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Apologies if this is long, I really need work advice.

Some key things about me:
>Raised in below working class family, very insecure about money.
>Unemployment is sky high here.
>I've only had the one job and one boss, so I'm unfamilar with office politics.
>I see the world in 'brownie points'. I go out of my way to do things for people to get 'brownie points' and I avoid confrontation incase I lose 'brownie points'.

I work as a researcher at a research institute, but I don't have a fixed contract. Instead, the boss hires me for pieces of work and I undercharge for my work to encourage him to keep hiring me so I can afford to eat. The staff at the institute are incredibly busy and not a lot of progress gets made on work. For example, we're sitting on a big database from 2014 and my boss hired me to do a piece of work on improving it and making it better.

Because everyone is so busy, I made peace with the idea that I would be writing the research papers on this project, but I wasn't charging money for them. I told my paper ideas to my boss and he told me to call him.

He was furious with me on the phone. He said I had no right to assume that I was doing extra work without consulting him first. He used phrases like "I don't want to stop working with you, but" and "I don't get angry often, but" which scared the crap out of me. I told him that I appreciate how busy everyone is and how I wanted to do the work to speed the project up and be helpful. Despite how many times I repeated the phrase "I just wanted to help", he wasn't buying it and viewed it from the perspective of me trying to undermine him. I apologised to him and we ended the call.

I'm really fucked up by this and I'm not sure if I have the right to be as I'm fairly inexperienced in the workplace and with other bosses. Is anyone in the 'right' here? Does it sounds like I've lost 'brownie points' with him over this?
Final bump I guess.

Why the fuck did you take extra work. Don't overwork or undwork, do exactlg as told. The corporate world loves obedience, and that's what you should be doing right now.
I don't have a lot of experience with the corporate world. Do they like obedience more than productivity? My justification was that these papers will never be written if I don't step in and write them, I thought I was doing them a favour and being helpful.
>disrupting the workflow is helpful

You don't give a fuck about what gets done or not. You do your job, you get paid. Most bosses are hoity toity dumbasses that wouldn't like to get undermined by their employees, including you. Even if you're doing something helpful for the company (which you probably are) if that interferes with your bosses or employee's egos, don't do it. As long as you keep recieving the check, do exactly as you're told. Not too fun I suppose.
Fair enough. I suppose the next thing to worry about is how this affects me and my boss. Would this sort of thing cause lasting damage? Harm the work relationship? He's never had a reason to be angry with me before and he doesn't really get angry often, but I've seen him yell at an employee and deliberately didn't extend the contract of another employee for reasons he won't tell me, but I assume they're personal.

As long as this is the first time you've done something like this, then I don't think you need to worry. But just in case try searching for other jobs.

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