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Hey /b/, i need some advice.

>be me
>gf breaks up after 5 yrs
>go out and get piss drunk a couple of times
>meet qt3.14
>date her a couple of months
>don't really share many things but sex is good and we like each other anyway
>realize she is kind of mentally unstable and was kind of a thot, still don't care
>it's nye
>text from ex gf, wants to meet me again

so.. i still miss her. I've spent 1/5 of my life with her. We know everything about each other.
But new girl is hotter and a bit kinkier. I don't know how to handle this shit. My life was a straight line 6 months ago. Now i either have to break a heart or waste my life and will be left again pretty soon.. right?

what to do?
Don’t go back to ex, she’s just gonna use as a rebound, she broke it up with you for a reason. Stay with the thottie
do not take the bait from your ex gf
stick with the new chick, for now.
But we also spent 5 years together.
Maybe should've said that she moved to another city for job reasons... This made things even more complicated. She ditched pretty much all of her friends and started a new life... and does still miss me... at least she says that...
Don’t listen to yourself dude, you’re not thinking straight.
Emotionally charged decisions are the worst.
for the love of god op, stay with the kinkier one

dont be a fucking dumbass, she already left you
Should i at least meet with her once to see what she has to say? I really don't want to loose a chance to get back together with her.
I still think of her, and what made her better than thottie... I'm afraid that i only like this girl because she's filling a void.
yeah, but the thing is i know for a fact that thottie wasn't (or isn't?) the most loyal girl on earth. she even told me that at one point.. but stated that she left that side of her behind. Idk but this does not really sound safe for the future either...
Is this one of those "It's not the destination that matters but the journey" images?

Love, Hate, they all lead to the same end. Being absolutely alone.
>>Love, Hate, they all lead to the same end. Being absolutely alone.
^ this
still stay with the thottie

women are objects anyway, who cares if she cheats?
I think it's better for u to go back to ur ex. Maybe he realized a lot of things when u guys broke up PLUS you were in a relationship for 5 years which pretty much means youve known each other for a long time already. Another reason is that you wont find any other girl like your ex. Please do mind about that and think of this as another chance
>Now i either have to break a heart or waste my life and will be left again pretty soon.. right?
No, how about stay with the current girl and not waste your life. You have something with the current girl, your ex just wants to make your life miserable. She broke up with you, she'll do it again.

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