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>like a girl
>talk to her for a few weeks, we go on a date
>a week or two after the date she says we should only be friends
>decide to just be friends because therapist says i need more friends anyway
>drunk texts me one night saying "im going home with someone, dont hate me"
>wake up and see the text
>filled with anger and overall weirdness
>just a lot of pent up emotion
>decide to call a hooker, because fuck it
>will leave sex with hooker details out otherwise this green text is too long
>long story short, book her for 30 mins, she ends up staying for 2 hours
>escort texts me later that night and gives me her real name and number
>escort asks to come see me today
>comes over
>we have sex, doesnt ask for money, leaves without being paid
>says all kind of cuddley stuff that makes me think shes fallen for me
>what do i do anons?

other factors that are somewhat related
>know another girl who has a bf, girl told me she loves me about one month ago when she was drunk
>also another girl that ive been talking to for a while, 90% sure i could have hooked up with her

what the fuck do i do guys
>Escort once and now she's fallen for me

shit that literally never happened and never will happen
File: 126096288132.jpg (56 KB, 413x550)
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She is trying to get more money. Women are pure evil and don't feel emotions such as love. They cry on command and manipulate you emotionally.

You're making a big mistake OP!

You can trust a twink, you can even trust a trap. But women, never.

Just get yourself a japanese girlfriend(male)

You'll be so much happier.
then why did she come over today and sleep with me for free?
why did she say stuff like "i just want to text you and see you, hang out with you all day"
To trick you into giving her more overall money down the line retard.

Unless you're from the bizzaro dimension you should know girlfriends are MORE expensive than hookers. She's "fallen" for countless other gullible guys just like you before.
Listen to this guy anon

My advice is to keep fucking her for free, but do not date her or have a relationship, you are a mark, she probably has one or two of you at a time going on while she escorts on the side.

You'll end up paying for her quality of life instead of her sex. Stick to fuckin, and be as cheap as possible
Sounds like you have some serious emotional issues.
This guy. GET IT. If it really does turn into something you'll know because you won't be paying loadsamone. If it turns into loadsamone, you had your fun just get gone.
Once escorts see you're a good lay you get it for free m8. You think they can get pounded for a living and not become insatiable for better sex?
File: 1471633169754.gif (841 KB, 350x262)
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841 KB GIF

>Actually believing that a hooker fell for you.
You told an escort where you live?
You dumb fuck. Immediately (9am Monday) buy renter's insurance.

Expect her crew to burglar your apartment the first chance they get.

NEVER tell a hooker where you live. If she will commit prostitution, what makes you think she will fear robbery?
Top level kek. This is how it works in the business world.

>know another girl who has a bf, girl told me she loves me about one month ago when she was drunk
Everyone loves everyone when they're drunk dipshit.
This true. A trick told me she loved me and stole my keys bro. When I told her I changed the locks she flipped.
relax guys OP has a big head and it is going to serve him well. stop roasting him. confidence is good
Why the fuck did you give us all the information about your failed date? We don't need to know why you fucked the hooker. Even if we did, you could have summed it up by saying
>Was mad at a girl who rejected me, so I hired an escort

Why is the information about the first broad relevant? Do you want advice on how to get with her? Do you want to date the escort? Are you trying to figure out how to establish a professional distance with the escort? Do you want advice on fucking the other two girls? What do you want?
fwiw shes stated she likes me several times
first time she used the l word tho

i just felt like venting anon, and am completely at a loss as to what to do in general
>when it turns out anon lost his keys and lost a girl he accused of stealing his keys
To determine what to do, you first must decide what you want. Let's start slow:
Do you want to date the escort?
File: 1500771419402.jpg (70 KB, 526x686)
70 KB
>"Hey what's your new gf do for a living anon?"
>She fucks random dudes for money. Shits so cash.
>"Oh c-cool..."
File: 1504421472180.jpg (48 KB, 540x720)
48 KB
>"hey how did you two meet?"
>i met her when i was looking for a hooker and paid to to fuck her
Well, if he doesn't want to date someone who is a hooker, then it's rather obvious what he wants, and the next step would be to determine how to let this chick down. But he needs to actually say that he doesn't want to date the hooker.
Nah it's bad bro we hung out after that twice then she ghosted me
Build a fucking harem you uber chad that's what.
Apparently this happens to a lot of guys

Escorts will have one or two lucky guys they decide is safe or green enough to give freebies like this as bait. So on the side of their grind, they will slow cook this greenhorn like a hobby project into hopefully giving huge returns for affection. These women are extremely money minded, pretty admirable desu.
Any idiot can fool an idiot, so it's not that admirable. Pulling this on a guy that actually has some sense would be admirable.

Happened to me.

>driving down interstate on way home
>girl on side of road struggling to change tire in SUV
>stop and help her because, well, that's just how i am
>offers to "repay" me
>I politely decline, she insists because "I do it for a living"
>Half jokingly, state "if you want to repay me, you can let me take you on a date later" and gave her my business card
>She actually calls the same day and we go out on a date
>end up dating for ~4 months
>she was amazing in bed
>fake tits too, which was a first for me
>but she was somewhat pricey on outings and such
>didn't put two and two together
>ended it after four months because she was high maintenance and I found out she had a felony conviction for meth possession and hadn't stopped escorting like she promised.
>luckily on the above, she only dated "high end" (she charges $300/hr) so no STD's, and yes, I got tested early and often.

Granted I got much more sex than money invested, and she had a kid so I think she was genuinely interested in a relationship and something past "escorting", but just too many red flags. Plus cops started following me around some; later found out from a Sheriff's Deputy friend that she was known and they thought I was her new pimp...

So yea, not worth the trouble. A lot of fucking drama and that wasn't even the worst part. My mom found out what she did for a living. I still get shit about that three fucking years after I stopped dating her
>is a whore
>"Let me take u on a date"

Jesus christ anon that is literally the most beta thing I have EVER heard
File: hqdefault.jpg (28 KB, 480x360)
28 KB
That's retarded man. You should've just fucked her there and left it as a nice memory of "it was cool when i fucked a woman that had broken down at the side of the road" but instead you've got memories dating a hooker and of people suspecting you of being a pimp.
hooker needs a place to stay i bet
>300 per hour
>high end
anon pls
This. She wasn't backpage level but she wasn't high end either kek.
$300 is low end independent here in san jose, granted cost of living is ridiculously high. < $300 is basically saying hello i'm trafficked.

what is your definition of backpage level?

Where I live normal is 60-80/hr, 150 is higher end


im too naive and kind for my own good. in high school i turned down a threesome because i was afraid of getting in trouble for skipping class


yea, i know bro
In my country, backpage starts at $100 and even then those are pretty gross and more than likely STD farms. $300 is when things actually get decent.
>Where I live normal is 60-80/hr, 150 is higher end
does anyone there bother with a gf/wife when pussy is that cheap?
File: 1503842273741.gif (944 KB, 480x270)
944 KB
944 KB GIF
>$300 p/h
>high end
nah nigga, you were with a back page or at most a brothel tier hooker.
She's trying to make you a sugar daddy. This is standard escort game.
>what the fuck do i do guys

be grateful you even get attention from women
i dont want to date her
but my dick says sex
she knows im a broke fuck student
i went two years without touching a women or having any meaningful contact with women and now suddenly im awash with this shit show of drama and women, its just weird, and part of me feels so unprepared that id rather revert back to my "0 meaningful contact with women" life

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