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Should I learn how to drive
Even though self-driving cars are just around the corner, you will still need to be ready to take over at any time, so a driver's license will come in handy.
Where are you from? If somewhere, where getting a driver's license comes expensive (Germany), you should think more about it.
It'll give you a giant chunk of freedom. Not just at home, but on holiday if you want to rent a car as well. I think it's a positive, healthy thing to get a license if you can afford it.
I'm from the U.S. I don't know if a licence cost any thing
oh yeah, just go get one.
Don't really know how to drive all that well though
That's why you take lessons. License isn't strictly expensive, but if you need to pay someone to teach you that can get quite costly.
Don't you have to have permit first
only so you can drive yourself into the nearest tree at an incredibly high speed. just kill yourself already.
Not sure on US laws. In the UK you need to apply for a learner's permit but that's literally a single form you fill in. In NL you just... get in the car with a licensed teacher.
Do you like being away from the house?
Yes, and for God's sake learn to drive stick
Why stick?
Isn't it harder
You'll be glad to have it should you invest your time in it. Supposing you're in the US, read your state's driving manual from cover to cover, take the permit test, get some practice on the road with someone that can ride shotgun, and finish off with your diving exam. Don't spend your time until you'll regret it, it's super handy and the sooner the better to get this finished.
Normal automatics have 2 pedals.

Sticks have 3 pedals, with the stick shift having over 5 positions.

The benefits of learning stick is you have more control if your car, you able to drive sports cars and big trucks, you get extra hair on your balls, cheaper bill from the mechanic, etc

Cons is that its a bitch to drive in the city.

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