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It's horrible as I can't know if people will feel insulted by me not sharing something or by sharing something they don't want. I don't know if group of people feels offended by me being greedy and not sharing stuff... or they feel uncomfortable because I'm disgusting to them. Sometimes I feel like it's both. For example. Me and people are eating soup. I had some stale bread. I like to tear stale bread into pieces and put in my soup. The bread looks rather bad. It's actually almost already in pieces. And I jus't can't tell if the people can be insulted by me bringing some bread they don't have and eating it by myself or they would feel disgusted if i offered to share this bread with them. Or eventually when i ask something already I can't tell if they refuse because they are disgusted or because they don't like me and don't want anything from me.

>How do i tell?
>What is wrong with me or something?
>What is wrong with me or something?
Shut up and stop over thinking.
If someone wants to have something from you, they will ask.
Nobody wants to share your food, you can't buy friends with food.

If you ever get bread that cures cancer, then share it mentioning its cancer curing effects, otherwise don't offer, nobody wants your shitty bread and they are probably getting annoyed by you getting crumbs everywhere.
I don't try to offer shitty bread to people I don't think anyone would want it. But it's about normal stuff too and not only food.

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