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How do I hook up with a cousin at this family gathering of mine? She is steaming man, last time I saw her she was starin' me up and down and giving me the eyes but we couldn't do anything because everyone else was around. This time she'll be bunking in the same room as me but so will my weird teenage male cousin (her brother). How do we pull this off?
>the cousin that doesn't want incest is the weird one
He's just a little twat gettin' in my way. We really want to get into it but there's just no fuckin' way. I thought about maybe sneaking out the house with 'er and doin' some stuff in the woods outside or usin' the excuse that we want to stay up a bit but I don't know if that'll work. Fuuuck man just help me, it's killin' me. I would like advice from someone who has done their cousin
I dont recommend that you do. My cousin crawled into my bed once and was cranking my hog and humping me before I was fully even awake yet and "we" were caught and somehow I ended up being seen as the incest weirdo even though I was asleep and not sure if I was having a wicked wet dream or what. Things were just awkward forever between me and her and her parents. I havent seen her in like 14 years.
It's mutual though man. And I don't care if I get caught, I am already an outcast in my family just because of how awkward and odd I am. I just want to give her the pounding of a lifetime for one night and be done with it
Shitty larp OP, quit posting fanfic garbage
I am from Scotland, I enjoy typing like that but I have to constantly remind myself not to because of millenial 56% yank faggots like you who judge

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