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My gf of 5 months said this to me today: "I can't imagine my future with you and I can't imagine my future without you"
By future, she seemed to be referring to marriage/having a family together.
What does this mean? Why do you think she would tell me this?
She tryna fuck
She's either really possessive/obsessive or she's still in that honeymoon phase, you guys are only 5 months in.

If I were you, this'd be a red flag for me. Then again, maybe anon's right. She may just want to fuck.
Get ready to break up with her. I mean 5 months in I at least knew what I wanted out of my relationship and hoped to have a future with my gf.
Do you think guys tho k I should bring it up to talk about? I kind of brushed it off I assumed she was just being dumb or somthing. I'm 22 and she's 18, so she's kind of immature and lacks direction/knowledge of who she is and what she wants. I was sceptical of dating someone so much younger then me but it kind of happened. What should I do?
I don't think talking to her would yield favorable results. If she's 18 she almost certainly lacks the maturity to have a reasonable discussion about the topic. If you bring it up she could take it personally and you'll make things worse. She might not even have meant what she said. I'd just let it go, don't bring it up unless there's other issues.

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