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Hey guys, I just made a post on /fa/ about this, but it helps to always have more advice whenever you can, right?

I'm attending a formal event with a friend tomorrow and we're trying to match outfits. Most of my usual color schemes revolve around neutral tones and blues, but I'm not sure how I would match with her dress, pic related.

I have suit options in blue, grey, black (obviously), white, and red. I'm not the most coordinated when it comes to complimenting someone else, however, so I hope you can give me some suggestions on what colors I should go with.

For what I was originally considering, I was going to go with the grey suit, a coral-esque shirt for the flowers, and then a white tie.
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This was the grey I'm considering, if it helps. Thanks in advance.
Bump for the assist
The white or the red would go together with a white and red dress. However, since you've only described this person as a friend, the grey with white tie works fine. But since you're just going with them instead of being with them, you don't really need to color complement.
What color shirt though?

We had a thing in the past, not that it really matters now. The matching is more just for the fun of it.
sorry, not enough of a /fa/g to distinguish white from coral. Charcoal and black are the same color to me. Literally cannot help you more than I have.
all good. I appreciate it either way
What if you had a suit in olive/dull forest green and then a coral shirt with a matching tie

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