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I applied to a job. They called me for phone interview, they told me they were going to send me a link for an online application.

I haven't gotten that e-mail, I've written the HR lady (twice) that I haven't gotten the e-mail, she even called me this weekend asking me why I hadn't filled the online interview yet. Today I wrote her back but no answer, no call.

Do you think it would be rude to call her back tomorrow? I really want this job.

The only detail is I'm pretending to be employed when I am not, I recently just quit this month. But my online application hasn't been rejected, I applied to a similar company online and they rejected my offer fast (twice) and I even got an e-mail with the rejection.
You did check your email right? And checked their website to see if they have a base link right?
You need to call when people call you. People get tons of emails at work so it could easily get lost. Always return like with like.
>You need to call when people call you
They called me. I'm calling tomorrow then, just want to double-check if it was considered rude.

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