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How do I move out when the only studios near me are like $1500+

I'm not even poor
Move somewhere shittier?
You don't. Keep saving your money until you have 5 grand or so as a safety net, then move somewhere that isn't a nightmare. You clearly live in a very big city, or near a big city. You're a fool to stay there if you do not have a job that makes that high of rent cost affordable to you. It's pissing money away needlessly. So save your shekels and move to a place with rent that's under a grand.

Rent a room, possibly with a shared bathroom. Network through friends to get it, or Craigslist etc.

I pay $1600/month for the larger/nicer half of a 2BR/2BA in a mid-to-high-end condo building with a friend downtown in a major city.

Studios in newer/'luxury' apartment buildings here are about $1600-1800/month but lonelier and higher share of the utilities.

I'm dating a student who rents a small room in a 3BR/1BA slightly outside downtown by her campus for like $500/month.

There are always options. Unless you live in SF/Vancouver/Manhattan in which case you need to live in a neighboring town/borough instead.
>You clearly live in a very big city, or near a big city.

I don't think it's even one of America's top 10 biggest cities. And I live in the suburbs at least 25 minutes away from it.
Is Craigslist really the best site for this?
idk just interview the prospective roommates beforehand. like anon wrote, network with friends if possible
I live in Chicago, rent is cheap here if you're willing to not live in a super hipster or whites only rich person neighborhood. My point is, the size of the city doesn't directly reflect the rent amount. You should move to an area where the rent isn't so damn expensive. The other guy is right, 5k savings should be a nice safety net to do that with.
Don't move somewhere near you where it's $1500+, duh. Look in suburbs and surrounding areas near cities - you'll still find a job in the city that pays well and live in a place that's at least affordable while only having to commute like 30 minutes tops. You just have to look around and reel in a catch if you see an opening because renting is terrible. In my area the rental availability is less than 1 per cent. It's ridiculous since the market is controlled by landlords and they can literally rent out to anyone because so many people are looking.

This is just to say that you have to look around for a place, but don't expect to find the perfect spot your first time around. Just don't move into a place that has a month to month lease, those are definitely shitty areas.

You'll be able to find a cozy 1 bedroom or studio for around $1000-$1200 in the suburbs that is a family-oriented neighbourhood with little crime. If you're lucky you might have an awesome landlord that likes to get to know their tenants like a friend. (Those are the best.)
Move. https://www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/Kansas/Wichita/Pawnee-Park-Apartments/26246/

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