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File: alina-li-unrelated-5.jpg (44 KB, 563x744)
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Did I do well? Because I think I finally made it. ;_;

>been trying for years to get better at social
>goal is to lose virginity (I know, I know)
>only in last couple years, in late twenties, were there any signs of progress
>can now chat with random women without being pepper sprayed
>slowly gain their trust and invitations to events
>ease self into parties and dances
>meet qt shy girl who likes anime (no one else knows I'm into anime)
>over weeks, we bond and become closer
>for a while, it was only coffee shops or bookstores
>then to the movies
>then quick rendezvous to sushi or niche food carts
>then restaurants
>then finally hanging out at each other's place
>never been so happy before
>she's finally confident enough to cuddle into my arms and fall asleep
>want to tell her I love her so bad
>still too shy
>eventually she calls me up
>she's more quiet and stuttery than usual
>but quickly after, admits her feelings for me, and how much she feels for me
>nervously said I felt the same way
>we start to giggle and chat excitedly for god knows how long
>end the phone call with us repeating "I love you" for almost a half-hour straight
>schedule another hang out at the end of the weeks
>so excited, never been this happy in my life
>decide to celebrate by ordering an escort online and losing my virginity to her
Good for you anon, I’m happy for you. But why not just lose your virginity to the girl instead of an escort. You’ll save money. Idk but to each their own.
File: DYHBnJEVMAAYoow.jpg (62 KB, 603x850)
62 KB
why escort? for target practise? what am i missing here?
>yo guys i finally got a GF i could potentially have sex with!
>I celebrated by basically cucking my girlfriend and not letting her by my first sexual encounter!
Fuck, I should have known it was a bait. Nobody would fuck up so hard
Is this the new fresh prince of bel air?
You did it all right and now just gotta wait and you can get laid for free but your gonna pay for it

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