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We're at risk of a major war.
We're at risk of a major financial crisis.
Meanwhile, I have absolutely no real-life skills, and no will to put myself out there to learn them.

It's too much.

Help me, /adv/
You're living in the best time to be alive. In the past, you were always at a risk of dying by war or starving because the crops had a bad year.
You didn't live during the world wars or the cold war, or during the dark ages and was a victim of bubonic plague.
In spite of that, people thrived.

You're the biggest obstacle you have.
You are scared of two things you simply cannot predict or change.
>We're at risk of a major war.
The world is always a risk for a major war. It's less now than it has been for millenia
>We're at risk of a major financial crisis
This has also always been true. Read about the impact of the Spanish finding South American silver on the economy of Europe, even the far East like Russia.
>Meanwhile, I have absolutely no real-life skills, and no will to put myself out there to learn them.
This is the real problem. The other fears are you trying to distract yourself.
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Maybe we could use some war.
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Psych bros can take the sky

I will take the ground
>no will
Well you've identified the problem. Now you can work on fixing it.
Start with a small improvement, like doing 20 pushups. Now keep doing that.
This thread should be interesting. You don't need many skills for this. You just need to desensitize yourself.

I'm in England and have all I'll need to kill others and pilfer food. So excited
Who cares, stop listening to and reading the news for awhile, in fact, disregard the internet for a couple days.

Shut off your phone, go outside, and just walk around.
>You just need to desensitize yourself.
What do you mean?

Invest in crypto-currencies but also invest in silver and gold on the side with the money you've won from the cryptos.
Buy a small farmhouse in an isolated countryside.
Acquire books that will help you run the farmhouse but don't read them yet cause no will.
Find a qt girl.

Tadaa, you're ready for when the shit goes down.
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Einstein said WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones and it will be immediate. When people fight for food and their beliefs or whatever... You may lose loved ones.
You're retarded.

>Women don't want guys who watch trap porn

said the blatantly obvious crosdressing male.
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Got maybe like 2 or 3 more (no silencio por favor)
Is it really worth it doing these exercises when you have shit form? Won't that end up fucking everything up?
Hey this works fine, I don't want memespouters.
>tfw horrible anxiety is killing me
>did shitty in school past couple years and made some poor choices
>feels like something terrible is going to happen and my entire life is going to collapse now
>feel physically tense and panicky all the time
>images always popping into my head ways I could die, ways I could be embarassed, generally dread terrible hypothetical things in the future that would probably never even happen
>every time I get a phone call I feel like something terrible must have happened and I seize up and can't relax for minutes on end even if it's just my mom calling to check up on me
>can't do anything that I want to because I'm always too anxious
>terrified of driving now because scared of accidents
>can't read the news anymore
How do I make it stop
not sure what you mean by financial crisis. every 30 to 40 years there is some war and some nationwide financial issue. that's just life. stop thinking that everything is the apocalypse.
stop watching the news
read up on the old soviet union and the human experience of it's collapse
whatever skills you think you need you're probably guessing wrong. What you need are connections, and a pack of cigarettes

keep a diary, we're on the front lines of a historic process and maybe some neet will fap to your desperate words some day
don't have shit form? is this hard? I can't tell
Your biggest problem is your anxiety.

I have felt like you too, but mine was a bit different.

I literally wouldn't get close to windows in my house just because I pranked some filthy drug dealer (who didn't ever gave a shit about me, even after that prank). I'd think he would appear by my window anytime and shoot the shit out of me (I were 15 at time).

Now looking back I understand that our imagination likes a lot to mess with us, anxious people.

What helped me to get over this was just to find something to keep myself occupied (it can be a hobby or any other thing that keeps you entertained).

But even when you find something you can lose yourself in, the process of getting out of that hole you're in now won't happen in a flash, it takes time but it'll be totally worth.

Also, sorry for broken English.

There are multiple free resources you can find on YouTube or exercise sites that'll help you out.

In times of duress or no internet access most servicemen, bodybuilders, pro sports athletes are a great resource. You may also be able to find a teacher of a martial art if you hang around the right place. Teachers from various schools (basic MMA/Krav from my experience have a habit of doing this ) will teach combative arts at a discount or free to the destitute, servicemen, or friends/family. Only USA confirmed.
who cares
Also, when you feel that something bad is going to happen, don't try to suppress this feeling, it'll make it only worse. Instead, try to talk to yourself and "accept" it. Example:
"Shit, a war will happen anytime and there's nothing I can do... What should I fucking do, why should I even exist...
Wait. You know what? Fuck it.

Even if you don't truly believe those words, if you say those to yourself whenever you get scared then you will start to be really indifferent to those situations you now fear so much.
Alot of people undervalue eclectic knowledge but knowing hydroelectrical wiring+engineering helps if you find your self near a dam. Its better to master one than be a novice in many.

Find these, read em.
US army combat medic hand book
US army blue book
(Any 1st world govt. Issued tactical booklet is valueable. But it never hurts to have say a SAS field op manual AND marine field recon instructionary.
religious texts, lots
The Original 1971 Anarchist's cookbook
S.T.E.M books from childhood to master
Automotive/Military vehichle catalogs
Foreign language books
Satcom/radio operators manual and call signs
Geograohical maps with compass, chart, etc.
Local marine and landwildlife books
Local flora guides
The farmers almanac (1911 I THINK? Or closest current year)
CQC combat training manuals
Firearm cleaning, and op manuals
Wilderness survival books
The tales of don quioxte
Psychological journals/books
medical texts

Pic: where to land a strike on the human body in order to knock them out/stun them with strikes. A fight in a fucked place is a fight to the death. Its not always about strikes. Military CQC/KRAV recommend dirty tactics to gain an upper hand ( POCKET SAND [Metsubushi], gouging the eyes, eardrum clapping, dick kicking to name a few. )
Didn't know any of this, don't care.
Stop watching/reading/listening to all tv/news/politics/interweb-drama and focus on everything else.
It's been over a year and I'm blissfully unaware.
Last year was the best.
we are not at risk of anything... stay calm and enjoy the life. is a one way trip only.. ciao!
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Why are there so many guides for primitive survival after the downfall of civilization but no guides to rebuild civilization to modern comfort levels?

I can find guides to build a shitty stone age hut, but I can't find a single guide to build a Versailles-level palace. While immediate survival is important, I'd rather live somewhere like Versailles than a shitty stone hut.
>religious texts, lots

What for? Oppressing innocents?
Extraterrestrial-zombie-kittens or not, all the existing buildings and books won't just disappear.
Yeah, so why focus on living like shit and not preserving/recreating comfort.

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