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I live in an area not serviced by Comcast. I'm talking 50 miles across state lines from the nearest Comcast office. Yet I get calls weekly from them trying to sell me service.

I use to answer the calls and (try to) explain it to them. They'd always tell me they're taking my number off the list but it never stop the calls. I started ignoring them and eventually put a call blocker on my phone and blacklisted the number.

A month ago I started getting calls again. Comcast sales but from different numbers making it impossible to block. Last week I got fed up and signed up for service. Scheduled an installation between 4-6pm a few days later. I get a confirmation call a bit past 4 and lo and behold a Comcast truck rolls up to my door at 5:30.

First thing the tech tells me is, "We don't service your area. I don't even know why I was sent here." I summarize things for him and he tells me flat out there's nothing he can do about it. I tell him I'll see him again next week then.

ffs... How can I get these people off my tits?
Seems like nothing you can do but keep fucking with them
You can sue them OP. Unsolicited calls are illegal especially after you've told them many times to stop. It's a form a harassment under the laws eyes
Keep scheduling visits. Doesn't matter if you're there or not.
That or file a complaint with the FCC, or whoever.
if you do this, be nice to the guy installing stuff, maybe offer him a cup of coffee or whatever, it's not his fault and stuff like that is always appreciated
Yeah, I don't think a lawyer is going to take this case pro-bono and I'm not shelling out 5g's just for a retainer on an attorney.

I've thought about a letter to my state rep. Maybe send it to the FCC also.

I've been nice to everyone I've talked to. I've worked retail before so I can empathize.
we had the same problem with AT&T I think, they set up appointments to come install uverse, wasted our time, and then after fucking around with a bunch of wires and shit, realize it's not in our area.
it's a conspiracy

also, back when time warner cable was a thing, not sure if still is, I had a problem with my connectivity.
I would make appointments, arrange to be there up to the point of missing work, they get to the house, and then can't fix it and then instead of reporting the actual 'issue' they would CANCEL the job, thus making it appear as if they never came.
because they are contractors and didn't want to get in trouble for incompetence.

at one point, the guy on the phone even tried to tell me that he DID have someone sent to my house and he already fixed it.
I was like...no. no one was here on Sunday.
and he was like, oh yeah they were and they fixed it...
No. no they were not.

Oh, yes they were, they just went out back and fixed it.


you can't get into the building without someone letting you in, and the internet closet is in a locked door.

so anyway, they are all scam artists and I am sure you are not the only customer they scam.

have you tried the app mr number to block?
Hang up.

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