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I don’t know how to fix this guys. Life has been pretty shitty for the last year. My wife has always been somewhat depressed from high school crap with her mom and her massive douche ex. We moved a year ago for my new job and she was depressed because she left all her friends behind.
Fast forward a couple months and her weird period turned out to be a miscarriage. It was emotionally taxing but we recovered.
About a month later she is pregnant again. I break my ankle making life generally complicated with doctor visits, etc. We have another miscarriage before Christmas. At Christmas my sister announces she’s pregnant with their second. We can’t feel as happy as we should because we should have good news too...
I have a car accident right after Christmas. I’m not injured but I feel pretty shitty for hurting the other guy. It messed me up emotionally for a while.
A couple months later we are pregnant again. We have another miscarriage and we haven’t told my family yet. It’s been about 2 months since the miscarriage. We’ve decided to wait a while before trying for more kids.
As a result of all this my relationship with my wife has suffered. She is depressed and cries herself to sleep despite my trying to help her. She doesn’t hardly anything around the house which makes me a bit upset. We have had sex 1 time in the last 2 months and her period just started again this week. That alone has made me somewhat resentful of her. My work has suffered and my boss is having talks with me weekly to improve it. I am feeling depressed but I have to act otherwise so my wife doesn’t feed off my depression and become even more depressed. On top of all that I don’t have many friends outside of work and my hobbies take too much time and money that is best spent with my wife.
You've never considered going to a doctor about these now three miscarriages? That seems like something definitely worth going for, but also don't become delusional in thinking that a child will fix all your lifes problems, if anything it complicates things further and causes way way WAY more stress.
We’ve been to a doctor with the second two. We didn’t feel the need with the first one because it was such an early one. We plan to go to the doctor soon but we aren’t hopeful about our chances of having kids.
Don't fucking have kids. Adopt one of the millions of children out there looking to help create a loving family. Or better yet, don't fucking bring children into this fucked up world because also they are fucking expensive as fuck and you WILL become more miserable than you already are.

Experience: been there. Didn't fix anything. Never does. Be happy without.
Ouch, what do you think of your kid?
Bad parent

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