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>try to meditate after something annoys me while at my computer
>set timer for 10 minutes
>time slows down and I get really irritated and impatient
>lose track fast
How do I improve so this doesn't happen?
Practice. It's okay to get frustrated. Acknowledge the frustration but don't dwell on it, let it pass and return to focusing on your breath. Should look something like this:

>I'm feeling annoyed
>breathe in
>feeling anxious about time
>breathe out

Thinking about time is actually a universal anxiety trigger, so try not to fixate on it. Just make sure that your timer is reliable, maybe test it a few times to make sure it 100% is working properly to put your mind at ease so you can't play the "there's no way it hasn't already been 10 minutes by now..." game on yourself.

Also you might have more success if you set aside a dedicated time to meditate rather than using it as a coping mechanism. It will likely be more effective, and if you meditate effectively and regularly it will naturally help you deal with frustrations when they arise.
Thanks anon, my reason for doing this this way is because I have a theory that I'll be able to make better decisions if I free my mind whenever I have feelings or urges I don't want to dwell on. As a way to break free from them.
Good luck Buddhanon, just keep at it and you'll reach your goals
Sorry anon but 10-minute sessions won't do anything for you. If you want it to work, try 30 minutes a day. Warning, your back will hurt at first and it'll be frustrating. Also try imagining yourself as a baby in your own hands as you try to calm it down. Or try a mantra, for me repeating "wave ... rock" in my mind works. As in waves of desire hit and the rock aka me remains. If you notice that mindfulness meditation makes you sad in some way, try body scan. Godspeed and good luck.
10 minutes is fine for starting out. It's far better than nothing, which is what most people will do after they are sore and frustrated after a grueling 30 minute session. Start with whatever you can and work your way up. This is a life long practice. You need to commit, but not do everything all at once.
It seems underwhelming tho. I mean, if you can't sit down for half an hour then how do you get studying done? If you need to start out with sessions this short then you need to work on your. attention span and there are better methods for that than meditation.
>better methods for increasing attention span than meditation

Questionable. The only way to get better at meditation is to practice it. And you're not going to want to practice if you hsve a terrible time. This all or nothing mindset is a false dichotomy that really has no value when talking about meditation.

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