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Thanks in advance for anyone who reads. It’s a long one, but typing it all out is cathartic for me
>Receive random sexual text two months ago from person who claimed they wanted to fuck me
>Figured it was a scam and ignored
>Texts became very persistent and highly sexual, asking if I'd ever been with a squirter, saying she was fucking herself thinking of me, stating she wants to be my side piece if I am seeing someone else, etc.
>Called me from textme number up so I could hear her masturbating and moaning my name
>Eventually convinced her to call me and talk for real and figure out who she is
>By all indications she is a 9/10 former employee that every guy wanted to fuck I knew four years ago
>Left to become a nurse and I advanced on in my career
>I am successful and confident, but a 7/10 at the very best
>Catfish defense mode initiated
>Hold back and try not to get too invested in case she is trying to pull some shit
>All the same, she is very hot so we talk regularly so I can get her to meet me
>She wants me to call at all hours - 5am, 4pm, whatever - just wants to hear my voice
>During conversations, she says a lot of things that strongly indicates she is who she says she is
>For example, she knows details about former co-workers during a very specific time frame we worked together, details about me only my employees at that time know, and sounds a lot like I remember her sounding when we speak on the phone
>On the other hand, she deliberately or unintentionally lies about other things - names of people in her family, where she lives, and relationship status among other things (all of this info readily accessible on Facebook)
>Also can never hear anyone is the background when she is “interrupted”
>Won’t FaceTime or send selfies, but does send some pics of herself that I can’t find online anywhere
>Changes her number regularly so I can’t pin her down
>cont’d (2 of 3)
>During our conversations she states she is being abused and comes up with elaborate stories such as being hospitalized to have a piece of her lung removed
>Whenever I press the issue of us meeting, she always has a crisis related to this health issue- textbook catfish maneuver
>Vanishes around Thanksgiving and when she returns on that Sunday, says her phone “broke”
>Never asks for money or anything that could really incriminate or embarrass me other than a few selfies and a picture of my cock
>Only seems interested in legitimately talking and having phone sex
>Finally get her to give me her “address” and it’s fake, but don’t call her out
>Tell her I want to meet and she comes up with another elaborate story saying her lung needed to be removed due to an ongoing medical trauma she mentioned months before
>I expected this
>Communicates only through “her brother”, but on her phone
>Obviously pulling more shit
>Decide to get proof of her lies and call her dad anonymously (more on how I know his number later)
>Tell him someone sounding like his daughter called me asking for money because she’s in the hospital (the money part is not true btw)
>Say I don’t want to abandon a friend and ask if she’s okay
>He says “yes” and is an all around nice, pleasant guy and says “I hope I cleared some things up for you”
>Now I know for a fact she isn’t hospitalized
>Wait two days to call her on it and tell her I know she isn’t who she says she is
>She disconnects the phone
>Send her some texts calling her out and accuse her of working up to an elaborate con
>She simply denies wanting anything other than me and vanishes
>Try to reach out of FB, but have heard nothing
>It’s now four days later
>cont’d (3 of 3)
So here's the crazy thing, despite all her lies I am 80% sure she is who she says she is. Thinking back on our conversations, sometimes I am more confident that it’s her and others less. With all her easily checked inconsistencies though, it’s like she wanted to be caught. I don’t believe she’s after money or drugs (she’s a nurse) which in my mind leaves her wanting to humiliate me or she actually was interested, but concocted an elaborate fantasy because she is bored/crazy or both. I lean towards the latter, but none of it makes sense to me. Either way, she lied and isn’t someone I’d date or even fuck at this point.

At the same time, I am now obsessed with finding out whether it’s this girl or not. Don’t try to talk me out of this because I have to know. I am NOT going to pursue a relationship or try to get sex, so some of you may question why I need to know. The best way I can explain that is that I have been so depressed for most of my life and especially the last 10 years to the point of nearly killing myself last year and this is the only thing that has captured my imagination or given me hope in a long time. Having it taken away, even though I knew it was a fraud most of the time, is almost unbearable and that person needs to be held to account.
This sounds like way too much work for pussy, dude. Seriously.
>cont'd (4 of 4) - yeah, yeah
They invaded my personal life and tried to protect their own and I want to turn the tables. I need to confirm it's her first. The only way I can think to do this is to speak to her at a phone number I know is hers so I can identify her voice. You can debate the wisdom of that, but that’s not what I am asking advice for. Ultimately, I need to know how I get her cell phone number, outside of hiring a PI (which I am considering). Fortunately, since I supervised this girl, I have a ton of information on her (SSN, email, physical address, parent’s address, dad’s phone number, etc.) but her cell phone no longer works. The people lookup websites only seem to provide her outdated number which I have. Any ideas on how I get her cell number /adv/?

TL:DR - Got catfished by someone I think I know, but need confirmation. How do I get her cell phone number?
Fuck that. Whatever the fuck is going on, you don't want any part of it. Stop it.
Holy fuck who is that? My dick is diamonds
One of two things will happen
You’ll find out she’s a he and that this is all scam/prank
You’ll find out she’s real and she’s as much of a nut job as she appears to be

Either way you’re going to be disappointed. Put your energy into something else, for your own good
I am not trying to get pussy - I was at the time because the girl is legitimately model tier gorgeous, but now it's about being petty and getting revenge
I get what you're saying, but I can't stop. I am already disappointed, I just want this person to know that I know who they are. I can't stop for the reasons I listed above.
>only thing that has captured my imagination or given me hope in a long time
fucking lol - I hope this chick sets you up and you get jumped then beaten within an inch of your life.
File: 1510374496336.png (210 KB, 302x337)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Post pics, you retard.
Yeah me too, except remove the inch
Don't entertain these urges. You're degrading yourself to get back at someone who is helplessly psychotic
You're right, but still I don't care
Nah, don't want anyone sending her Facebook messages and linking this post
No, but she is just as hot with smaller tits
>some pics of herself that I can’t find online anywhere
Well where/who is the girl in the OP? I need more
I don't know, I just found a picture that I figured people would click on. I figured since I think with my dick then most of you do, too.
Damn right I do, Fuck me she's hot
I think this is a waste of time and effort. You should have shut this shit down as soon as it started.

You have all sorts of contact information for the person you think it might be, AND HER FUCKING ADDRESS. Gee. I wonder how you could manage to talk to her.

Look, you're a fucking idiot. You should recognize this, take it seriously, and let this shit go instead of continuing to make stupid decisions.

If you have depression, you should seek treatment.
She lives 8 hours away.
Stop going full CSI and just live your life. Christ. You should've stopped sticking your hand into this when you were given an address and saw it was fake.

Learn from this and see that you should use your time on other women who don't make meeting such a dramatic nightmare. Those who can't aren't worth the trouble. There's girls who are even prettier and easier than her and any time you've used on this mess of a jigsaw puzzle could've been used meeting them.
Reverse image searches don't link to social media, try it with a picture of yourself. Unless anyone ITT recognizes her she won't get doxxed. Nobody cares enough
Have you never heard of Google?

If you have her name you can find her through whitepages or 123people or similar and get an address and phone number.
I already have an address and the phone number on those sites is outdated.
>been told to stop multiple times
>’I don’t wanna’

Then fuck off OP
I didn’t ask for advice so I could hear “stop”. I asked how to get a cell number.
>and that person needs to be held to account.
>but now it's about being petty and getting revenge
What do you intend to do?
Just let her know that I know who she is for sure and that I will send her bf screenshots of our texts if she tries fucking with me.
That might sound anticlimactic, but she obviously didn’t want me to know that they were together or details about her family life so I think that if I do this, she’ll think twice about pulling this shit with anyone else.
File: 1.jpg (37 KB, 670x496)
37 KB


This jackass got tricked and now he's just trying to find out who fucked with him.

You're aII basicaIIy getting tricked into heIping him staIk some random fag who was mean on the phone.
Good reading comprehension, anon
>contacts you with instant sexual message, continues them more persistently
>you call her
>wants money for lung problems

You have to be a fucking retard mate to even slightly believe this is real
She didn’t ask for money or anything else other than phone sex. It sounded like her on the phone - she has a distinctive voice. Also, she knew things that are impossible for anyone to know other than a handful of people who worked with me at a very specific time. That’s why I went along with it.
just shoot the girl you knew a message on facebook. fucking easy, innit?
I did, but I am guessing she won’t answer given the way I called her out and accused her of being a liar at the end.
What's your career, how did u get to supervisor.
I am now a Director for a medical company, but when I knew her I was working as a DM in retail. Before that I was a combat vet. I worked my way up the corporate ladder by making people money, fixing broken markets, being highly reliable, and NOT fucking/or really getting too close to my team. Ironic. The girl I am trying to track down had my fucking number from day one, though I never acted on it so as not to get Weinstein'd. We always had great conversations and clicked quite a bit. Little did I know she is nuts. I've wanted her so long, I turned into a moron as soon as I thought she reached out.

As far as my original cell phone request goes, I just hired a PI to get me her number. Despite the lack of help I received here today, I'll let everyone know what I learn because at other times anons here have been helpful. She has a video on Facebook where I can briefly hear her voice off camera though, and it sounds like her. I am curious to see what happens when I speak to her.

In other news, today I learned my father is dying.

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