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I meet a girl in class and she is the most beatiful girl i have ever seen in my life.

I make a small talk with her and a friend show me her twitter. I feel related to everything she post, is like something i would write. She frequent the same places as me, she feel the same way as me, listen the same music, want the same things, she want a serious boyfriend, leave the country, marry, have kids is kinda creepy but we have the same interest.

We have the same age and i only see her on fridays.

I know there are bigger issues on this board, and that i'm a kid posting this.

But i want to make Her fall in love.

By typing in proper English so you don't sound like a borderline sex offender from India.
Nice one
talk to her op
>talk to Her
About what?
I don't want to fuck up things
Similar interests don't make a relationship. They make a friendship.

If you want to fall in love, be her friend first and then consider if she's the kind of girl you want to marry and live with for the rest of your life.
If similar interest make a friendship

What make a relationship?
About anything
If you guys can live together and not pick fights over stupid things that can be easily resolved.

If you genuinely feel comfortable and open when around them.

If you take comfort in knowing you can talk to them and have confidence that they will not judge you.

You guys can be countries apart and make it work with conversation only.

You take risks and give things up for them.

They do all of this, feel all of this as well.

There's also that "click" when you know for sure that you love them and would do anything to see them healthy and unharmed. You might not realize it right away, and you usually don't.

Have you ever wondered why successful couples seem to know everything about each other? They're not just in a relationship. They're also best friends.
.....I'm going to write this

Are you married in a relationship por something?

Any advice?
I am not in a relationship of any kind, I just know a lot about how they work. I'm a hobbyist writer and I focus on psychological relationship dynamics. I occasionally browse 4chan because the state of a lot of people's mentalities on here is very interesting.

One bit of advice that is very important: Don't rush it. Do make friends. Good friends, ones that you actually like and you don't just hang out with for convenience, one reason or the other. Relationships aren't everything. Friendships can be just as good or better, and if you happen to fall in love on the way? Well, looks like it worked out after all.
Since you like this website due to the autism

You should see Lookism.net they are wayyyyy more fucked up
thinking like that " she is the most beatiful girl" is gona make this thing harder.
she is just a girl talk to her dude dont be afraid of look like a fool its ok
She is a model. It's hard.
Bro just relax. No advice on here is gonna help you make her fall in love with you, it's either gonna happen or it won't. Roll with it though. Get to know her and show her the positive qualities of yourself and hope for the best.

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