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I'm a senior in high school and i don't know what i should major on, mathematics or physics?
Which do you prefer? What kind of job would you want? Have you looked at the options of what unis you could go to and how they teach your preferred thing?
I prefer mathematics.
I'm thinking of applied mathematics and then going into a physics branch that's why I'm confused.
Don't be a pussy like I was OP, actually talk extensively to your university counselors and try to work with the to discern what you wanna do, don't feel like you're annoying them as they're paid to do this shit.

Also don't rush yourself too bad, the first semester or two will have a lot of generalized classes so you don't have to make your mind up immediately.

pure mathematics seems pretty cool though anon, if you've got the skills
What did you major on?

Will do Anon, thanks.

I would love to, but they don't open up to more directions to head to but i agree they do seem cool.
I went into molecular biology with an emphasis in genetics, then got a master's in biotechnology.

I'm getting pretty lazy these days though and don't wanna to pursue further scholastic education anymore, would prefer to start making okayish money asap. Basically I'm slated for a career as a lab technologist manager and will end up leading a hospital lab or a state clinic. It's actually a pretty passive & reclusive career, so it ought to be nice.

Anyways, stay involved with your professors and try to become a teacher's assistant and hurl yourself into interaction with staff so you can get internships & contacts - there's no other reason to go to university.
Well at least you like what you pursued.

Thanks again Anon.

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