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Ok so I have the money to buy a sex doll.
Should I or should I spend the money on something else instead? Will I feel bad for giving such a large amount of money on it?
I can't really get laid without paying and I have an obsession with germs/diseases so I won't ever touch a whore.
if you have enough money for a decent sex doll you have enough money to invest on the stock market or throw something into a high return RRSP or another investment (ie: TFSA if you are canadian)
Buy the doll and fuck it all the time just remember to keep it clean. I had a sex doll for a while it was great I had a lot of fun with it but I was a cheap one only a few hundred bucks and was 4 ft tall I'd imagine a hi quality full size one is even better I got rid of it bc I moved in with roommates but if i lived on my own id still have one.
>use money to buy gym stuff/membership
>go on /fit/
>read sticky
>get fit
>acquire real gf that is million times better than sex doll.
Self cleans, really tight, moves for you, real moans. Once you try real pussy it is like a drug, you can never go back. This might take about a year and some work but OP, you can do it
Draw a face on your pillow and save the money
How fit are we talking here?
I'm 6' and 75 kg and I received compliments on being built (from guys only though), but girls reject me like there's no tomorrow. And I lowered standards a lot to the point that I'm not even sure I'd like to fuck them. Guess it just isn't for me.
You actually have to a good personality to compliment your physique. Being fit with shitty character traits only gets you half way there.
I could, of course.
But I make more than enough money for my needs anyway. I usually save 80% of it each month.
Fortunately I have my own place. Tbh I'd also want a short one like yours because that's my thing but I'd still want it to be good quality.
Can one really change their personality though?
It's really not comfy to have to pretend to be someone I'm not.
what kind of sex doll??? like child? $20? are you rich???? are you going to buy like a expensive one????? like $100 or something!?!?!?!?
buy a fleshlight instead, its easy to keep clean
Dude, a state of art sex doll is much much more expensive than $100. Think around $5000
If I'm to buy something I'm not gonna buy some unconvincing stuff.
But in a way I would feel bad for buying one because it's expensive and others don't have what to eat and all that stuff and I'm blowing someone's early income on a sex doll
I mean, it's my money so I shouldn't feel bad because I earned it, but I'm not exactly fully convinced about it.
I'm also extremely tired of fucking my hands and fleshlights are just too boring.
You are probably better off buying it.
It will make you happier.
I dont think you need a girlfriend in life. Make your own life Epic and Awesome be succesfull and then at a girl to it its like a protein shake. Work out and stuff and at the protein later on it
You'll grow tired of the sex doll quicker than you think you will. And you'll be thousands poorer for it.

I feel like advising you to "go travelling" or something will not really work for you if youre as introverted as I imagine. But you should spend that money on something that will make you better as a person. Home gym setup for example.

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