt 8 times until she was actually shaking and crying. I've never even seen that in porn before honestly.

4 chan like to meme about bbc but I've never see a girl freak out like that before in porn real life is a lot more interesting.
please don't listen to Hitler and have confidence he admitted in another thread he is a virgin he has no idea what he is talking about.
Everyone just ignore this guy he is a confirmed virgin and has no idea what he is talking about. It's over go home everyone.
How is not assuming things putting her in a box you fucking retard?
It's actually the exact opposite.
When did you gather that? I just said I'm not going to overthink things. I have my own beliefs too. Even if she wanted to casually fuck (which I doubt) I'm not going to fuck her like that. It's just probably better if I don't treat her as she's an angel since I'm not sure about how she actually thinks.

I think both of you guys are being really extreme on both ends. That's why I thought this was a bad place to ask.
>"Heh, now all of his opinions are automatically invalid."
>reading comprehension
I'm saying that assumptions are useful tools, but should not define his perception of her. Pretending she is a blank slate and complete average of all girls is just as stupid as imagining her to be some sort of angel from heaven.
You came here saying that you're not into premarital sex, and described a person who is likely to share that view. I am telling you to act accordingly.
I only seem extreme because I'm forced to oppose the other degenerate in here.
Motherfucker if you haver never been with a woman before all of your "opinions" ARE actually invalid. You literally have never gotten a woman to have sex with you and you are trying to tell other people how to act and give them advice.

That makes no sense and is fucking ridiculous.
>women have a hard time dating guys who won't demand sex
Do any women exist that want guys who won't demand sex? I mean although I want someone attractive, sex is not my top priority, but I assume that's actually a red flag on my side.
I just come off as extreme to get my point across but you basically made the best choice based on the information you have. Good luck my fellow anon.

Even angels fucked btw.
So I have to have premarital sex to tell people not to have premarital sex?
Are you fucking serious?
File: whyyouwait.png (21 KB, 1861x122)
21 KB
Yes, some women will say at the beginning of a relationship that they're waiting for marriage, and like clockwork, men bail. It seems I have to repost this again.
The latter part is the relevant one.
Shut the fuck up already loser everyone is wise to your game. You get none so act like you are superior because of that since your virgin ass has rationalized demonizing sex.

Guess what fucking what? that hate pussy does not feel anywhere near as good virgin.
If you have never been with a woman before and have given up on finding a wife. Yes you should shut the fuck up on the topic of relationships.
>Having to re post the one compliment you have gotten
damn anon...
>thanks Hitler
>social-based shaming
>virgin as an insult
>ad populum

Argument: Not Found
Explain why. I am not proposing any new or radical philosophies, I am encouraging traditionalism and restraint, things which were practiced successfully long before I was even born. You're being intentionally dense and avoidant of the main issue.
There it is, even after I specifically said to look at the latter part of the post. Also, I've been tracking the poster count, you're acting rather pathetic.
Ever hear the expression "blind leading the blind"?

Man, I remember when I was 19 and considered tripping to give advice. Honest to god, I'm really, really glad I didn't.
But I'm just going to act the way I normally do. My original question was more related to anxiety, because maybe I am putting her a bit on a pedestal. Relax it's not like I'd push her for sec regardless of her stance on it.

I think it's cool if you believe in nor having premarital sex. There are plenty of great role models but petty insults isn't really very convincing. If you're serious about it just show others the benefits. There are definitely girls who wait too.

Either way I got stuff to do so hopefully you guys reach some sort of understanding. I'm just gonna worry about getting the date and handle the rest as it comes.
You literally know nothing about relationships and are just spouting shit.
This is FACT by your own admission you should not weigh in on topic you know nothing about.

You know the one kind of person I don't want giving me girl advice? A virgin.

I can smell what type of typical nerd loser you are by your vocabulary you probably watched too much anime and thing "pathetic" and "degenerate" are actual stinging insults.

Go outside right now and ask anyone if they want a virgins advice on relationships.
>Asks for advice
>Ends up giving hitler the best advice he has gotten all thread
What a fucking alpha
File: really.jpg (61 KB, 306x306)
61 KB
>still the same poster
I'm still waiting for a response to the evidence I posted about why premarital sex is bad for pair bonding and relationships.
You have yet to address why you think your lifestyle is better.
>But I'm just going to act the way I normally do.
All I wanted to begin with. Sorry you got sucked into this, anon. I have a few guys here gunning for me like their lives depended on it.
By the way, Catholic priests are sworn to celibacy (inb4kiddydiddling, not the point), and yet the Church was the moral foundation for sexual restraint for 2 millennia. And I have shown evidence in this thread in favor of sexual restraint, so don't pretend this is just some "man in the sky" shit you can dismiss out of hand.
>Same poster
Evidence that it exists? That it's good? I don't care either way I'm saying you personally should not give out advice to.

Only 2 of the posts you linked are actually mine and how the fuck are you complaining about same fagging like you did not reply to my posts.?
You just really need to not advise ANYTHING in terms of relationships. It's one thing if you were a married man that waited until marriage. But you literally have no one .

How can you not see from a point of rationality no one should listen to you?

I swear I could bring this to court and automatically win.
>literally Hitler gets BTFO: the thread
About time. I don't know why people take advice from this meme spouting virgin seriously. He literally knows nothing about relationships because he's never been in one, and all his """"""""""advice""""""""""" consists of is stale /pol/ memes that most /pol/ posters don't even actually believe.
>I don't care either way I'm saying you personally should not give out advice to.
And I am saying your reasoning toward this point is ridiculous.

>Only 2 of the posts you linked are actually mine
Damn, so there's 2 of you. The poster count has stayed at 21 for a while now, so I just assumed the posts were coming from the same guy.
>It's one thing if you were a married man that waited until marriage. But you literally have no one .
So observation means nothing now? Are you honestly saying that 2000 years of data is useless on my part, but my personal anecdotes suddenly make it all worthwhile?
>How can you not see from a point of rationality no one should listen to you?
Because if you take this from a rational perspective, my own personage is irrelevant in questions of morality. If you think certain morals are directly tied to me as a person, then you're probably brain damaged.
>I could bring this to court and automatically win.
Try it. See which holds up more, my evidence or your ad hominem.

Oh, nice. New meat. Still not addressing any of my points.
>Still not addressing any of my points
Because you have none. You aren't qualified to give advice on anything related to relationships or sex, because you are an inexperienced loser who can't stop speaking in memes. There is literally no point in trying to get into a legit debate with some retarded faggot who has no experience in the subject he is "debating" others on.
>Ad hominem
Anon you are LITERALLY a virgin it's not an insult and is part of my point. I'm not arguing about sex before marriage I am saying you are not qualified to give advice on relationships because you have no idea what a good relationship is. Because as we said eailer you are a fucking virgin.

This is not a argument this is me repeating the same thing over and over to someone who lack reading comprehension. In court this would be easier since YOU don't have to understand a thing. I could make my opening statement and take a nap while you ramble on about something unrelated.
>Because you have none.
Get it through your thick skull that premarital sex is detrimental to the chances of a successful relationship. Scroll up, I have posted multiple sources to that effect.
You are arguing as if my character traits (such as virginity) disqualify the weight of my arguments. That is the literal definition of ad hominem, you fucking troglodyte.
I kissed a girl the other day and I feel this vague bad feeling I can't describe
what is this
Get it through you think skull that as a virgin, nobody gives a shit about what you think about sex or relationships. Your thoughts on the matter are literally irrelevant, because you know nothing about the subject. You are an admitted virgin loser who gets all of his sexual pleasure from watching anime porn. Nobody cares about what you think when it comes to relationships, because you've never been in one.
I am sorry anon. It is untreatable. If you did as hitler told you and waited until marriage, you would get it on your wedding day.
Your body is telling you to run the fuck away before you stick your dick in crazy.
Or you're a repressed faggot.
Social shaming again. You don't have to listen to me if you don't want to, but others can. I cannot in good conscience stand by and let degenerates have free reign in the field of advice.
>another thread derailed by retarded /pol/ virgin and people who feel the need to give him attention
File: 1502349522865.jpg (59 KB, 408x439)
59 KB
I thought I was supposed to be from /r9k/?
>M-Muh degeneracy
Trust me, no one here is taking you seriously. You aren't a virgin because you some sort of moral being fighting for the good of Western Civilization. You are a virgin because you're a retarded sperg who speaks in memes and tries to give advice on topics you know nothing about.
>Trust me, no one here is taking you seriously.
Ok, then you don't need to reply to me.

Went out with this girl last night and had a great time. Got something to eat and had a lot to talk about. Then she suggested we walk around a bit. Walked around for like 30 minutes and then got dessert. Then we walked and talked for another 1.5 hours. Everything was going super well. We even chatted what we were looking for and we both had similar answers. Eventually I suggested for her to come over to my place to watch X movie that she wanted to see. At first she was super down. We continued walking for another 15 minutes and just as we were getting to my car she said she thinks she should pass as we just met. The old me would have been like "okay its fine".

This is where I fucked up. I kinda kept pushing for her to come over instead of respecting her decision. She was kinda back and fourth but ultimately decided to UBER home. Gave each other a hug and said goodbye.

Messaged her later that night saying I had a good time and would like to see her again. She said she had a great time getting to know me but felt the vibes were off.

I mean we talked for almost 3 hours straight and she could have left anytime she wanted but she didn't. I was thinking about texting her and apologizing for not respecting her boundaries and asking for a second chance. Because she was also hesitant about giving me her phone number. I think we connected very well and had a lot in common but that last bit kind of ruined it. Is there anyway I can salvage this?
Whoever told you that is retarded. Your retarded name and you nonstop bitching about degeneracy and Western Civilization are all /pol/ memes that you actually take seriously, probably because you came to this place from Reddit during the 2016 election. You know that "cancer" that people talk about often on here and other boards? Yeah, they're talking about people like you.
I'm not from plebbit.
The sexual 'revolution' is a real and quantifiable factor in the decline of Western Civilization, and its effects are obvious on a purely logical level. Sex becomes easier to obtain = withholding of sex becomes harder.
t. guy who has no experience with sex or relationships
I don't need to be shot to tell others how to be safe with guns.
Also, use meme arrows properly, please.
Do the looks of a penis matter for you? Would you prefer a slightly longer penis over a shorter one if the shorter one looks better? (with girth being the same)
>I don't need to be shot to tell others how to be safe with guns
No, but if you've never held a gun in your entire life, you have no business telling gun owners how to operate their guns.
>Meme arrows
The fact that you don't know what "t." means just outs you as the redditor scum you are.
File: shitposting.jpg (7 KB, 250x185)
7 KB
Asking girl inside of your flat for ANY reason is unwritten rule for sex. Nothing wrong with suggesting it, but next time dont push her like autist.
>hesitant on giving me her phone number
Looks like rejection to me. Wait 48 hours, DONT APOLOGIZE and try your luck again. But honestly my crystal ball suggests she will reject you because she didnt felt like netflix and chill and you gave her impression you are in for sex only.

Pic related. Girl cant even see your dick for majority of sex session. You either cuddle her, eat her out or it is inside of her.
>but if you've never held a gun in your entire life
Sidestepping again. What if I have memorized the diagrams of guns, and then give advice on certain issues that may affect it?
Do I need to own a specific gun to tell people what they can expect from it? No, I don't. Personal experience, as I have said before, pales in comparison to concrete data. Which I have given. Premarital sex damages ability to form lasting partnerships. Meanwhile, all you have done is tell me my opinions are invalid ad nauseam.

For the sake of argument, let's say I am a complete bumbling idiot with no capacity for rational thought.
Now, the only thing left for you to do is argue against the idea set forth that premarital sex isn't helpful. Good luck, I look forward to seeing how you insult that.

>Ask her on date or die virgin.

I asked her, can you even read?
Texting girl a couple days ago. Things going fine. Then my messages stopped saying delivered with imessage. Thought ok maybe just out of service. Today still nothing. Did she turn it off and ghost me? I'm pretty sure if even blocked it'll still read delivered.

Anybody an apple nerd?
>He thinks I'm going to get into a legitimate debate with him
I've already been over this, I'm not going to "debate" someone with zero experience on the topic they are debating. You are a virgin who has never been in a relationship, so your thoughts on anything to do with either topic are irrelevant. It's just that simple.
No, not with me. For the sake of argument, you have already destroyed me. I am a non-issue.
But the issue of premarital sex remains. What can you bring to the table against an idea, rather than a person?
I agree with >>18798136

I went through a break up about 1.5 months ago even though it was only two months long (was supposed to be a mutual 3 month fling) and she suddenly broke up with me. We had a long talk via skype and basically said that she didn't want to see me again because it would only make her feel worse. She told me that she started talking to her ex again back in Thailand and how her mother was sick and how she had to leave early.

It was true that she ended up getting back with her ex but she lied about going home early. I was full of questions of why and what did I do wrong. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter. She wanted out and she did what she had to do to end things with me/you. Just like you she blocked me from all forms of social media except one which we still message each other like once a week.

It sucks but you really just need to try and move on as she is. Because even if you get your answers they aren't going to help you much.
She didn't give me her number early on as in when we were still talking on the dating app she was hesitant but finally gave it to me.

Why can't I apologize?
sign of weakness or smth idk
File: IMG_1589.jpg (81 KB, 911x424)
81 KB
For the girls:

There's this really awesome girl I've been hanging out with. We have great chemistry, and I want to ask her out but there's one problem. She's still livin with her ex who she was with for 2 years. She actively avoids him, doesn't sleep home very often, never has a good word to say about him, says she has nowhere else to live and all of her friends hate him but... they're still living together. Red flags all around.

How do I date this chick without becoming the rebound guy? How do you navigate this shit?

avoid her, she isnt worth it, she's fucking the guy when she's lonely. she is into him even if she doesnt admit it and even if she herself doesnt realize it
Female here.
Men don't apologize, it shows weakness and it's implying that you made a mistake. Which you didn't. You didn't rape her, you hooked up with someone. She changed her mind because having sex with a stranger is super degenerate, and even if it's great to have sex, you shouldn't pursue women who has sex on a first date.

Feeling the vibe is off means she's just not attracted to you.Don't be a nice guy who says "Oh I'm sorry", if she was attracted to you, she would be fucking you.

You can, but you dont want to do it. It is not like it will change anything, probably only to render you desparate. You didnt raped her, yelled on her, beated her, you just had some rough edges in conversation. Nothing to apologize for. Save this stuff for when you will be married and really fucked up. Dont put her on peadastal, learn from your mistake and try your luck again. Unless she mentions it first, pretend it didnt happen.

You aim for starts and either burn in the process or make it. Maybe she lives with him simply because she has no other place to live? Ask her on date and simply ask her about it on that date. Another topic to talk about.
Cancer is degeneracy in society.
Sexual liberation in women without consequences, homosexuality, consumerism, men not being men anymore, feminism, multiculturalism...

You're just weak and in denial.
So basically sometime in the last 10 ~ 15 minutes she suddenly became less attracted to me. It was weird how she was super down and then suddenly bailed.

Try my luck again as in try find another girl or wait a bit and message her again?

What should I say?

Here exact message was "I had a good time too, it was nice getting to know you a bit. But sorry, I don't feel like there was the right vibe I was looking for"
She probably bailed because she realized there would be consequences if she fucked you.

It's good she's at least a little bit self-aware.
I would say either

Thanks for the honesty! Best of luck!

Thanks for the honesty

File: IMG_0815.jpg (112 KB, 640x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Ladies, I tried at /soc/, and I figured I should stay here too. I just want an honest opinion. Rate of 10?
Die nigger
Already planned on it. I'll take that as a 0/10
Consequences as in?
She was scrolling through her phone deleting pictures of him, and then turned to me and said while looking at a couple of them "I'll delete these ines in a little while, it's hard." So I know she's trying to detach herself but still I've got this really shitty feeling in my gut about it. I don't want sloppy seconds. That being said she touches me a lot, asks me tons of questions about myself and finds me interesting.
I'd like to go for a friends with benefits type of thing but I'm a ducking autist with this type of shit and don't know how to do that.

She's a foreign exchange student from Spain living in a house with this guy and maybe a few other people, I'm not sure. It's mid-semester and she's tied to a lease so I can imagine it's hard for her to change anything right now. I know she wants to move in with a friend and get out of there. Hell, last night my friends and I went over there with her while she grabbed some shit so she could be away for a few days. Clearly she doesn't want to be with him but something doesn't feel right.
How do I know if she likes my dick?
Women are social. she probably thought about what her friends would say if she went ahead.
Either that she's loose and easy or that she could do better.

She's playing the field.
Girls this dating game is 4-d amotional chess for me, if i dont give a damn form right on and just do everything as i enjoy (sitll being gentle and nice of course), just taking out that idea out of my mind and enjoy every thing/moment i have in my life.

Will i have more success finding someone??
>Consequences as in?

Not her, not even a chick, and don't even agree with her whole "degenerate" spiel...

But you can't tell me you've never had a moment where you were so lost in something, you kind of forgot about reality for a moment because everything seemed cool, but then all of a sudden realized... oohhh yeaaahhh... Shit... this is probably a bad fucking idea because I'm obviously not thinking straight.

I.E. Any time you've been drunk and about to do something stupid
Any time you're thinking over emotionally (angry, scared, desperate, whatever)
Any time you're thinking with your libido/cock/whatever
Any time you're just going with the group mentality

Write it off. Don't overthink it. Move on to the next one.

You either click or you don't.
It's pretty binary.
Yes or No

No joke:

You can literally meet a person, spend an entire day with them, think absolutely nothing about them and believe you've got no connection, then one day bump in to them again, chat, and all of a sudden mutually believe you have sky fucking high chemistry that's off the charts, just because you suddenly noticed one another nodding to the same song or some shit.

Or you can just instantly click with someone, have them say all the right things, be interested in almost all the same stuff, and even start to think everything is perfect, and all of sudden you notice that they have this harmless but super annoying pet peeve of yours that just drives you up the fucking wall and that you can't stand.

It's that fucking arbitrary and random, and trying to understand, predict, or force this shit to work is impossible and a complete waste of time. There's a reason that there's like 50 different online dating sites who all claim they have "the best" unique algorithms for setting people up--all of which don't do jack shit.
I'm tired of games.

>have date scheduled
>tells me yesterday morning that she should be able to go, will tell me at 3pm
>date was at 7, she texts me at 8, says 'hey'
>some guy on here recommended i just say hey to her back so i did
>she texts me this morning asking what i was doing
>i was in the bed so i didn't respond
>she calls me about two hours later, i was busy with something
>call back 10 minutes later, it goes to voicemail
>sent her a text telling her i wasn't near the phone
>tried calling her again ~30 minutes later and voicemail

Not doing anything else. We've known each other for over 10 years, we started talking again recently, last time we hung out everything went well but she's cancelled on me twice and it's always her initiating and then pulling this shit. I just don't get it. I mean, she has two kids so I know her time is limited, but if I call you back within 10 minutes of you calling me pick up the goddamn phone.
>she has two kids
She's doing you a favor, you fucking idiot. Do not pursue.
This is so minor he's the little bitch for bringing it back up.

If he can't get past someone else sounding annoyed once in a blue moon he's going to be alone forever.
girls, what salary would you consider impressive for a 24 year old?
Girls, how often is going out of your way to touch a guy NOT flirting?

There's a female coworker from another department that I joke and laugh with from time to time that seems to go out of her way to touch me (pat my chest, grab my arm with both of her hands, etc.).
Makes sense. I guess at that moment she was super down and as soon as we started heading towards the car she was thinking oh shit, what am I doing? And it didn't help that I wasn't respecting her decision.

Eh I might text her during the middle of the week, I really don't have anything to lose by doing so other than being denied again.
I had scheduled a tinder date today (after two reschedules) with a girl. She is super eager and happy until 20 mins before the date, our conversation stops, and she stops replying. This is literally the fourth time this happens. With different girls. What the fuck?

I am getting really fed up here. The last three weeks I've not done anything 50% of the days because dates cancel. How can I avoid this??
Apart from being a nigger and having strange item instead of mouth, you look very datable. How many girls have you asked on date this year? Because girls wont ask you out ever, that is your job.

Ask her?

Question doesnt make sense.

>two kids
Listen to hitler. You can ALWAYS do better than trying to court single mom which evidently doesnt give a shit about you. Move on with your life and find somebody else.

You need to own your own house, car, pc which runs gentoo, collection of high rarity yugioh cards and few pairs of very sexy trousers and boots. If you have all of this, any additional money wont earn you any bonus points.

>pat my chest
Ask her for her phone number. And later text her if she wants to go to hotdog and walk in park.

Typical girls behavior. They are on tinder for attention. Once it is apparent they have to actually do something, they tend to chicken out. Patience and moving on fast is the only viable strategy.
She's my girlfriend, of course she'll say that she likes it.
Why the fuck should I bother with tinder at all then?
Is a movie and dinner alright for a first date?
Either go back to 9gag or kill yourself
Was afk for a long time and I do agree with the other comment, but there's more to it than that. Penis size impacts a lot and if it's too big for the particular girl, then forget about quickies (need time to relax everything down there), blowjobs are painful/awkward for both, the guy cannot go wild going balls deep because that hits the cervix in the wrong way etc. It is very possible for a dick to be too big, and it's not remotely sexy.

Secondly, the length is literally just one aspect. Does it influence both the experience and the look? Sure. But it's not the whole story.
If I ask you if you prefer an outie or an innie, you'll probably have a preference. But that's all other factors being equal. If I told you that the innie is looser than the outie, or smelled worse, or accommodated your dick less comfortably, it wouldn't be so simple anymore.

The (size of his) dick isn't an isolated experience. It is part of a package deal that also includes stuff like: can he go for multiple rounds? Does he visibly enjoy himself and feel crazily attracted to you? Is it easy for him to get and stay hard? Does he go down on you?
Basically there's very little about the quality of sex you can deduce if the only info is how big the guy is.
I wouldn't do a dinner date right away. Too much pressure, if there's no chemistry she'll feel guilty about you going through all that for nothing, if you do hit it off then what will you do the second or third date?

Maybe if with dinner you mean grabbing some food to go..
Then what is the problem? Sounds like everything is ok.

Because social events you hate are stupid and huge waste of time as well. It is all luck based. I suffer from almost same fate as you. Hang in there!

Movie is meh for 1st date. Ice cream is gos tier date. Easy to bail out, cheap, you can talk and so on.
What is the appropriate moment to ask a colleague out? We have overlapping shifts and no shared breaks as result. (ie she starts after my last break)
I'm getting nervous. I don't want to make a thread.

I talk to this girl online a lot. She is in her mid teens, while I'm in my early 20s. She has been having a difficult time with her mother (abuse), and I pushed her to go see a counselor to talk to them about it. She told them a lot, and shit happened.

Her mother has gotten really angry at her the past few days, and took everything she had, such as her phone and other electronics. I managed to talk to her last night, and she said she got all her stuff back, and surprisingly, her mother was being nice all of a sudden. She also told me her mother gave her electronics to the police before she got them back. She doesn't know anything beyond that.

She stopped texting me abruptly, even though I replied to her the same minute. She has problems where she will fall asleep easily, but it seemed too quick. She told me she would text me in the morning, and she hasn't. She hasn't texted me at all, and won't answer any single thing she has, not even phone calls. I called her phone like 10 times, and it just keeps ringing, as if it is there just ringing.

What could have possibly happened? I thought she had all her stuff back. I feel like her mother murdered her.
Girls, what would you feel if your bf asked you to slap the fuck out of them?
...Um. The way it looks. How is this hard?
Maybe everyone recommended a 14-15 year old not be friends with someone in their 20s.
Apprehension. I'd be willing to try it but pain has never turned me on. Then again being dominant does so I might be pleasantly surprised by it but the idea of intentionally hurting a loved one just makes me cringe.

Just whenever you're already talking and there isn't acute stress of her needing to get started on something right away. Her answer isn't going to depend much on the exact manner and timing of your request.
...Okay, so don't be a birch this time (or else say yes, and don't walk). Not exactly any problem here. Refusing to answer and talk with YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND is obviously extremely unacceptable. If you have a problem when people talk too much, then that DOESN'T INCLUDE YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND... if it does then admit you don't care about him and go from there. From a female (one who actually varies about their boyfriend!)
On your way out tell her you're going to be in the area around her lunch hour...
I wish age would just stay out of it. We are just friends. Still, that doesn't mean she wouldn't text me at all. She was last night, and stopped out of the blue. Now since then she hasn't said a word to me.
Any time really. Coffe pause is ideal. Or ask her about something work related (excuse to see her) and then ask her for her number "by accident". She will either give it to you, refuse or ask why. If she asks why, reply some meme answer like
>so i can ask you on date later
Try to do it with no witnesses. If she gives her number, you can be almost sure she will agree to any date later.

She is teen. She will be fine. Dont stress it, live your life and if you cant see her in person, why do you even bother so much? Ldr is a meme after all.

Looks like you need to introduce your gf to BDSM.
This is delusional and selfish. Being quiet isn't even bitchy.
I understand that you're nervous but my guess is that her mom got cold feet realizing that there could be real consequences to her excuse for parenting, so she tried to appease daughter by giving her her shit back, then guilt tripped her into you being a negative influence. She's her mother, it wouldn't be hard probably to play the "I have made so many sacrifices for you" card and paint like you an outsider trying to start shit.

>Still, that doesn't mean she wouldn't text me at all
So her parents and the cops knew and are totally cool with your friendship?

Even if it's true that you just want to be friends (probably not), nobody else is going to believe it. It's a plausible explanation that a minor female is being prevented from talking to some 10 years old older rando from the internet. Way more plausible than murder.

Or her stuff just got taken away again...who knows.

Okay, ignore the two kids bit. Why do women do this shit? Is she trying to get me to chase or what?
...You fucking ask...
I guess the age difference is weird. But it wouldn't matter a few years from now. She does really like me, and she expressed that first. I never did such a thing. I was just friends with her.

Her mother knew about my age a couple times and freaked out. But that was it. I don't know what the police's involvement were, besides trying to help her out with her mother.
100% of the time, since obviously if you are interested in having a personal.relationship with so embody you would not randomly repeatedly touch them over and over unless you do this to everybody.
Is it even possible for any woman to want to be with me?

>Shit degree, having to move back in with my grandparents now because I can't get a job
>4/10 face, skinnyfat body
>Not many friends
>Never had a gf but not a virgin

People like me and say I'm funny and stuff but I just can't help but think I'm nowhere good enough for any woman to want me
Just chiming in, despite being wary as her parent I do actually think that it's too rare for people of different ages to have friendly interaction while it can be very beneficial.
However, the reason it won't be weird in a couple of years is because she'll have left her formative years, and her brain will literally be more developed. It's not completely random that we care less about age difference societally as people age, the difference in terms of brain development and life experience simply does get smaller the older you get.
There is absolutely bithubg here mentioned about your personality, levels of empathy, or how you treat girls mentioned here, so we don't know. Except, we do know one thing about your personality, it's the fact that you literally asked this question and then mentioned such ridiculous things as your JOB, so I guess the answer is so, since you are so incredibly, extremely shallow that you are willing to pretend to be in love or not be in love with somebody because of their JOB.
...Oh, and you apparently also have even literary been willing to "fuck" somebody, so that greatly decrease the chances as well!

>you are so incredibly, extremely shallow that you are willing to pretend to be in love or not be in love with somebody because of their JOB.

When did I say I did this?
File: not dirt nor princess.png (202 KB, 540x742)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Realize that you are talking about woman who ended up as single mother of two. Do you really expect her to behave rationally? She is playing with you like cat with mouse. Unplug your head from your asshole and forget about her.

My guess is she wants your attention + money + services, but not your dick + presense + love. Drop that bitch and move on with your life. You cant be THAT desparate, can you?

How many girls have you asked on date this year? And try to work on your confidence a bit. Nobody wants to date doormat with depression. And your economic situation doesnt matter as much as you think. Even dirt poor people breed all the time.
Anon this is /adv, we try to not make them kys, but to "show them the right way" out from their misery...

What? Can you actually address something I've actually written? Where did I say anything about

...Oh, and you apparently also have even literary been willing to "fuck" somebody, so that greatly decrease the chances as well!
Yeah man. I know it's hard to believe until you experience it but attraction ultimately has little to do with stuff like this. You fall in love with someone because of their smile or their surprising responses to mundane comments or because of how they smell or because something about the way they move and sit seems strangely familiar (or exotic and mystifying).
Not because they tick boxes for height or bodytype. Perhaps for a one night stand or on tinder, but that's not how people who interact in real life fall in love.
Turned on.

I am that desperate, yes. I love her. And she's already gotten a bunch of money from me and we've never had sex. Got to kiss her though, on the cheek once. That was nice. Was wanting to do that for over a decade.
Ah shit women are calling guys out on THEIR shit now. I like where this board has been going lately.

I haven't asked any girls out because I get no Tinder matches and nobody on OKCupid responds to my messages

I don't meet all that many women in real life but I can tell they don't like me from how they speak and act around me

She wasn't calling me out on anything I didn't even write anything to do with what she said lmfao
File: mommy issues.jpg (28 KB, 723x350)
28 KB
Kinky girl. The best type of girls there is.

Do you know what cancer is? It is inside of your body, it grows huge and it slowly and painfully kills you. Yes, she is your cancer. If it hasnt happened over 10 years, it will NEVER happen. Please save yourself!

Post screen of your profile then. Visit /soc, should be there thread about improving dating profiles. Try social events you hate. Concert? Friends friends is also valid option, but average anon has 0 friends...

Tell us more about why cant you meet girls. Fix that first. And what do you mean by
>speak and act around me
Are you morbidly obese? Smell like piss? Autism?
Somehow girls makes me wait at least one year for the first date.

What do I do wrong in here?

Maybe am I too much of a boyfriend material and they don't want to come as whores, or they want to ride the cock carousel and then date me coming from a position of pity?
Well she did actually, sorry you can't understand that. Believe it or not, men can do be doing things that lower their sexual value just like women can.
What are some events that dont need too much money to spend on it?? (im on a hard economic situation)

I'm not very good looking, and to women if you're not a 6'4 handsome gigachad you're automatically a "creep" so that doesn't help

I'm not fat or anything, I dress fairly well and practice pretty meticulous hygiene so it's nothing like that.

I'm a little awkward at times but I've become fairly well adjusted socially over the last few years trying to get out of my shell.

It's just the way they act around me I can't describe it but I'm not stupid I can tell what they're thinking, if I casually speak to one even just to get past to get my drink off a table or whatever I can see in her eyes and actions "why are you bothering me you ugly cunt fuck off"

? Are you illiterate?

"..Oh, and you apparently also have even literary been willing to "fuck" somebody, so that greatly decrease the chances as well!"

What in my original post does that even relate to - I don't even use the word "fuck" or reference sex directly?

Yea, I know she is. She used to tell me stories in school about her sneaking out of the house at night and sitting on guy's faces. So now thanks to her I have a face sitting fetish.
Can you not stretch your mind to see why someone would deem information relevant to you? She kindly let you know that your desire to just get laid makes you a less attractive mate for her. You implied that you desire getting laid outside of a relationship because you apparently have been.
Do dating apps 'punish' you for no'ing too many girls?
File: 1495912294841.jpg (452 KB, 2048x1536)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Ladies, what would you think if you started dating a guy and learned he owns a fleshlight and uses it regularly (before he met you, of course)?
It's that kind of thinking that's holding you back. I think you're reluctant to face the truth your personality needs some work. Besides how hostile and bitter you're being, you keep focusing on looks and appearances which are superficial. A strong personality will trump your appearance 9 times out of ten, but if you never learn how to socialize with other people you'll continue to fail. Nobody can change you but yourself anon. It's defeatist and simple to think they don't like you because you aren't handsome and I think it's overlooking whichever flaws you do have.

I'm sure not every girl believes you're an ugly cunt who should fuck off, and that kind of negative thinking isn't going to help you in life.
>makes me wait at least one year
Provide more contexts and real experiences or bee yourself. My guess is that you behave like doormate and they are too kind to outright reject you, so they say you some meme like "i cant dare you right now" and hope you get the message. If they dont want to date you NOW, move on to next girl. Or die virgin.

If you are so broke you cant even buy bus tickets or attend some event, you are in no position for dating. You wouldnt have money to pay for meal anyway.

You just managed to describe your stupidity.
>why are you bothering me
You gave up before you even start.
>ugly cunt fuck
Low self confidence.

You gotta love yourself first before anybody else can love you back. Stop hating yourself and stop consuming r9k memes.

Looks like you arent here for an advice...

Some do. I think okcupid had a feature which put into your profile
>this anon almost never respond to messages
RTFM. Read the fucking manual!

The reasonable mature girl will want to see it and rape you with it or will be indifferent. But double standards are a thing. For girl owning vibrator is empowering and exploring her sexuality, for boy owning sleeve is just another symptom of virgin/loser/beta meme.

But the real question is if you would be willing date a girl which is basically dumb and scared of silicon competition?

Yea, the advice I'm wanting is how do I get her to stop playing games and how do I get her to start dating me so I can marry her in a year? I already have this shit planned out, but I need to be dating her exactly one year before proposing. I already have the ring.
I suppose that's true. If she's afraid of a rubber vagina than I doubt she's worth dating anyway. What can I say? Pussy feels really really good and when I can't have it (which is most of the time) this is a good substitute.
That's pretty simple desu. Have you ever seen a bigger pair of tits before but find them ugly by virtue of shape or something? I prefer bigger tits myself, but if they're super fake I'll find them a lot less attractive than a smaller pair.
I think you answered my question backwards but thanks for the input. I'm going to probe a little and see what happens :)
There's this extremely friendly girl who is friends like everyone. I have near zero chance with her, but I figured it would be worth it to at least try. However, I recently saw her being really friendly with another guy, more than usual. She put both her hands on his face to say hi to him, and even plopped down next to him on the couch (without giving him a chance to move over yet). He seemed not too excited though.
What are they chances that he's just some poor chap who got friendzoned hard? Or is she most likely into him?
Guys: How do I get over insecurity issues and fears of my girlfriend either falling for someone else, or outright cheating on me.

Girls: How long would you put up with an insecure boyfriend who always snoops and probes into your life?

I'm a huge insecure fuckhead. Whenever my girlfriend wants to chill by herself to play video-games, I instantly assume she'll be talking to guys online. When that happens, I often confirm my prejudice and notice she's added a dude to her steam and is playing video games with them.

I then do this mental process where I imagine how it's possible she's cheating, like what if she's going around saying she's single? What if this guy sweeps her off her feet? What if, what if, what if.. I'm so sick of it.

She hasn't done anything to betray my trust (that I know of) in the year that we have dated. I think my first ever relationship is to blame, I was cheated on horribly, and I fear I'm projecting my insecurity onto this relationship.

I really need some advice.
I am a guy. I have a female friend who's really feely-touchy over me and I hang out with her quite frequently. She even says to her parents that she hangs out with me. She has a boyfriend, I have no intention to fuck/romance her, etc.

Would you ever be jealous in this case? If I were a boyfriend I'd be pretty much jealous.
>Girls: How long would you put up with an insecure boyfriend who always snoops and probes into your life?
About 5 minutes.
theres this girl from my college that i met online, she told me that she knew how i looked because she saw me at the bar we used to frequent.
Now everytime i ask her to meet up someday she always makes excuses or says that she doesnt feel it at the moment.
should i just take it as a nothings gonna happen so stop trying?
It takes two for a marriage to happen anon. Your best bet is completely ignore her. Maybe she will then up her game and do something with you (1%) or you will be able to FINALLY move on with your life (99%). You dont win ladys heart by being desperate, needy or insecure. Why cant you just accept the truth? Life isnt disney movie. Sometimes you have to accept harsh truth and move on.

Well you can always put it to some box so she wont find out until it will be too late to drop you over something as petty as this.

Ask her on date, get rejected and move on. Dont end up like that anon who refuses to move one even after 10 years of friendzone cuckery.

Ignoring them. Human brain is very powerful tool. Repeat something long enough and you will start believing. In your case, simply tell yourself that your worries have no ground to be true. Relationships are about mutual trust and respect. Learn to trust your girl or break up right away. No way around it.

Jealousy is a healthy mechanism which maked our specie to evole like it did. But dont let it control your life to such degree. And remember, you can always tell her about your worries to ease the pain. Work on it together with her.

Looks like you managed to successfully friendzone a girl. Good work anon! If you want to rub the salt into wound, date her female friends.

Since you are from same school, push your luck a little and ask her if she has bf. You will see yourself where the convo will lead. You have nothing to lose. And if it wont lead anywhere, you can safely assume she isnt interested. There is difference between
>i cant hang out with you at X
>i cant hang out with you at X, but i could at Y
she already finished college, i am at my last semester, she doesnt have a boyfriend but she does mention her ex from time to time.
i asked her if we could hang out two weeks ago, she said sure to smoke weed then we made plans but we couldnt agree on a day so i just left it there. Told her today the same thing and she told me that she saw some of her exs things and she doesnt feel like smoking.
Do girls ever change their mind about people? As a guy, I have fallen for people up to a year after meeting them, but from what people tell me, with girls it's pretty much either you are or aren't attracted to someone when you meet them and that's it
Should I just ask this girl on Tinder if she's down to fuck? It's freaking me out to say something like that, but I want to have it tried at least.
Your post doesnt imply you will ask her on date. Just do it!

They do, but it is rare. Why do you ask? Stucked in friendzone?

Stop pretending to be chad and ask for netflix and chill. It is basically the same, but more covert.
Why do you have to be covert rather than direct?
Wait wait why wouldn't girls ask me out, ever? Yes my skin is melanated but is that really why?
Thoughts on if a girl plays with her hair, and kinda walks away with her arms spread out like a kid playing plane?
File: ask him on date.jpg (220 KB, 600x881)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
If you were that type of person who is direct, you wouldnt be here asking about it. Stop pretending to be somebody else and just ask her on date.

There was a HUGE thread about why girls will NEVER ask boys on dates. The tldr version is because nature, instinctics, society, values and difference in sexuality and morale support.

It is not about your skin color, but about your gender. Ask some girl on date, get rejected, repeat it enough times until you land a wife and be happy. This is how it works. Or die virgin. Your choice. Pic related is FICTION i use to meme femanons who are flustered by certain boy, but he is oblivious to any advances from her. And they still dont do it. Girls simply lack balls to ask you out.

No idea mate. Tried to ask her out?
>No idea mate. Tried to ask her out?
I may try, still. Not too sure though. She's done some other stuff too, but IDK if shes just normally like that or what
For both genders: how often do you see your partner? Only seeing each other once a week or less is pretty much friend-tier, isn't it?
What does this even mean? Friend-tier? Sometimes your schedules don't align. That doesn't suddenly make your relationship from romantic to platonic. Do you kiss and fuck your friends? Are you as close emotionally with your friends as you are with your S/O?
You guys are adults. You've got your own shit going on. Quit over thinking this.
That's weird. I just got texts from her on Discord saying not to message her at all, because I've been messaging her mom the whole time. She never did actually get her stuff back. What in the fuck.
I'm saying, if you see each other that little consistently, It's not a serious relationship. You're pretty much friends with benefits at that point.
What? No. Weekends are really typical times to be able to see your S/O. Weekdays are super fucking busy. That doesn't make you any less serious. The seriousness has everything to do with how emotionally committed you are - A serious distance couple who sees each other every weekend or once a month could be talking about long term plans, and moving in together, and how twitterpated they are. A FWB couple could be seeing and fucking each other every day, but that doesn't mean that they want anything more than FWB.
Her mom is probably freaked out by some adult dude with "pure intentions" talking with her underage kid. Particularly if she's a controlling and abusive mom.
Look, you can't save this kid. It isn't your job, and you've overstepped your bounds. You got her to talk to counsellors and to get help. That's all you can do. It is not appropriate for you two to be friends.
I would be shocked if she doesn't have a crush on you. This is speaking as a bonefide female who thought she could handle "just friends" with cool adult males. You are some man talking to a minor on the internet and you can't escape that fact.
How important is sex in a relationship
>If you are so broke you cant even buy bus tickets or attend some event, you are in no position for dating. You wouldnt have money to pay for meal anyway.

I can buy stuff but not every weekend, i ask because i see a lot of people hangin out every weekend and thats an expense i cant afford (currently im supporting my parents because they are unemployed)
I realized that I have overstepped my bounds. But I can't just stop talking to her.
So I'm not a virgin but I'm definitely one of these sad type guys that you all hate.

If a girl really likes a guy she'll show obvious desire and basically be your girlfriend before you even ask, right? So how is asking a girl out anything but setting yourself up to be hurt when she does run into that guy?
To women in general, it has everything to do with what their sex drive is like. Some women would be perfectly content and even prefer a sexless relationship. Other women would feel dissatisfied if they weren't having sex multiple times a day.

Personally, sex for me makes me feel loved, wanted, and useful. It makes me happy to see my actions clearly causing my boyfriend pleasure. It makes me all fuzzy inside to know that he's willing to do things to bring me pleasure. Without it, I would feel a little bad that he isn't willing to do that for me, and that I don't have that outlet to make him happy. Being close physically is important for me regardless of the sex- hugging, kissing, cuddling. I need that to be grounded and happy. It doesn't feel great to be rejected from those things.
Some girls don't show obvious desire. There are shy and/or sad girls out there who won't do that. Sometimes it takes times to get to know a guy before a girl can like him. Sometimes she likes him right away. It depends. I think you're just trying to make up excuses to never try and be self defeatist.
You are asking wrong question. You are obviously not satisfied with your relationship in the matter of how many times you see / fuck / cuddle / play csgo each other and just want confirmation bias about X do X Z times and use it as an argument to slap your partner in their face with. That is not how you do relationships.

You do it by sharing your converns, talking with them about it, making sure you BOTH understand where the problem is and trying to find compromise which will be ok for both parties. Tldr learn how to communicate adequately with your partner or you will join the divorce statistics in the future.

Ideal case is to live together so you kinda see them every day and kiss and cuddle them inbthe evening or morning. But we dont live in ideal world...

Tldr talk with them, dont collect useless statistics like how often you have sex.

Hit facebook and serach for pages of the city you live in. People pay huge money to ads companies so people like you are able to find what events are going to be so somebody actually attends them.

Yes. All you have to do is to use actions instead of words and if she will like you enough, she will do the rest. Dont lie, dont pretend to be somebody else, but for the love of god dont talk about love. That is HER job.

Spam invitations on dates, smile at her, handhold her, cuddle her, fuck her brains out, bribg her flowers whatever but dont talk about your deep unconditional love.
>setting yourself up to be hurt
Getting hurt is part of growing up. And it doesnt hurt much when you see it coming beforehand. But you give up before the battle even comes. That is losers attitude. You want to have attitude
>i will win or die trying

Sex is a good indicator of how your relationship is going. Even married couples for decades fucks each other like rabbits if everything is ok. Too bad that often stress, cheating, lack of communication and taking your partner for granted breaks things up.
>Guys: How do I get over insecurity issues and fears of my girlfriend either falling for someone else, or outright cheating on me.

You being afraid she might leave you other says:
1.) You are afraid you aren't worth being with
2.) You don't trust her and how sure she is of her own decisions.
3.) You don't trust that the experiences and good times you've shared are genuine.

But all of that circles back to: You don't trust her because you don't respect your own worth or think you're "good" enough.

Fix that.

Make your self be someone you can be proud of and who think is worth being around.

>Would you ever be jealous in this case? If I were a boyfriend I'd be pretty much jealous.


I know who I am, I know what I've got to offer, I trust my own sense of judgement to know what kind of person my girl is and that her mentality and character is such that she's worth my trust. I believe in the fact that I'm open and straightforward enough in my communications that I have a solid base to rely on and utilize to talk things though first should either of us have any problems with the relationship.

And if one day I'm proven wrong and she can't see that? Fuck it, her problem not mine. Her loss.

>For both genders: how often do you see your partner? Only seeing each other once a week or less is pretty much friend-tier, isn't it?

Weekends. Because you know real life. We live in different cities and both have full time jobs. Trying to look for an apartment halfway between us though.
File: 1496471478097.jpg (88 KB, 720x405)
88 KB
Guys and other girls...I don't know how to handle this situation because I'm so freakin dumb and naive--I'm a classic female KHV, classic ex-landwhale.

There's a dude next door and I don't know what to think about him. Huge offers of help bring stuff to my room and spontaneous chats, sometimes visiting me...he hasn't introduced himself to the rest of my dorm, or even to say hi to them when they're around.

He's not just sweet, he's attractive as sin; very tall with a majestic bod, blonde, cute face, sometimes wearing glasses. And he's also a bit of a bigwig around here because he's leader of the university's student org among others. I don't believe he actually likes me like my dormmates suggest or "sense". Stiiiill...I thought about it and I think that I'd like to be able to be his friend. He seems like a cool guy to know, y'know?

I just don't even know how to talk to guys. No, really. My dad died when I was 9 and from there I've never gotten any guy friends...I'm really hopeless. How should I be his friend without fucking things up?
I guess this is for girls:
I'm a virgin, and will probably not be one for much longer. I've seen comments online about how guys who are virgins/inexperienced tend to have "bad rhythm". What the fuck does this mean? How do you have good "rhythm" during sex?
You posted this few days ago already right? You talk with boys like you would talk with girls. But this time it will be even easier because you have boobs.
But the real question is why dont you ask him "on date"?

Think less and cuddle the bitch more.
Hey I was wondering what time did you start craving cock
>Why do you ask? Stucked in friendzone?

Yeah, asked a girl out a few weeks ago and she turned me down, still kinda overthinking things I guess. She gave me a million signals that told me I should go for it, and even after she turned me down, we get along extremely well.

I guess I'm just trying to rationalize why her actions say yes when her mouth says no.
Only 2 major bitchy moments in your 4 year relationship you are doing damb fine
There is only one way from the friendzone: cuck her by fucking/dating her female friends!
File: 1502324906049.jpg (23 KB, 290x324)
23 KB
desu that was kind of my plan, but the cute friend I met a while back I haven't seen since, and according to her facebook she lives in a different state so who knows what's up with that

Basically I was either going to date one of her friends to see if it makes her jealous, or just straight up move away for a few years and see if she's changed her mind when I move back. I'm not hinging everything on this girl suddenly deciding she's attracted to me, but I'd sure as hell like a chance at dating her
Is there any way to ask a girl out without potentially ruining an established friendship if she rejects?

I'm on good terms with the girl I like, and I don't want to compromise the friendship I have with her since she's a good person.
File: 1499481178964.png (99 KB, 552x336)
99 KB
Thanks for the link.
And that post was just something related. Since then I've grown to like him rather than just "shrug him off", so to speak.

I'm shit with talking to girls too and probably the awkwardest mess on campus, so, yeah, no. A relationship is out of the question. And aside from what my heart or perhaps my lady parts make me feel, I want to get to know him. He's an opportunity to just...well, be normal, to have a friend who's entirely unlike me. And something in me wants a guy in my life that I can just look up to, who cares for me and I him...I never had that. No need to complicate it with sex.

Asking him on a date, be it platonic or romantic, would be quick way for me to fuck everything up this early in the game. I'm just not competent or attractive enough to pull it off.
Not really. She's going to know you want her. It'd be awkward as fuck forever
File: 1421971305910.jpg (26 KB, 274x321)
26 KB
I think the answer is if you're both really friends, it'll be okay if you handle a rejection well

I got turned down a few weeks ago and things don't really feel awkward between me and the girl at all, which is kind of a miracle. I'm sure she thinks about it like I do when we're talking, but I guess we're just being adults about it.
But the original post said that they listened and replied, the replies were just short? No idea where you got ignoring from. Plus, if someone feels sick and tired from listening to people, how is that supposed to change just because of the person they're listening to? Your message seems to imply that because this sickness/tiredness problem isn't magically cured by the power of love that she doesn't care about her boyfriend? What kind of logic is that?

You were so desperate to tell everyone on an anonymous imageboard that you're an amazing girlfriend that you didn't even read the post properly and typed your own message so fast it's full of errors. I want you to think about that.
Where do you guys/girls go to meet friends? My last ones have been gone for two years.

I'm so angry all of the time, it's a never ending cycle of constant rage for the stupidity of others and their indignant ways others mistreat the people around them without a care in the world. I'm so bitter and callous I've turned away every one of my old friends, it's like some people just can't accept reality. According to them I "Don't have to be blunt all the time" and I'm the asshole. I think it's important to make it clear that I'm not a R9K and I harbor no prejudice against anyone as an individual. Where do I meet people who aren't going to react like this if I give them an honest opinion?
Channel your cynicism into humour.

I did that years ago and I've been complimented by guys and girls for my bluntness.
How do I begin channeling my distaste for other people into humor? Do you have any suggestions or examples on where to begin?

I just started dating this really great girl a few weeks ago. We haven’t had sex yet because I told her I want to wait a month or so. But, I feel sad sometimes when I think that her past boyfriends probably fucked her silly. I’ve only had sex once before and it wasn’t even a good experience, so I can’t help these thoughts. do you ever get thoughts like this?
Not a grill but have dated girls like this. It's not that weird, plenty of people have been raped/molested etc. and have boundaries that they need respecting.

If you haven't, it might be a good idea to tell the girl "I've had a bad sexual experience and need to take it slow" or something.
It's a little complicated, but the best thing to do is to watch comedians and use them as a point of reference. The funniest people always tend to be people who are cynical and self-loathing. What's also important is to make fun of yourself, to show that you're not pretentious.

Here's an example:
If you think what someone is wearing is stupid (let's say ripped jeans), try saying something like: "Is that a fashion choice there? If so, I'm glad- You had me worried that you'd tripped and hurt yourself. Then again, I wore some stupid shit when I was a kid. You know, there was this one time when... (insert embrassing experience here)".

I didn’t mean rape. I meant just like she’s probably had ultra intense sex with her past boyfriends. It’s just intimidating as fuck to think about.

Like, I’ve only had sex once and it was fucking terrible. That happened 7 years ago. I’m not complaining saying “oh I wish I fucked more girls” but I just have no fucking clue what I’m doing
It doesn't do you any good to dwell on these weird fantasies of yours. There's no telling if she was tied up and railed or if she had awkward and infrequent sex or if she had no sex at all.
It also doesn't do you any good to be mad at yourself about these intrusive thoughts. It happens to all of us, experienced or not.

Just remember that sex is less about technique and more about how you feel about each other. If you like her, and you feel comfortable and at ease around her, and you want to make her feel good, then it's going to go great. You don't need to be some Casanova right out of the gates.

Part of a new relationship is getting to know each others' bodies. Think of it as a discovery. You're exploring each other. You'll testing out different things and seeing how she reacts and she'll do the same with you. Even if you did have good experience, there's no saying that she likes the same kind of foreplay and fucking as any previous girls.

You need to lower your expectations for yourself.
File: 1501834693613.gif (465 KB, 500x282)
465 KB
465 KB GIF
Think rhythm in terms of dancing. Sometimes she may want a nice slow dance, real gentle and smooth; just seduce the fuck out of her and make her beg for you to whip out your spicy salsa moves and pound her pussy into a hot pico de gallo. pic related is an example of "bad" rhythm though that's completely subjective and statistically there's more likely than not a woman whose pussy is dripping at the thought of a guy fucking her like this.

What's really important is consistency and paying attention to your girl's reaction, don't overthink it and have FUN 8=D
how do I increase my libido as a guy? if I stop jacking off but have sex nightly is my libido going to be any different?
How is pic related bad rhythm? This gif repeats on one thrust, so for all we can see he has perfect metronomic rhythm. Which is exactly what consistency is

I like her a lot and she likes me. But even still, what if I fuck up really bad? I mean, we are both 28 years old. So surely she must have some expectations of me in the bed. She’s told me dozens off times how she really sees me as a quality man and how she’s impressed by my career and maturity. I just think she’s going to be utterly disappointed when we get intimate. Surely she’s has intense sex with past boyfriends. I don’t think that’s something I’ll be able to provide. I’m a fucking novice and this shit
look at his hands. look at what his head is directly facing. he's literally using his feet to bounce in and out. it's not good form, looks mechanical. just my take
Sorry, shitty gif. It's from a popular tv show so I figured some people might be familiar with the scene I was referencing. This is a better example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcw1nY8Yqys

Anyway, like I said, it's subjective.
Any more?
What should I think about a female friend who is drunk texting me at 1 am with a boyfriend

>"I want you in my life forever"

Should I be concerned.
I don't really see how that's bad form, I wouldn't think much if my boyfriend assumed that position. It looks a little awkward and uncomfortable for him, but eh. Sometimes sex is a little awkward. I certainly wouldn't suggest uncomfortable for anyone- if you're uncomfortable, readjust!
I wouldn't really notice his head position, since I'd usually have my face buried in his shoulder anyway.
But form doesn't really have anything to do with rhythm.

Yeah, I don't know this show. I can see now how his rhythm is awful, no consistency to it at all. You're right, it's a great example about what not to do. He's also oblivious to her signals. She's obviously not really enjoying herself. He should have taken extra care to engage her- kissing her, biting her neck, running his hands through her hair. But the fact that she's so not turned on at this point shows that he really failed at his foreplay.

So update, called her once tonight just to see what was going on, went to voicemail again. I don't fucking get it. And I know she ain't dead because I checked her FB and she's been on there today.


This is fucking bullshit.
Have you left her a voicemail or text that would open up the conversation? You could even just ask, "So what happened to our date?"
Dump her, you don't need her, she clearly doesn't care so neither should you.
If it were me, I'd stop reaching out at this point... at least for a couple days.
Have you left her a voicemail or text that would open up the conversation? You could even just ask, "So what happened to our date?"
In the end, you have to decide if you want to date a chick like this.

didn't bother with voice mail because her inbox has been full for like a month. i did text her this morning saying i had just woke up, then i called her, she hasn't responded to my text. i think she knows i'm pissed off. next time i talk to her i intend to ask her, but i know she'll deflect. Last week when we were supposed to meet it was "I'm so sorry but I got hurt at work and overslept"


i've loaned her like $1000 since august and given her shit and I've had a crush on her for half my life, so i can't just drop this thing senpai. but after reading internet guides and listening to you fellas it's clear to me that she doesn't care too much. but she's the one always initiating contact so i don't get what her fucking deal is.


that's my plan, i guess either tomorrow or monday she'll send me a text saying 'hey' or 'what are you doing' because it's her usual MO.


again, it's no use. she'll get mad at me and then guilt trip me because guys have treated her poorly and i'm supposed to be her friend and etc, and then i get sad and apologize. it's not really healthy but if she'd just realize i'm the best option for her, and I know that makes me the "nice guy" but damnit i don't have options here and she's about the only person, especially woman, that was ever nice and polite to me and treated me with even a small amount of respect back in the day
File: Annu Mari.png (279 KB, 1024x576)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
I've been trying to get together with this girl for a few weeks. I don't understand, honestly. Here's the situation:
We see each other a few days a week outside of class. She's nice, easy to talk to, and we're into the same stuff. So, naturally, I start asking her to do things together - check out campus events, get together to play games, etc. She always says she's interested, would love to, etc., and seems excited that we share interests, BUT is also the busiest person I've ever met and doesn't seem interested in making time to do anything. Every time I've talked to her, she's burnt out about something, I mean this girl is "on" and she knows it. Very self-deprecating about how hard she pushes herself.

Should I just stop asking her to do anything? I genuinely can't tell if she's merely masking her disinterest in li'l old me or if she's truly "on" all the time and can't turn off.
Why in the everloving fuck have you "loaned" aka given her money? And that much?
Just because you've made stupid financial decisions with this broad doesn't mean that you are doomed to spend your life with an asshole who doesn't respect your time. Move on. You've blatantly said that she manipulates you. She isn't nice to you, she isn't polite to you, she doesn't respect you. Find some respect for yourself. You don't deserve all this stress she causes you. You'd be better off with your hand.
Her fucking deal is that she likes attention and money when it's convenient for her, and you're willing to give her both

I get it man, but you can't let yourself be walked on like this. Cut contact until enough time has passed or she has a damn good excuse for ignoring you. She's not gonna value you until you value yourself
File: gom_jabbar.jpg (84 KB, 489x700)
84 KB
Are women in general empaths? I usually have a stone face and am never really expressive with my emotions, but I've had gfs and other women be able to just tell when Im sad or depressed. How do they do this? especially since Im an autist who has a really hard time noticing when a gf is upset unless shes really upfront about it.
Is it ever a good idea to admit you have a crush on one of your friends, whether they’re the same gender as you or not?
Women are generally more empathetic than men, yes. There's probably a biological aspect, but at the very least it's socially expected of them, so they get trained to.

>Why in the everloving fuck have you "loaned" aka given her money? And that much?

Her son's father doesn't support the kid, she was out of work for about a week because she was sick, small paycheck, she needed to get him clothes for school. Then about two weeks later she needed to pay rent for that month. She told me nobody helps her out with anything and she struggles and works a lot I feel obligated. When we were in school years ago people would call her whore and slut and I didn't stand up for her; I just let the people call her that. I was a bad friend. and i should have been in her life a lot sooner than now, so there's things i have to make up for by not being there for her. she raises two kids on her own and it's not a "ton" of money for me and i'd rather it go to someone who can use it, and she promised she'll pay me back

>Just because you've made stupid financial decisions with this broad doesn't mean that you are doomed to spend your life with an asshole who doesn't respect your time. Move on. You've blatantly said that she manipulates you. She isn't nice to you, she isn't polite to you, she doesn't respect you. Find some respect for yourself. You don't deserve all this stress she causes you. You'd be better off with your hand.

I have Asperger's. This is the only girl I've ever felt a real connection with. I have tried dating for years and years and years. I want a family. She already has kids. Even I understand she's not been very cordial towards me but I have to make sacrifices at this point in my life if I'm going to be with someone, and there's only so many people I can trust. I agree it is a lot of stress for me though, but I'm so happy when I'm around her, holding her, that it's a feeling I want over and over again


maybe it's because im a splerg but if i provide everything you need, logic says to stay with it. i mean if a money tree pops up in my yard, i'm not going to ignore it because it's shitting out 100's 24/7.
>son's father doesn't support the kid


>but if i provide everything you need, logic says to stay with it

No, you don't provide everything she needs. You provide attention and money. She needs someone who isn't a pathetic fuck who doesn't understand how relationships work.
Do women like getting hit on in church?

she's had two children with two different men and one of them was black, so she's a southern woman with a biracial child. she can't be that goddamn picky. everyone in town knows her reputation.

>be in school in 2006
>boys find out who i crush on
>they start laughing
>what's so funny?
>that's good if you want your dick sucked but to be your girlfriend? HAHAHAHAHAHA

We were like best friends in high school. we talked a lot, she was the only person i talked to outside of school, and she even invited me over to her house last time i was with her and i got to play with her hair and hold her and shit but her daughter was up and i didn't want to try to push a move. The other men might view her as a whore, but to me she's the same angelic girl whom i still remember the first time i ever saw her in the 8th grade. and I want to be there for her, to grow old together with her.,

besides, she said her first boyfriend trapped her into a relationship by getting her pregnant, she never loved him, if i hadn't moved for a year because my dad got another job i might have been able to been her BF instead of her running to an older man and knocking out a child. and if i had been around after she left him, i might have been with her when she had the second child, so in a way those children are mine
Are you for fucking real? You're in love with a slut who churns out babies, ignores you, and takes your money, and you see no issue with this?

You need serious help that people here can't provide.

I see a lot of issues with it, but I am 0-27 on women in the past several years and I'm running out of patience. Plus this girl was always sweet to me. I mean, I'd give her money for drugs sometimes and would do homework for her and help her cheat on tests, which looks bad, but she'd talk to me for hours over the phone during the Summers and we'd hang out at the roller rink and we'd go dancing and she has this infectious smile and glisten in her eyes. makes my heart melt

I thought I was over her, but she added me on FB earlier this year and when we met in person again for the first time in years ... it happened. same old feelings, my dick bursting through my pants, chest beating, hell I've lost over 15 pounds since i started talking to her again and got a new job. She's motivated me to improve myself so that I can show my worth to her so that maybe she'll be with me because that's been my one life goal for the past 13 years was to be able to call her my girlfriend and proudly show her off to everyone and then eventually give her a house and live a quiet life where i get to kiss her every morning and rub her feet every evening and cook for her and protect her so that she doesn't have to keep going through the cycle she went through when she was younger
I really like this girl
And we get along in person but like she's really slow at texting

She was complaining how her friends never go out to things like haunted houses and I said we could go if she ever wanted and her response was just "that sounds cool"

Not sure if I fucked this up but I really like this girl and that was the last time we talked
(Earlier today)
What do I do :(
Find a specific haunted house and offer to take her at a specific time.
Right but you don't think she was like blowing me off
Kinda saying like "uhhhhhh yea maybe but no" cause like that's how I'm feeling

You find out for sure when you ask her dipshit.
Jesus sorry man
What are some things girls do casually/accidentally that turn you on?

Feel free to relay specific stories.
Interested so will post in the new thread
>Is it ever a good idea to admit you have a crush on one of your friends
It's fine if you ask them out right after.
>whether they’re the same gender as you or not?
Make sure they're actually gay.

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