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So met her off tinder about 1.5 months ago, we were exclusive and things were going well to start with except she wanted to not rush into a relationship because we both got out of one a few months before. She just didn't wanna tell all her friends she was in a new one so soon and she also was heaps paranoid about me being a player because of how I used to talk to her on tinder.

We had a holiday booked in two months time for my birthday and just the weekend gone, a 5 day trip to a few national parks in a campervan we rented.

Basically, in the week leading up to the campervan trip, she started to show some really bad red flags in terms of her emotional maturity and how she would get really angry over such small things I would say or do. She would be extremely bitchy and take zero responsibility, only saying sorry when she was balling her eyes out after I was ready to leave.

Basically, on this trip, all my friends said I shouldn't have gone on it and before we even finished packing, we were arguing about how I said to her "do you understand, we have a 6 hour drive ahead of us, we can set up the bedding when we get there, we need to not be driving when its dark because we could hit some kangaroos?" She really hated how I said "do you understand?".. so we drove for 6 hours in silence. The next day we talked and had a big fight and when I mentioned how she has some emotional issues, she got so furious and said she wanted to kill herself and hated me?

We patched things up and had 3.5 days of fun until the drive home. It was really surreal how we went from that argument to having fun and being intimate. Anyways, on the drive home, we argued over some seriously small issue whereby she was scared of walking on this jetty because it was kind of dark? and was saying she wanted to run back to the van? I was like no, there is nothing to be scared of and I have a sore leg from running the day before without warming up.

Do you really need us to spell it out? You are writting paragraph after paragraph of how wrong she is after less than two months. You are already checking out.

When you leave her, don't be so arrogant as to think you had nothing to do with the break up, by the way.
>we need to not be driving when its dark because we could hit some kangaroos?

Jesus Christ. I bet hitting a kangaroo would really fuck up a car
okay roastie

m8 like I said before, shes an unstable basketcase. Dump the bitch.
She started getting annoyed and making digs at me, so I told her she was annoying me.

We were still 5 hours from home and this resulted in another 1 hour of silence and when I asked if she was ok, she said she was fine and insisted. So I said I know she isn't and lets talk. She got angry then because I was telling her how she felt?

She then brings up our compatibility and I said I don't think we are compatible and she needs to find someone who doesn't call her out on her bullshit. Some basedboi doormat. She started crying and said that she will 'never be happy' and she can 'never make anything work' and she always does this? I make her want to kill herself and she was losing the plot. I questioned her and she said shes never had anyone make her want to kill herself before?

I know that was bullshit. I had only known her for 1 and a bit months and people don't just say that. She was obviously trying to emotionally manipulate me. So I said we are definitely done and I don't want to know her when we get unpacked. She was cold then and just said that her ex's never talked about feelings like me and didn't keep prodding her when she was upset. So this made me feel like utter shit.

The plan was for me to stay at hers that night after we unpacked and left the van at my house because it was closer for me to get to work the next morning. So once we unpacked, and started driving to hers in my car, I told her how immature she is emotionally and just can't seem to be straightforward with her emotions and is so focused on keeping up "the chase". We had more silence and then she got sadder, the closer we got to her house. When I said that its annoying that her ex's got a clear shot at things without all these dramas, she said that I got the best of her and shes been much worse in the past? She said that shes been trying to be different for me? So when I asked why she tells me this when things are pretty much over, she said "you didn't figure me out"... lol wtf
So when we got back to her apartment, she asked if I still wanted to stay? I was so fucking wrecked and said ok, I'm just gonna goto bed.

I went to bed at 9.30pm and woke up at 11.30pm with her telling me I had to leave? She was saying if I didn't leave, she would get really mad. So I asked if she went through my phone, knowing that the only thing she could have seen is messages to my ex-girlfriend. I had been looking after the parrot what we both had while she was in hong kong on a trip.

This new crazy bitch saw this convo and lost it. To be fair though, I did tell my ex I missed her when this new girl was making me feel like shit over nothing a week ago. The new girl was saying a whole bunch on nasty shit like "I never even liked you", "you are dirt", "you are dead to me"... I was getting dressed and then tried to explain that I was interested in my ex. So I left and she just said "have fun getting back with your ex".

I know it wasn't going to work but fuck it was a shit way to end things. I did genuinely like this girl when things were going well. I can't work out what was wrong with her? She used to take everything to personally and get hyper-defensive and bitchy when she didn't get her way or was criticized?

She I assume I've just added to her lift of baggage now lol and it feels like a self fulfilling prophecy because I only said that to my ex when I was down in the dump about this new girl because I had never been made to feel like such a burden to anyone in the early staged of being with them.
You remember my threads, anon?
Its familiar, I don't remember the exact thread you made.

>sleeping at her place after shes already proved to be insane
>not having inverted zip locked pockets so bitches like her can't steal your phone

Tell us about your ex, maybe thats a better direction to take this thread
I saw my ex tonight and she is a legit sweetheart compared to that other girl.

I just feel so surreal about things? I want to know if I was genuinely a shit guy to her and her ex's were just better than me? Or if my judgement is so clouded that I can't see how fucked she is but the tiny shred of alpha in me fought back and exposed her crazyness since she must be used to basedbois... I just wanna know I was right and I didn't fuck up..

Holy fuck, this bitch was saying she wanted to kill herself... what am I even typing this for.. I know shes nuts.. I am just digesting it all.
The way I see it - when someone talks about suicide, it can mean two things:

1. they mean it

2. they're manipulating you

Both seem to be equally fucked up... I just feel like it was so much fun with her, I was so attracted to her, she was promising and had a good job, nice friends, going somewhere in her life... but this happened.
>I want to know if I was genuinely a shit guy to her
you weren't, it sounds like you were being a logical & reasonable person while this cunt kept playing mindgames. Forget about her.
I honestly feel that to. She always spoke about "the chase" and how "guys love the chase" in the early stages. Even on saturday she said that we were in a probationary stage of our relationship and tried to make it sound like I was fucking it up when she was the one who was not letting her emotions out honestly. I was just playing it cool with her but she would started to act out and it would make me withdraw.

She would even say things in the week or so before this trip when we would have some argument "well you were the one who wanted to be exclusive.." when its literally in hard text, her asking me to be exclusive 2 weeks into fucking her. She would say this shit when she was angry as if to take some dig at me and then try to cover it up later.

I honestly think she wanted to be with me but I was too switched on to just 'run with it' and not call her out on her bullshit. It sounded like she was genuinely trying to change but knew she had so much work to do and these traits kept slipping out and she had fucked things up before for herself because of them. She didn't wanna rush into anything, which I thought was good but she would keep her emotions back too, only telling me in moments of conflict how she has been "emotionally ready for me" but still needs to meet my friends first.

I dunno, I'm just rambling now.. I hope she regrets this and messages me to fuck her one last time.

You met her a month and a half ago and she's already being a crazy af cunt. Honestly mate, it's not worth feeling bad about AT ALL. Next time just don't move so fast in booking a trip, patience is always the best policy, enjoy your life and good luck next time. I love you man.
Yeah, I know. She was the one who was moving fast with her actions, but holding off on commitment. I thought it was a good sign, like she wanted to grow as a person but it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what she needed to actually work on...
Look at it like a job: you haven't hit the three month probationary period and she's already given you cause to fire her.
Just imagine, with a year and your trust, how much she could astronomically fuck up.
yeh man, i was already pull aside by my boss because i was just dwelling on shit so much at work... that was already a bad sign.
maybe i was the villain in this though and i just can't see it?
From my experience, she might want to break up, but wants it to be "your fault". So she'll deliberately drive you crazy
The motherfuckers can total a car doing 100km/h and then get up and hop away. The average sedan will hit a roo and it will immediately fly up over the bonnet to smash the windscreen and crush the roof. I'm sure it hurts but fuck me are they tough cunts to just hop away after that.
Put a password on your phone, avoid this shit in the future.
Something I am struggling with after this ordeal is wondering how the fuck her ex lasted a year with her and I only went to two months? I know my ego is talking but its eating me up.
>when I mentioned how she has some emotional issues, she got so furious and said she wanted to kill herself and hated me?
That's fucking hilarious if you think about it for a second
Look up codependency.

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