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Can you tell what other people are thinking based on how they are walking? I feel like everyone can immediately tell when Im having a racist thought. Like the syllables of my footsteps are spelling out english sentences amd everyone can easily interpret them.

When I ask people they say "thats impossible,"

But if I put it into practice and say things I shouldnt, peoples expressions change into shock, disgust or suprise.

Even though Im not a bad dude. I want to be able to walk into a grocery store and think about rape, beastiality, cucks, niggers and whatever else without anyone realizing.

Does anyone else experience this? Is this something people do but dont talk about?
Maybe, if you tweak your walk a bit.
Like if you walk into the store thinking about rape, beastiality, cucks, niggers and whatever, try to change that into how you walk when you think about ice cream, cucks, asians and whatever
Holy shit this is a new spectrum of autism.
No, that‘s ot really a thing.
But you‘re right that people are a LOT more sensitive to body language and usually can interpret it way better than they are aware of. That‘s why you can get a „creepy vibe“ from people without them being dressed or behaving weirdly.

Telepathy probably isn‘t a thing, but you obviously get a different charisma depending on your thoughts/mood. I mean, you can usually tell quickly if someone just got good news or is in a bad mood, even when they try to hide it. And that‘s true for all emotions. It‘s especially confusing if someone radiates a different vibe than they try to. For example, if someone is angry but tries to gloss over it with a „friendly face“. It just feels off.
OP here. I do nkt believe in telepathy, but I am constantly convincing myself that others can tell what Im thinking based on body language. Im always thinking the words "bitch" and "nigger" and I would be okay with that except other people always seem to know and if causes me ocd levels of anxiety.

This is a side note, but under pressure I am literally a master of conceiling emotions. I have full control over my facial muscles and I can even successfully fake microexpressions.

I dont use this on normies, though because Im super moral. I adapted that way because I grew up queer in an extremely abusive household where microexpressions could get me in trouble.
I do this and it works but Im just holding back a caged lion that is my sheer anxiety of not being able to think "nigger."

My thoughts also appear to be fixed to my actions and I completely stop thinking when I stand still. Its been like that for 2 years.
>Im always thinking the words "bitch" and "nigger"
Do you also sit around and make explosive noises with your mouth for hours on end?
>I do nkt believe in telepathy, but I am constantly convincing myself that others can tell what Im thinking based on body language.
They can't read your mind therefore they can not tell what you're thinking. It is possible to tell mood and comfort level, and if you're being honest or making something up from body language, micro expressions, speech patterns and pitch. If its a stranger they don't know you well enough to determine for most of these things so its not really a concern.

Plus people are doing their own thing and not actually paying attention to you as much as you think they are. Example: What was the shirt/eye/hair color of the last cashier you were around, when they said have a nice day were they just saying it or did the inflection in their voice tell you something else. You don't actually pay attention to other people either.
No but that would be awesome
I actually remember all of that stuff pretty much all the time. Especially tone and inflection. I have to admit I totally forgot her word choice.
You have paranoid delusions.
Ask yourself; can YOU read other people's minds?
Well I guess I'm not the only one then. Most people are not like this, they don't remember anything because they are too wrapped up in themselves, oblivious.

If you're not using it you should be.
OP here. I don't think of it as mind reading. It doesn't seem like mind reading at all. But yes, the principle works with other people. They do things with their body language that to me seems obvious an their social cues follow as predicted by the verbiage I see in their body.
>can tell what thinking based on how walking?
light on feet, soft footfalls, clumsy noisy sprint/pause/scamper/sprint trying to be quiet
>"pinche gringos"
moving decisively forward, mates alongside, all zeroed in on target, brisk pace
>"you have to go back"
breaking into an all out run for the sudden screaming and shrieking and shouting nearby, full steam ahead like a freight train
>"maybe it won't be another one of these inept inbred faggots attempting to snakbar this ti-- nope! same shit, different dumb enraged manlet"
purposely too-heavy footfalls, precisioned strikes to get the loud clicky juuuust right, overconfident stride, clipped pace
>"goddammit where the fuck are you with my report Tony, five minutes is *not* enough time to brief me on my presentation, you've left me completely unprepared to head today's third mandatory HR meeting before lunchtime! ugh whatever all it'll take to get Rob to ask you next time is an accidental titty flash, because we all know you wouldn't ever have made *him* wait like this you sexist fucking dickhead"
gliding along, hushed supple-Italian-leather-clad lightfooted steps, relaxed measured gait so as not to spill steaming fresh starcucks latte in hand, timed it perfectly
>"suck it Susan. haggard lazy bitch."
not wandering about with plebs because getting work done, foot absentmindedly tapping under desk, pauses it briefly at commotion outside office
>"hey-o! sounds like the fruit's nabbing me free peep shows again, oughta get him a beer one of these days."
abruptly and seemingly arbitrarily altering course and walking just a hair too hurriedly to look natural
>"hmm the pack of youths up ahead drawing my attention to my attire has for some reason made me realize it's suddenly gotten a little cold out here and the other side of the street where i'll be walking in the shade looks like it might be a bit warmer"
barefoot, non-rhythmic gait, careful foot placement, some steps make squelchy wet muck sound
>"bitch lasagna"

fucking hell my sides
That fucking wall behind the girl, damn.

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