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A whole week after I told her that we shouldn't talk since she "wasn't ready for a boyfriend"
Is she just looking for attention?
>Is she just looking for attention?
You gathered all of this from the word "Hey"?
Lmao this
No one is going to be able to answer your question if all she said was "Hey"
She is breadcrumbing you.

I would reply with nothing but large pictures of squirrels. Not exaggerating one bit.
she's looking for validation. talking to you gives her this
>wasn't ready for a boyfriend
the "wasn't ready for a boyfriend" part was that she just doesn't want to date you, even though that sucks for you, and she just wants to keep you around for subconscious emotional validation and as a 'backup' to an extent. girls always do this
Here is my take
>you started to date or talk to this girl
>after a short period of time you bring up a relationship before she does (big no no)
>or you text/call her alot
>she starts to feel like you dont give her enough space and just going on a few dates with you means you cling to her
>she gives you the “im not ready for a boyfriend”
>translation: Hold your horses buddy im not quite there yet, just take me out some more at a slower pace
>you give her the space she wants
>she now want to go out again
Its not really that surprising

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