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So I'm going to be hanging out with this girl from college, it's not a date.

what decent places are there in LA to hangout? it's hot as fuck so I need to keep that in mind
>where can I hangout in the most happening city in America besides maybe NYC

try the beach faggot
I'm a loser phagget, I need help in this kind of stuff.

I don't want beach as the first hangout.
please help
Take her out for ramen. Plenty of good places in LA.
At your apartment so you two can bone.
I dont want it to just be us eating food, we can do that after the main thing.

maybe museum?
File: 1530652749487.jpg (91 KB, 736x1102)
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>It's not a date

u beta orbiter

Go get Persian food in Glendale
I don't want just food wtf. I want something to actually do, not just mindless chatter. We can chat in a dumpster too, but I want us to do something fun and exciting
Go take her to Ameoba Records in Hollywood, that place has thousands of CDs and movies of all genres, then take her on Hollywood BLVD to the strip like where the stars are.
File: 1529254163046.jpg (84 KB, 675x1200)
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Go surfing then you fucking loser
She doesn't like music.

That second part is good though, thanks

File: 1530564739041.jpg (119 KB, 770x960)
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Then go to santa Monica pier and play the game there you fucking virgin or venice
>play the game there

what game?
Meant for

u little fuccboi
File: 1530536671384.jpg (890 KB, 5312x2988)
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890 KB JPG
Arcades and shit, basedboy

Get ice cream too
why do you keep posting photos of hot girls? I've already fapped today.

I appreciate the suggestions, but I don't think arcade is the best option
I'm still here goys
Fuck you
who r u and why r u so evil?
LA fag here
there is an Abandon asylum in Downey that's well known, it's like a mini village smacked down in the suburbs if you're down to sneak in there

yeah I should probably leave her there too. She'll feel right at home.
cops are crawling the place now but that said it's next to a Christian school you can sneak in through, I shit you not the Asylum is creepy as fuck looks like a village with it's own water tower and everything
I'm actually really into that kind of stuff, I've watched dozens of youtube videos of people visiting abandoned places.

I can ditch her and we can go there together anon, it sounds fun. Where is it specifically? I want to have a look from google maps.
File: Screenshot (58).png (1.6 MB, 1366x768)
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1.6 MB PNG
well people kept sneaking in there so they removed it from google maps but here is the school it's literally right next to it you can't miss it this is the street it's on: 5958 Gardendale St

I don't know why someone would make a school next to an abandon mental hospital
this is a video of what to kinda expect
and here is a screenshot from google maps ignore my weeb shit
There's Dave and Buster's at Del Amo Mall.
I do have to say tho I went there last night with some friends and it's fucked to shit just keep your wits about you my guy
man I genuinely love this kinda stuff. But it's not somewhere I'd go with a grill, she'd get scared shitless, plus it's weird for normies.

any other place suggestions?
Stop rejecting everything you faggot. Goddamn, no wonder why she friendzoned you
I can smell it from here, and I'm in PA.

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