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>Be 23 in developing country
>live peacefully on neetbux
>Have Asian mom with mood swings throw an tantrum
>Be forced to to go university or get kicked out
>Want to own a business or work freelance and not be a wagecuck
>Dunno what to study?

I’m good at Sciences and find Humanities painfully boring (especially History and Law)
You don't need a degree to own a business. You need a marketable idea with a service or product people need/want. School won't impart that idea on you. You have to be clever and inventive enough to come up with those ideas/inventions.
I'm pretty sure this is a bait thread.
Wouldn’t a business degree help? What would be a good backup plan in case my business fails? I have the equivalent of around $5000. Would that be enough as a safety net for a small business?
>I’m good at Sciences
lol no you're not you never went to university. Judging by your poor country and you being 23 and a neet, I think you're not intelligent
I got full 4A+s at Cambridge A-levels (much harder than British ones) in Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Biology. I also got accepted to all universities I had initially applied abroad but I don’t have the money to study there. There are universities on my island, unfortunately. I say neet I mean now. I was actually taking care of my grandmother for those years while also being a freelance real estate agent and doing short courses (I have 3 certificates in Management, Law and Computer Science). Times are rough now though and houses aren’t selling well. And my country isn’t that poor. We have free healcare, low income tax, no capital gains tax, low birth rate (under 1.7 per family) and free primary and secondary education. It’s just small. The particular island I live on is pretty remote though.
If your mom want you to go to university then go. Find a degree in math or science with immediate job potential. Medical equipment science, engineering, and operation training are super lucrative right now in every country and take a modest amount of schooling. Math degree in finance also is a great job lander.
Your mom isn't wrong about the degree. It will land a higher pay and better work especially if you wanna immigrate somewhere. Pick something you can finish quickly with a lot of potential.

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