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I don't know why I have this problem. I'm a mediocre looking, medium build 20 year old in college and for the life of me I cant understand why I act like such an awkward sperg all the time, especially in social situations. Hell, I'm even awkward around my grandparents, uncles, aunts, ect. For example
>Be me
>My nineteenth birthday
>Party at my house
>My Uncle Frank walks up to me to wish me a happy b-day
>Uncle Frank is a war hardened marine and is a reasonably cool guy
>"Happy Birthday, anon! So you're nineteen now huh? You and me should blow this place and go to a stripclub, that'd be a REAL party."
>Uncle Frank laughs
>don't know how to respond to his dad joke
>should I laugh? should I say something back?
>do what I always do
>"Yeah... hehe..."
>feeling really uncomfortable as he tries to talk about a new gun he got
>"That's cool Uncle Frank...
>Uncle Frank realizes he's not gonna get a conversation out of me and walks away with a look of disappointment on his face
>Feel like a sperg

I'm also a huge pussy too

>Be me
>Junior year, football locker room
>Getting ready to leave practice
>Can't find my back pack
>Jock comes up to me
>"Hey pussy, looking for you're dildo carrying case?"
>It's fucking Daryl and his toadies
>They acted like they were my friends to make a fool out of me.
>I didn't get any respect from Daryl or any of the team because I read the bible and hung out with wierdos
>"Yeah I actually am Daryl, Haha....."
>"Well lucky for you I know where it is. Its in the closet. Why don't you go in there and get it?"
>"Gee thanks Daryl... But I'm pretty sure you're going to lock the door on me."
>I refuse to go in so the drag me in while poking me with thin wooden sticks and giving me hardcore wedgies
>They finally get me in
>All of my papers and clothes were out of my book bag, scattered everywhere, crumpled up and dirty
>They lock me in for a full hour while mocking me from outside the door

Please Help
stop caring about what others think of you, would be my advice. also, get into a lot of arguments on /b. thats how i broke my shyness

talk to people casually more so you get more used to it anon
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>get into a lot of arguments on /b/ thats how I broke my shyness

This is actually fucking hilarious to me. Did this really help you break out of your shyness? Why/how?

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