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>met two exchange students at a party of a friend of mine two weeks ago
>Folks decide to go to a club
>In the queue one of the girl tells me that the other is not yet 18 so we need a document
>Find one that could work but get rejected
>We 3 go to a bar nearby
>Initially i wasn't really comfortable because i was worried about silences but in the end manage to talk pretty well
>After one hour or so the bar closes so we get out
>They want to go home and I accompany them
>I go into the house with them because i desperately need to get a piss
>After that i see the cute one alone in the kitchen, the other one is at the phone
>We start kissing and continue for almost one hour
>Get her number
>Go back to the club and end the night with the rest of the group
>Text her the day after, everything goes well
>Text her the day after, ask her to eat together at lunch on Tuesday, tells me that she would prefer to do it when she has more that one hour at lunch break (everyday except Tuesday)
>I have two hours at lunch only on friday
>We settle for friday
>Decide not to text her anymore until Thursday, so not to be too clingy
>She texts me on Wednesday
>Ehm, ok, fantastic, didn't think that it could go that well
>Text her on Thursday
>We meet on Friday
>Eat together and then we spend our free afternoon together
>We kiss and hug and all of that, she looks very happy
>She asks me if i'm free during the weekend
>I wanted to ask her anyway but she did it first
>"Nono i don't have anything planned, we could meet on Saturday if you want"
>"Oh yes yes"
>We leave after about one hour
>don't text her anymore on Friday (that was a terrible error i know but i didn't want to be too clingy)
>Text her Saturday morning
>"Sorry anon but three friends of mine invited me to a party, we can meet another day :)"
>What.jpg, ok
>Text her again the next day, ask her if she is free the day after
>"Sorry a friend invited me to a dance course that lasts all the afternoon"
>Found out later that it was true, i know that girl that invited her
>Same shit happens the day after
>On Wednesday i ask her if we can meet
>"Sorry i'm too tired today"
>She asks me if i'm going to a carnival party on Thursday
>I meet her one time there (the carnuval is quite huge), she is with the other exchange student
>At the very moment we meet they tell me that they need to go to the bathroom
>"Oh ok i'll wait for you here"
>Only the other one comes back
>"Oh anon i think i'm going home I'm quite tired now" then she tells me that the other girl went back with her friends
>What.jpg part 2
>Don't text her until monday
>She aswers slowly and tells me that she has to meet a friend from her city that came to visit her even before i asked her if she was free
>Tuesday (yesterday) i go to another carnival party and meet her
>Try to dance with her but she is alone with her friend, she doesn't make eye contact and try to dance only with that friend
>Feel like a fucking weirdo trying to make contact with her for almost half an hour
>Go away to my m8s because i feel so bad
>Meet her once again later and she goes away from me
>Really feel like a fucking asshole now
Just came back from that party, i don't really understand what i did wrong, maybe it is something that i didn't even notice, if i had done something wrong on Friday (at lunch) she wouldn't have asked me to meet on Saturday, i don't fucking understand.
I'm really sorry formy terrible English, it's 5 am here and i drank quite a bit.
What did i do wrong? I thought that maybe she didn't want to grpw fond of somebody that is far away but then now she doesn't show even the least interest.
If you don't understand something please ask me i'll try to explain it
>what did i do wrong

you weren’t as attractive as the other guy(s) she hung out with on those days she canceled on you

girls do this all the time. it’s no sleight against you. the other guy was just better. you can’t blame the girl

what can you do in the future? well, this girl is gone. best you can do with her is ignore her unless she reaches out for you again. and if she does, you play it cool. nothing bothers you. you know what she’s been up to and you don’t feel the need to address it. you have too much badassery going on in your life to sweat the small stuff

if she doesn’t reach out for you, no big deal. 10,000 girls turn 18 every day. there will be more fun girls, more attractive girls than this one

keep your head up OP. this is normal behavior from girls, and it’s nothing personal. girls gain nothing from telling a guy that he is second best in her lineup

lift more weights and fill your schedule out more with cool shit that YOU like. she probably thought you were a bit thirsty as your schedule was WIDE open for anytime she wanted on the weekend
Thank you, i think you're right
I didn't really think that somebody would have read all of what i wrote, i really appreciate it

np OP. all guys go through this exact same thing

the thing is, girls NEVER play hard to get. if it seems like they’re hard to make eye contact with or find a time to hang out, it’s because they want it that way

girls who are into you will move mountains to see you. she would skip school, skip work, just to see you
Yeah i think i'll keep that in mind, the fact is that i was/am quite desperate, I broke up with the only girl that i had a real relationship with in august (it wasa 2 years relationship) and since then i didn't really get anything (not even a kiss or mere attention) up until now (i actually tried with 2 more girls except this one during these months but i don't really know if that is too few, i think it may be too few)

if you’re 18-28 and you’re only seeing one girl at a time, you’re doing it wrong

just go on dates with girls. go for the kiss at the end of the date. tell her you had fun. next night text a different girl to hang out. anytime they press for commitment, tell her you’re not looking for that. let her get the message, while you continue talking to other girls. you don’t need to talk about the other girls, but you should never lie if asked

idk why males today keep trying serial monogamy. it destroys your social life and destroys your confidence to only see one girl and give her your commitment. serious relationships are for men later in life, 30+ or so, when you know wtf you’re doing. not while you’re still young

the sad part is, most young guys are so thirsty and scared they will submit to the first girl that gives them pussy and says it’s wrong to stay single
Read the whole chain OP. This anon is spot on about everything. Especially about your schedule being wide open for anything she wanted anytime.
I give him my Black Phillip award of pimping. Make sure you memorize these points they will help you a ton down the road.
One old rich guy told me exactly that. He had a son when he was really young (accident) and regretted it, then he had a family much later in life.
I do see that it makes sense but i'm not sure, maybe it's because i don't have enough success or maybe because i fear being rejected but hang out (or try to hang out) with so many girls seem to me to be something that a thirsty person would do, but probably that is just an excuse that i think i believe. I dunno, when i was with that other girl i felt really happy, you know, get to know someone deeper and having a kinda strong bound and being able to open up with her, i don't know, i miss that feeling but right now i feel quite miserable because i don't have that much success, i don't think i try hard enough but anytime i convince myself i start thinking that i would make a fool of myself

ironic. i had a son in my early 20’s, and i am soon starting a new family with a second wife. this rich guy, and myself, have made these mistakes that we are teaching you to avoid. it may be all for naught. many things in life you must experience for yourself

you will most likely need to fall in love, and experience an equal relationship where you rely on her just as much as she relies on you. this is how they paint relationships in the movies, and this is why you desire it. you are not hardwired to desire an equal relationship, but hollywood has manipulated you into it

this version of happiness doesn’t exist. women want a LEADER. odds are you will not be able to grasp this until your first honeymoon phase is over. the woman you love will turn on you the second she loses respect for you. making sure you respect yourself and people around you respect you is of utmost importance when keeping a woman satisfied. movies and media set us up for failure. we can not afford to rely on women. when we do this, they become a motherly figure

i trust you have heard of stories like this where the woman despises her husband because he acts like a child. at its core, this all happens because the man tries to seek comfort with his wife. women can do this with men, but men cannot do this with women

honestly OP i don’t expect you to be able to grasp most of what i’m trying to help you with. but if you take anything from me, let it be the dating strategy. don’t marry until 30. this is the sweet spot where you will have so, so much more value than what you have right now. but you have to work for it, and at that point you’ll most likely be wondering if you should marry that HB8 that’s wife material or that HB9 that might be wife material but is way too good in bed


thanks anon
Really thank you, i'll remember your words. i think that is the harsh truth and i should accept it however sad it may be.
Sounds like she just got cold feet, OP. It happens. Could have been for any reason or no reason. Women do this shit.

The key is not to obsess over what you may or may not have done. Of course, correct the things to which she is confirmed to have responded negatively. But shit you can't pin on any particular behavior or trait of yours, you don't need to change unless it's obvious (i.e., requires no critical thinking or reflecting to realize).

One thing most young men do is overthink what went wrong. It's not necessary and it's often counterproductive. In fact, it can lead to something like an anxiety disorder, because the reflection portion of any female encounter becomes so stressful and time-consuming that it's almost like dealing with a panic attack. People who get panic attacks tend to avoid the things that trigger them (in fact, it's believed that this is why agoraphobics exist).

I'm not saying don't reflect or don't improve your behavior, but don't overcorrect, especially on things that might just be idiosyncratic to a particular girl. Not every variable is controllable, or at least, controllable to the point that you can win over every girl you encounter.

Good luck anon.
Thanks, i'll keep that in mind, i'm kind of a perfectionist and that's is not really good, i always try to be the best of me but i Should realize that i cannot do everything perfect, and that it isn't really worth trying not to suck sometimes in the end.

Thank you all, i had never written here but you are all really nice and helpful
Not to come off rude, but she probably just thought you were boring. Like the other anon said you always had free time and anytime she wanted you she could have had you. Makes you seem lame. Gotta play it cool sometimes. If she ask to chill say lemme see wassup and act like you don't give a shit if you chill or not. Tell her one day you are going out with the bros or something and can't. Things that make you seem interesting. Hit the gym too especially. Women love a toned man. And do cool activities like rock climbing and lifting and playing guitar or something. Girls like unique adventure filled guys. This girl was a loss but oh well there's plenty more in the sea. Next time don't be so willing to be walked on. If she blows you off twice then stop talking to her. Make her almost beg to hang out. Let them girls know you don't play that shit.

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