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> tfw your so-called “friends” are just assholes who don’t care about you or your feelings, talk behind your back, make fun of you, try to get you down and always disregard your dreams and ambitions
> tfw you want to cut them off outta your life, bit if I do, I’m alone and have no one to hang out with and have fun with (except my family)
Someone else in this situation? It fucking sucks, any advice on this?
If you keep being with them, caring about their opinions and let them keep you from your dreams and ambitions, they also keep you from making new better friends.
Your right, I’m gonna cut them off after the holidays are over, but I Will be alone for a while though, got advice for me to make better new friends? I’m not anti social or Some shit, just want Some advice to make them want to spend time with me
find yourself a/multiple hobby/ies that involves other people. You'll be able to ask them out for drinks/food and stuff after a bit. It's gonna feel uncomfortable at first but it goes off after a while. I remember when I was in the bay as an expat meeting other people wasn't easy -> I found an expat meeting ground with whom we had dope moments
I do have a hobby, but it doesn’t really involve with people, it’s producing (Music)
You produce music for no-one to hear completely by yourself?
here you go, I guess you already have a soundcloud? try to make gigs, meet fellow producers in your area to exchange tips, etc...
No...but i know no one in my school who does something with music. >>19109849
I’ll try that, thanks, do you have a soundcloud
File: 1496946837955.jpg (149 KB, 788x949)
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This pic indicates you are surface level (probably a woman). There is not much I can do at this point.
Just search for new friends while still keeping contact with your current shitty friends until you don't need them?

I mean it's such an obvious choice I assume you don't actually want /adv/ice, you just want to """"vent"""" like every other homo here.

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