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My dad got jumped and robbed by 3 guys recently. They gave my dad a broken rib and kicked one of my dogs and threatened to kill my other dog with a machete which made my dad cough up some money to them. I know where one the guys live. I really wanna get revenge but I also believe in what you put out there will come back and bite you.

I also can't get police involved

Ideas for revenge would be appreciated to
>I also can't get police involved
Why? That would be the smartest thing to do
Why can't you get the police involved?

Do not pursue revenge yourself, by the sounds of it these guys will just return it and you'll enter a vicious cycle.
I agree it would be the smartest thing to do but for reasons I don't wanna bring up we can't

This is what is stopping me I don't want to enter a cycle but I also feel like they shouldn't get away with it
Revenge would be a mistake. If you're never willing to get the police involved, and you're not willing/able to kill them all and everyone who likes them in one swoop and get away with it (NOT recommending this option) then your "revenge" will just make everything worse and bring more violence on you.

The better option is to make yourself, and for your father as well, harder to fuck with. Don't be an easy target, and people like that will move on. If they have machetes, get yourself a gun. Don't be an idiot, don't shoot anyone if you don't absolutely have to. Just make it clear that it's not gonna be worth the risk for them to try to take things from you. These people are bullies, and bullies never want a real fight, they want to push helpless people around. Don't be helpless

But really the best answer is still to call the police. I'm guessing you're some kind of petty criminal yourself, or illegal immigrants, or something, but you can try to make an anonymous tip/report
>Can't get the police involved
Either you're all illegals, you guys have warrants out for your arrest, or you're involved in something illegal like making drugs or some shit.

Either way, you're a fucking degenerate so just go do what you degenerates do: kill each other. Just make sure to leave innocent people out of it.
>The better option is to make yourself, and for your father as well, harder to fuck with. Don't be an easy target, and people like that will move on.

This is pretty much the reason I started doing martial arts. A gun is a no go for me though because I live in Australia
>cant get the police involved

Illegal beaners detected

Its no ones fault that you shitskins fucking murder each other on a day to day basis

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