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I have a friend working as a a contractor for the Department of Defense. He's been bragging about micro-dosing with LSD on shifts. I don't know how he dodges his drug screenings, but so far he hasn't been reprimanded. He's also working on high-security projects. He delights in telling us all about them at the bar. I know more about what he works on than I have any right to.

Who should I contact? I seriously think he's a threat to these defense projects.
Why is microdosing LSD necessarily a problem to you? I know you explained why as far as security goes, but I don't really see the guy's malice in this.
First of all, fuck you.

Second of all, LSD is very hard to test for. Your body removes it within 24-48 hours. He's microdosing, so, good luck.
We live in a company town. I know at least three other people with his skillset who would make more suitable and discreet workers. It's also true his "micro-dosing" might be an understatement. He's become more erratic over the last three months.

No, fuck you. I don't take this lightly. He's quickly becoming a druggie, and either he "discretely" gets out of this role or something very bad is going to happen.

Let me put it this way: I wouldn't trust using anything this guy designs on the battlefield. I don't even want to be within a block of the shit he's building.
I'm still not convinced he's an established asshole. If he's a loose cannon, okay, fair enough argument. I want to advise you to talk to him first, not accuse him, just be nice and all. I'm just saying maybe he has his reasons for everything he's doing, beyond the fact that it's "wrong."

My main concern is that you're overreacting/"no-fun-allowing" this guy, so I apologize for not being on your side. You're probably still right, but how far does that even get you?

Being nice is cool. If that doesn't work, don't you have a boss you can talk to?

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