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What went wrong?
you choose to do these things. you went wrong.
i want this back
What do you do now and why can't you go back to this?
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Draw your day thread? Draw your day thread.
Did that last year. You have to start with fixing your sleep schedule and then filling your day with productive stuff. Even hanging out with friends falls under that category.
This. Very much this. It is all a choice.

Start small though. Spend two extra hours a day doing something productive. Then add another. Always keep that relax time where you do just play vidya and hang out, but shrink it down considerably. Exercise, too. You don't have to go to the gym, but take walks. Look up Geocaching. It's fuckin great.

A couple years ago, I'd sleep until 1, play vidya all day, eat shit food, then stay up until 4AM. I got really depressed. I talked to my doctor and he was like "um that is why" and now I get up at the same time everyday, like 8. I work as a video editor from home and make money. I made friends at the local gym and exercise, too. I eat healthy(ish) and I have improved a billion percent. I even manage to get a date once in a while.

It is so possible. Just start small.
I'm not the anon you're replying to but I also want it back. I was a neet for 2 years after I dropped out of college due to a traumatic incident. Got my life together and finished school and got a gf and career. This is a cliche, but honestly it's so true, you have no fucking idea the scope of freedom you have as a neet until you get out of it. Just literally doing anything you want whenever you want, not having a schedule, not having a reason to not smoke and drink and stay up too late and feel like shit. Fuck.
True anon but the longer that goes on the more that pain in your soul grows and the fact that you don't have happy memories to go back to. While I can look back on the general feeling of that time, I can't pinpoint specific memories like an event with friends or when you finally accomplished something. It's just a blurr of cheap, solitary pleasure.
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> Be me
> doing nothing all day
> want to do something
> find work
> working 50% shift ( 5 hours)
> work requere me to learn some shit
> find the course to learn the shit
> course is 5 hours a day too
> 40 min spend just in car going to course - home , home - work
> nothing of day left
> just gain some confidence to start making my own game
> no got time for that
> mfw

3pm - gay orgy?

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